Dolphin Browser now integrates with Evernote Web Clipper, adds multi-device syncing

Dolphin Browser claims it is the most popular third-party mobile browser on the planet, and with its huge feature list we’d be loathe to disagree.

Its recent version adds a few notable features to its iPhone, iPad and Android versions, namely Evernote Web Clipper support. This extension has been found until now on desktop browsers and allows the user to save the contents of a website to his or her Evernote account with one click. It’s also possible to highlight a particular area of the page and save just the relevant content, too.

Dolphin has also expanded its Connect service to allow for syncing between devices. This means that all saved data such as bookmarks and browser history — along with any desired web page such as map directions or recipes — can be pushed to other devices or the web. Dolphin has made available desktop extensions for Chrome, Safari and Firefox, so the encroachment on the major players, particularly Chrome, is notable.

MoboTap, the company that purchased Dolpin Browser, has also added one-tap sharing to popular social networks (too much sharing!) and users can even broadcast favourite web pages over a shared WiFi connection.

Dolphin was the first big third-party Android browser, but it has since been supplanted by Firefox, Opera and, for the ICS+ crowd, Chrome. While the company recently introduced a new version that boasts the highest HTML5 rendering engine in the world, along with improved Javascript performance, it’s nice to see that they’re adding relevant consumer-facing features in addition to optimizing the app’s backend. Whether these improvements will bolster its user base in the long run remains to be seen, but its presence on iOS, in particular on the iPad, is notable. With this release Dolphin is encroaching on Google Chrome Sync’s territory and hopes to get some desktop users in the mix, too.

Download Dolphin Browser for iPhone, iPad and Android.

Via: Engadget