Bell expands LTE network in Alberta, Quebec and B.C., now reaches 68% of the Canadian population


  • ThanksTelus

    Quebec: Sept-Îles, Port-Cartier, Matane…

    What ? Who need lte in this little city ? There are many others big city to covers before …

    Sept-Îles and Port Cartier is like Alberta for oil… Miner city …

    But Matane … a little hole in nowhere…

    Really a big thanks to Telus !

    • Sean

      Say it takes 1000 towers to cover a large city. Now say it only takes 500 for them to cover a bunch of smaller cities and towns. Do you think they would wait until the large cities are finished to turn on the already connected network. No they would turn those on before the 1000 tower network is finished because 500 is better then 0

    • GrapeApe

      A Little Hole… that happens to be the port of call for the Ferries that cross the Riv St Laurent from 2 or 3 other cities like Baie Comeau.
      So likely they got some additional support from the operators, and it’s easier to put a single tower in a high traffic area that requires one tower to service rather than an a more spread out area with less density. It also makes sense there too, where people come from low/no coverage coming across from Baie Comeau once in coverage then hammer the towers for their MyFace and Twit updates.
      Makes sense more than other towns that are already well covered by HSPA(+), especially if the Ferry operations help foot the build/bill.

  • Jeeverz

    I like seeing them trek thru launching LTE in these remote areas.
    Why? Because that is how it should be. Rogers and network rollouts is like watching paint dry. While Telus and Bell are working on filling the small gaps, Rogers is still not finished major cities.

    • EvanKr

      None of the Big 3 have LTE In Winnipeg, Rogers said in 2012, but now I’m sleptical that we’ll even see it in late 2013.

    • Toysforall

      Rogers should not be allowed to call themselves a national carrier. There is a big hole in their coverage the size of Newfoundland.

  • jimbob

    What about Sherbrooke!? I don’t understand why they are following that order.

    • powerbob

      The weird thing is that Rogers already have LTE coverage in Sherbrooke.

  • S2556

    I am litterally surrounded by LTE except my half of the town that I live in 🙁

  • Magesnz

    I live in Sept-Iles, and lte still not working with both bell and telus, some people had sporadic service but now since its officially on, no lte yet, must be some problems with the upgrades, to be seen

  • AbdulQ

    Meanwhile, in Etobicoke, Toronto, still No LTE.