Demo of BlackBerry 10 Instagram-like “Photo Editor” captured on video


  • Blackberry Gangster


    • Eduardo

      Eventhough I support RIM and the whole BB10 comeback… I’ve had enough of these shitty videos.

  • Insta

    I don’t think bb10 needs instsgram but if they want to get those consumers back that left… they need instsgram. It’s the next growing social media outlet for many people, especially the youths.

  • Duuuuude

    Pretty nice…for a Blackberry!

    Android 4.2’s is a lot cooler with a ton of options. Especially how you can preview the filters just by sliding your finger back and forth on the image.

    • Johentie

      heh… how little you know.. just cause it’s not in the video!

      it’s funny when i see people off the street using android.. they don’t knot even half of what it can do!


    Surprised MR.RIP RIM hasn’t spammed yet!

  • blah

    I wish stories made it clearer that it’s 12 days until the official UNVEILING of BB10, not the release. I feel like every RIM story on the web is going to be completely spammed full of ‘fail’ comments when phones aren’t on the street the same day.

  • LamarStarr

    Instagram is already coming. This is just another alternative

  • I love RIM

    Hi, very nice! thanks for the updated. waiting for the BB10 .yeah Hoo!!

  • Stevey

    RIP Apple!

  • Senor Chang

    bootleg version of instagram? who cares, people want the real deal not some crappy alternative version.


    • awesomeP

      and instagram is a great program? its a bunch of digital filters that dont do that much. its a neat toy thats about it.

  • Dalex

    So much BB10 news, its great to see. It’s coming down to the final stretch. I can’t wait for the Z10 personally. I’ve been on Android for 3 years now and I love it, but I think its going to be fun to try something different.

  • Marion

    @senor chang

    A lot of phones already have “bootleg instagram”. I have it on my 4 year old Android. It is called a filter and is pretty standard on phones. But I don’t know why you’d want instagram when you can edit and enhance your own photos on photoshop and other editing software. ugh whatever. Gimme my BlackBerry!

  • MapleHamwich

    Instagram. The automatic recognition tool for wannabe artists. Prettymuch exactly what you see in this video. “There’s lots of filters. It’s pretty artistic.” *sigh*

  • Darren

    Like it or not, this is the type of thing that sells phones these days. Fortunately, BB10 has a lot more going for it than just kiddie apps. Can’t wait to get my Z10 and dump my Nexus!

  • Anth

    I’m definitely trading up to the new BB when its launched but I get the feeling that the majority of the pics that will be edited with these apps are going to be of people’s meals and snack foods.

  • Gene

    Instagram has 90 million subs. Like it or not, it is a buying decision for some kids. All my daughter wants is BBM and Instagram on one phone

    • Johentie

      it’s funny you say that… i dunno how old your daughter is.. but i was speaking with a friend of mine who is 23 .. and she has a 9700 and is due for an upgrade..

      she is debating between the iphone 5 and qwerty version of BB10.. i asked her what she wants to do with her phone..

      she said “i want to type on a keyboard, use BBM but my bbm friend list is shrinking, and have instagram”

      i was like why? instagram sucks balls.. she’s like .. cause everyone uses it!

      although a lot of people think it’s uselss.. the regular people on the street love it!

  • Brad F, Brad F(anboy), jack

    RIM @ $15.70.