Rogers pushes Jelly Bean upgrade for Note, Galaxy S II LTE, Xperia T and Razr HD to February


  • Sean

    At least they are getting them. Also they are only pushing it back by one month and only one phone (Razr HD (though US version) has already been updated so it’s not like the carriers are holding back, The T, Note and SII LTE have yet to receive updates on any of the carriers that carry them so a one month push isnt that bad

    • Paul

      Yeah… for now.. but it seems like Rogers Android update schedules have been plagued by delay after delay. Don’t be too surprised if you hear next month that it’s delayed *AGAIN*.

  • Shushwap

    Rogers is always so darn slow with there updates… COME ON ROGERS… I would like to see them be first for once and not last

  • Oldschool

    First it was late December, then late January, now late February. This update process is shameful.

  • Alex

    Do Rogers and Fido have the same upgrade schedule? i.e. when an update is released for Rogers, do Fido customers also get the update?

  • S2556

    I’m glad I waited for the GS3 instead of the GS2 varients. I almost didn’t but I’m glad I held out.

  • Greg

    One of the problems is they just don’t move enough of these particular handsets (I assume) to bother providing timely updates, if at all. In my opinion, this is easily Android’s biggest flaw. I’m a big Android guy, but if you’re looking for a phone that’s not going to be 6-12 months and maybe two versions of Android behind, you really only have a small handful of choices (unless you’re prepared to install custom roms, which are often buggy before an official release is out). Say what you will about boring, closed, ugly, lame iOS; it certainly has its perks from a software release perspective.

    • Tomatoes11

      Gingerbread, GB 2.3.7, Honeycomb, Ice Cream Sandwich, Jelly Bean,and JB 4.2 in a two year span.

      GS3, Xperia T, Razr HD all getting a major update 6 months or less in their life span.

      IOS 4, IOS 5, and IOS 6 in a two year span.

      Iphone 4s, first major update 11 months in.

      Not sure who has the perks here. On one hand, IOS is up to date and every non Nexus device isn’t. On the other hand, with Android, you get updated features much faster even if you are not totally caught up.

      Google can fix this by forcing everyone that licenses Android to go stock but I prefer the variety of different skins myself.

      I say Android fans should just stop whining and being fooled by Apple and their excellent marketing. Anyone can stay update with their closed ecosystem. It doesn’t exactly make annual updates better than updates every 6 months.

  • DicHed

    Unreal, my phone is just so useless without Jelly Bean, I am going to sell it and get a phone that works.

  • Miknitro

    Bummer Robbers.

  • Icemann

    VERY frustrating! Rogers did this with the ICS update for the original Note too! Got sick of waiting, so I went ahead and installed Cyanogenmod 10. Yeah you lose the S Pen functionality, but JB is so much better!

  • Cam C

    LOL @ all of the whiners. If you didn’t like your phone when you bought it, you shouldn’t have bought it period. “OMG! I need Jelly Bean to live! I need my phone to have JB because ICS just doesnt allow me to even send a text or make a call or use my GPS or browse teh internets!” Here’s a thought, purchase your phone because you like its capabilities now – at the point of purchase. Make sure it can do what you need and what you want. If it doesn’t DON’T BUY IT AND WHINE ABOUT IT LATER! Don’t buy the damn thing at all and purchase what will do what you need or, here’s a concept, wait until a phone comes out that has what you need. I’m sick of whiny people acting like their phone is dead and obsolete without the newest version. For f*** sake its pathetic.

    • Tyrone

      My question to you is why do you care?

  • borghead

    Don’t complain about Rogers, people. Telus put a PDF on their site back in October, stating that the Samsung Galaxy S II X would be getting the Jelly Bean upgrade in late December. Still waiting, so I called them to find out when the new date will be. They don’t know. No update. They don’t care. So at least with Rogers, they have told you when to expect it. Whether it actually happens then, you will have to wait and see.

  • Tyrone

    Glad I bought my from the US. I was tempted to get the Razr HD a while back good thing I didn’t I had a feeling something like this would happen with Rogers.

    Just like a previous poster said don’t be surprised if Rogers delayed it again.

  • nexus lover

    it feels so good to on the Nexus I love my Nexus 4. I’m using my Nexus for typing this message as we speak or better yet I’m using my voice to actually type the message. it’s a truly amazing phone I do everything I even right virtual contracts for my customers whenever I don’t have a pen and paper I sell tons of cars every day and have them sign a signature with their finger using my hand write application. therefore making the galaxy note to useless

  • Split

    I am new at this.. i bought a bell samsung galaxy SII (I9100), but i unlocked it and am now on prepaid Rogers.. will i get the update..?


    • Tyrone

      You’ll get any updates from Bell not Rogers.

  • Jake

    Hopefully I’ll have JB on my Note before the Note III comes out.

  • Jeremy

    At least the Optimus G was not on that list. I hope i still get jelly bean this month. :-)Also these comments about how Apple is so good at updating? What exactly are they updating? Less happens in 5 years worth of ios updates than one year of android. So it may suck waiting 6 months or even a year, but remember when that update finally arrives at least you will have a phone that feels new again unlike any iphone owner. 🙂

  • speed bunp

    If you need it so badly get cyanogenmod, it takes 10 minutes to install it.

    Cyanogenmod is faster, stable, “rogers bloatware” free, and updates are regular.

  • JHK

    Do yourselves a favor and just root the damn phone and flash away JB…
    I’ve had it running since… well since Google released it pretty much.
    Recently flashed the Sammy TW version of JB as well (from a leak) and I’m actually liking this as well.
    Much improved from ICS.


  • Bob

    I’ve heard it so often that I thought “You’ll be waiting a bit longer for your OS upgrade” was Rogers’ new slogan!

  • hooliganpants


  • Raphaelr

    Honestly…. they have been pushing up since October 2012.

    lets all urinate in Rogers service.

    they are always the last

  • alamarco

    I really wish companies that use Android would go Apple’s route and not let carriers mess with the firmware. Obviously each manufacturer produces different devices, so they will always be behind Google’s own firmware releases which is fine. It’s when the carriers have to touch and put in all their bloatware that slows down the process because they just don’t care enough.

    I love Android, but companies like Samsung need to grow a pair and tell carriers to shove it. If Apple can do it, so can they. It’s the one of the biggest benefits Apple has and it really is under-appreciated.

    Also, to the comment about not liking the phone when you bought it, that’s just an excuse. Take Samsung for example, they advertised the multi-window feature for the Note II but it didn’t come stock. So what if you’re one of the people who bought the phone because of this feature? You’re now waiting for the carrier to update to get what you paid for. I’m sure there are plenty of other examples.

    If Android removed this carrier bullshit I’m sure they’d get a lot more people buying in then they currently do.

  • Samiboy

    Im happy i have the Gt i9300 S3 and not the crappy Rogers one or i will have never got the update of 4.1.2 rogers suck big time

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