No black Galaxy Note II is coming, but stay tuned for Amber Brown and Ruby Wine


  • Fartknocker

    I actually really like the brown one…

    • placator least now the phone colour will match the phone quality…..excrement.

  • gnote

    I’m “waiting and seeing” for black. Not really, I’ll wait for the GNote 3.

  • Kulmanik Singh

    dont care about the colour when is the update comming ? #multiwindow

  • EvanK

    I like options, but honestly I think that Sammy’s shooting themselves in the foot by not offering a black option. At least they’re not like Nokia/Rogers and ONLY offer a black option 😉

    • freestaterocker

      Rogers has announced they will soon carry the 920 in white, red and yellow, in addition to black. Better late than never, I guess…

  • superfly

    Its pink and bronze…..duh.

  • nexus lover

    if you want a good looking black phone. a phone that actually looks good get a Nexus 4 please simple. the Galaxy Note 2 looks too big and clumsy it is very ugly very very very ugly design.

  • MXs

    colors are nice, but where is the update? Isn’t it supposed to be this week?? Geez…..

  • outburst

    Who cares. If you’re going to spend a couple hundred bucks on this piece of plastic you’re wise to put a sturdy case on it.

  • dam n it

    “we don’t have jelly bean updates for existing note 2 owners… So let’s release the phone in new colors!” – Samsung


    I hope Samsung sales tank to teach them a lesson. It’s time we consumers show these giant corporations we won’t settle for mediocrity any more. Support your local small businesses and companies that put you ahead of profits. 🙂

    • Brad F, Brad F(anboy), jack

      @ dam n it

      By doing what exactly? Small mom and pop shops do not make smartphones. Even if they did, I would not be buying it. Seriously, do you know what you are trying to say? You’re using catch phrases that don’t apply to this situation.

  • Mike

    I want ice blue.

  • andrew

    question. anyone heard any rumors for the next nexus 7? I am pondering if I should get a nexus 7 or wait cause they will release an upgraded model soon?

    Also wanna see what happens with the note 3. Or wait til there is a decent sale on the note 2.

  • Ron Mexico

    Really? The big news is new colours? What are you guys, Apple users?

  • roman

    It’s bigger than her head.

    • Brad F, Brad F(anboy), jack

      The phones are closer to the camera than her head. It’s called depth perception. I hope you don’t drive.

    • Ron Mexico

      Let’s be honest, they could be 5 feet behind her and they’d still be bigger than her head 😀

    • Geoff

      And she’s STILL able to hold them comfortably in one hand!

    • Ron Mexico

      Sure, assuming she has abnormally large hands.

  • Brad F, Brad F(anboy), jack

    Uh oh.. not more colours. What is Nokia gonna do now to sell their shiddy Lumia phones?

  • GNOTE2

    Brown looks sexy

  • OMG BASEDGOD #taskforce #tybg

    Dem eyebrows

  • Olerius

    If these color schemes carry over to the Ativ S (W8) phone (also with the mettalic grey look), I’ll switch over on day one. I’d love me a red Samsung Windows phone!

  • koalameatpie

    Wood Panelled version coming in Q3!

  • Joe public

    Looks like another mc Donalds happy meal toy… Dollar Store quality phones for dollar store shoppers….

  • Data Outage @ WIND MOBILE – Tony’s GONE

    This phone is phenomenal. Highly recommend it. Best phone on the market right now with all the technical horse power one would need. Quad Core, LTE, 2GB Ram, Jelly Bean and much more. This phone feels more solid than the S3 and is really fast. The screen colour is great like a samsung monitor / TV. People can call this a toy but its because they haven’t had one or used one. Its solid, well built and a great future proof device.

    • Kefka

      Thanks Ad Bot for your informative and thought provocing input!