Video: RIM gives us another look at the Time Shift feature in the BlackBerry 10 camera


  • 2c

    RIP RIM!!!

    ill wait for the qwerty version

    • arnie

      I love how rim thinks they are so innovative when all these features are out today – even the time warp is a third party product, not theirs – owned by Nokia lmao

  • Xenodice

    Man i love how everyone trashes blackberry, well guess what they are better then apple, and are canadian, regadlress of liking them or not as for a usable phone should support them

  • ggal

    pls how bout the quality of the camera? i hope its up to that of samsungs..

  • J

    This feature actually looks very useful.

  • Hilman

    Seems like every other phone/camera app multi-burst capability.

  • BB Lumia?

    That’s kinda neat.
    I look forward for RIM’s attempt to be relevant again, it’s only good for consumers; but I really don’t like how the phone looks, IMO it looks like a crappy Lumia without the rounded corners.

    • BD

      That’s because it’s a DEV device you moron, RIM has not yet released the actual device or specs yet.

  • Nick

    I am only excited by how excited that guy looked talking about BB10.. like he couldnt stop smiling… so either A) He is straight up banging somebody he works with or B) BB10 is awesome….hopefully for his sake it is all of the above

    • JV

      ^ lol Yes those are the ONLY options. *sarcasm

  • Zeake

    BB10 OP!

  • Brandon

    That’s pretty bad a*s imho

  • John

    Timeshift is just taking a frame from a video… wawa wee wa!

  • John

    Who wants gum…..

  • really?

    Timeshift camera, making reality fake. Way to go RIM, this will change everything…..

    • LULZ

      Dunno about you, but I walk around with sephia shades all the time too.

    • Adobe

      Have you head of a little program called Photoshop?

  • Trotsky

    Finally now people can always have the exact same face on every picture!

  • Scott

    Looks pretty cool! They are literally betting the company on BB10. Hope they pull it off.

  • saone

    serious are we gonna hear about BB10 everyday for the next two months and then how ever long till they actually release it?
    I am excited to see it but come on. 2 months of daily articles about bb.
    what surprises will be left?

    • BB

      its better then hearing about apple every 5 minutes for changing the sizes and color of 1 product??? qnx Aviage Acoustic Processing, multimedia, and RTOS true microkernel os. QNX car and playbooks or ipads or android driven tablets. I think Blackberry/Rim might do alright.

    • phreezerburn

      Rather than the weekly Apple “Our current user base is just too thick to use the iPhone 5 properly.” and the obligatory “We don’t care if the other companies offer a neural interface directly to the Web because until it’s on the iPhone, it’s not worth mentioning!”, the BB stuff is refreshing. Not mentioning an unobtainium chassis or 3D screen in two years worth of ‘Once upon a time…” sale’s pitches is a bonus too.

  • Larry

    From what I see in all the BB Jam’s I’ve looked at, BB10 is going to blow the competition away. I know many iPhone users who can’t wait to rid themselves of them. Way o go BB.

  • Guy

    Blackberry, unlike some other companies that shall not be named, actually innovate. They’re re-inventing their mobile phone OS from ground platform up in order to incorporate qnx(playbook OS). Time Shift may not re-invent the way we take pictures on our mobile devices but it’s something to look forward to with the new Blackberry 10.

    However, this is probably the last straw for RIM, if it isn’t a success financially they may have to drop off the consumer market entirely. They are still quite relevant in the business world, although some companies have switched to iOS.

  • Lewis

    “Have you head of a little program called Photoshop?”

    Sure – lets see you pull it up on your mobile platform or device.

  • Toto

    That feature will be copied onto Android and iPhone even before BB10 comes out.

    • Art Vandelay

      This feature is already available on Galaxy Note II camera. It’s called “Best Faces”.

  • skazzers


    its bb10!

  • shootpoo

    The phone is so ugly.

  • John z

    Funny how everyone puts RIM down for the apps / phone it comes out with BUT none of them have ACTUALLY used this phone / app. I guess trolls will be trolls. This is another reason why new users never come here.

  • 15ive

    Oh Canada.

  • 2dfx

    The mention of “Instagram-like” features probably is a sign that Instagram has no interest in producing a BB app…

    • Huh?

      Not necessarily. It can mean that there’s simply some of those similar features already built in, rather than having to use a secondary app for it. Where did they say there won’t be instragram available? They didn’t. I’d wait and see, before saying anything about availablity of apps. 😉

  • BB

    with them integrating work and personal will be hard for people not to want this. 2 phones is hard to manage and less productive for most. Business don’t want people sneaking around internet on iphone/samsung when working.

  • roach-779

    All first gen Nokia has this feature.

  • Robert Gabriele sr

    Im very happy with the bberry os . No complaints whatsoever about that …its the hardware and integrity of engineering warranty issues i have a big problem with . My Torch 9860 was a total and ablsolute waste of time and money ! and to date …i have never ever seen anyone else with one….for very obvious reasons ! …….lets see what they can do this time around .Hope you have learned a bit about owning up to your self inflicted engineering flaws in a more responsible and accountable manner …last chance RIM !!!
    This will be the last time you penalize me with YOUR mistake !!!

  • ralph

    im looking forward to seeing what bb10 is going to be and how there new devices are going to “reshape” their company, there is one concern i do have and that is how expensive these phones are going to be. It basically is sink or swim with this new software and new phones for RIM. Issue im running into is people have got a bad image of RIM in there minds and all so a expensive price tag may turn people away from previous problems

  • jason brown

    be funny when nokia kills this after rim pays nokia for the latest patent dispute. nokia owns scalado.