WIND Mobile starts trial with BlackBerry App World carrier billing


  • atolly

    Thank You Wind, Mobilicity, and Public Mobile for offering your services to Canadians.

    I have been Big3-free for 2 years now, thanks to Wind.

    Big3 – never again!


      PHAYCT: The keyboard on this phone is bigger than the screen. Have a nice night everyone and have a good day tomorrow!

  • Rick

    Wind sucks

    • jon

      Please enlighten me on why “Wind sucks”

    • A Art

      Even if “Wind sucks”, which it doesn’t, you are paying less for your cellular service now compared to what you have been paying before Wind entered Canada.

      Correct? 😉

    • 0defaced

      Rick, your mom sucks, swallows and gives me change after.

    • Yeria

      I used 12.39GB of data, 800+ mins of phone calls and 500+ text message on that sucky Wind network.

      Oh, I also paid just $40 for that sucky package which includes caller ID, VM, CW and so on. Are you ready to suck now?

  • Brad F

    well i guess if you’re 12 years old and dont have a credit card, this would be good nes.

    • Ray Fair

      Actually, developers see higher purchase rate when consumers are offered carrier billing. This is good ‘nes’.

    • Brad F, Brad F(anboy), jack

      @Brad F

      Are you 13 years old?

  • derpingtons

    Better coverage would be nice, at least they’re heading there. For now I don’t mind paying a premium to get decent coverage, not to mention peace-of-mind that I’m never roaming in a Rogers area (within reason). WIND is doing well so I hope they continue to do so.

  • what

    Apple and Rim should just merge and make the ultimate, “iBlack Curve” with a stunningly tall screen and a full size keyboard.

    • what

      I actually meant, “iBlack Curve 5S”. That makes more sense.

  • CD

    So wish we had that for Android. 99 cent purchases on my visa drive me insane (especially several in a row), and yes, absolutely prevent me from buying apps.

    I also have my own business and justifying and printing receipts on every single app purchase is not that appealing, so I simply don’t do it.

  • franco

    Update on my misery with Wind Mobile. The CCTS called and said they have assigned an agent to investigate my case. This means it has now esculated to the next level. I have tried retracting the money from my bank as requested by Wind. After a 2 week investigation the bank said they can not retract the money because I paid through Wind Mobile Website. I called Wind and they actually admitted for the first time that they are wrong and apologized. They also said that they still can not find the money and have exhausted every avenue and they don’t know what to do next?

    So here I am where I started almost 3 months ago. My account still says 100.80 overdue. Let’s hope this agent assigned can help.

    Here is my letter I first wrote to the CCTS.

    Windmobile is my provider. I signed up with them on December 8 2012. I activated 2 cell phones. My account number is DBC00086975422. My first payment of 100.80 cents was due on December 22 2012. The bill stated that they would take the payment from my mastercard in that day if I did not pay by that due date. I noticed they did not take their payment so I proceeded to pay them myself on December 31 2012. I paid through their website ( I had the option of paying with visa, mastercard or debit. I chose debit. They claim they did not receive their payment. They asked me to email my bank statement to them. I did that as soon as they asked. They called back and asked me to email them again to a different department (customer service). So I did. They called back and asked me to email the bank statement to yet another department (collection department). So I did. The final straw was when they cut me services on both phones today January 23 2013. I called to complain and they reinstated both my lines for the time being until they figure out if I paid them or not. This is taking forever! My second complaint is on my new bill I received and that is due tomorrow on January 24 2013. I signed up with a promo they call friends and family. I am to receive 10 off per line for 10 months beginning on my second bill plus a 5 dollar discount because I got 2 lines with them. My second bill did not reflect any of these savings. When I inquired about this they said let’s solve one problem at a time. My biggest worry is that this will not reflect well with my credit score. I don’t even know if I should pay my next bill. Please Help!!!!!!! yours truly Franco Enea.