LG’s Optimus G sequel will debut in the fall to ensure it runs the latest version of Android (rumour)


  • Charlie

    This is my cup of care: \_/ Oh look at that, it’s empty.

  • Greek

    Flagship models should be released once a year.

  • Temi

    I despise that “phablet” name. Why not call bigger tablets “tables” and the smaller “tables” tablets? -_-

    There must be a better name out there. Who coined the name and why on earth did everyone follow? Was it gaga?

  • Temi

    Another thing is why do you need a new device to have the latests OS? They don’t commit enough to keeping already out devices up to date?

    • Brad F, Brad F(anboy), jack

      You can blame HTC.

  • Johnny

    Who has an Optimus G anyway? roughly the same as the N4, yet you have to sign up for 3 painful years with the Big 3 or pay a ridiculous amount of money up front…Though this is available whilst the N4 isn’t

  • Paulman

    The Nexus 4 is my favorite LG device so far 😛 (but I’m biased) This wouldn’t be true if LTE wasn’t working (unofficially) in Canada, tho’

  • Wes

    Only phone I`m getting from LG is a Google Nexus phone.

    Wait, let me clarify, the ONLY android device I will buy in the future is a Nexus device.

  • trevor

    BREAKING NEWS!!!…. apparently, google’s next nexus will get a 32 gb.

  • Tada

    Honestly, I find that smartphones these day are becoming jokes. It seems people these day are becoming so preoccupied about having the latest and greatest that they’re forgetting the basic function of a phone-to make calls. Who actually talks on their smartphone anymore? Also, who actually uses all the functions of their smartphone? We only want the latest to show off, that’s all.

  • Henaway

    Holy crap – they fixed mobile comments! WTG!

  • Simon M

    The Optimus G is a great high-end phone. Physically, I think it’s the best looking Android phone. I prefer it over the Nexus 4 for its design and mainly for LTE, but let’s be honest, I’d love to run Jellybean 4.2…

    UI looks ugly, but it’s light and blazing fast. LG promised to deliver an update to 4.1 in Q1, hope they stick to it and also somehow enhance the look of the menus/theme/colors. Until theme, I use Nova Launcher with the Jellybean theme, which is a good compromise.

    Nexus 4 would be the best phone with (real optimized) LTE, but for using it since July 2012, I would never go back to HSPA+.

  • Brad F, Brad F(anboy), jack


    Three times in one article? Three times? C’mon man? Are you trying to make up for being late to comment on this story?

  • Peter

    Optimus G is a amazing and if you check reviews from mobile site and carrier web site, you can’t find any complaint from customers. Comparing with previous phone from LG, I saw many negative comments but it is totally reversed from Optimus G.

    Optimus G supports 32GB memory and LTE enabled, Dual render and dual display including Miracast, Quickmemo and so on which are not supported in Nexus 4. Thus, I think that it is normal that it is different between Optimus G and Nexus4 price. 0$ with 3 contracts, not bad deal!!