Koodo, WIND and Mobilicity join in the fun, all say BlackBerry 10 is “coming soon”


  • Collin

    who cares, this is the most overpriced late to the game phone that hasn’t even hit the market yet.. Rim should just cut it’s losses and try to convince google to buy them out.

    • Sgt.Romanov

      Actually we dont know what the price will be , only rumours of $700 . I really hope this is not the price and price it around $400 – $500 fingers crossed

    • 201

      One could see that the apple store only has:
      Weather, Calendar, Pictures and Music in the RIM store but that’s not a problem!!
      You can add them to your desktop as many times as you want,
      and in any order, just look at the picture!

    • RocMon

      Late to the game… Wow, is that like saying we may as well not bother havin kids, grandkids etc… Since they aren’t here now?

      #bb10 smells like a winner – and I should know… #Winning

    • iDiot

      no you fool..

      it means that your girlfriend is 60 years old and it’s too late to have children

    • Assdroid

      Android is soon to be relegated to licking the sweaty nut sack of RIM 🙂

  • Wahid

    Finally! Can’t wait to get my hands on it!! I waited over a year for this! So excited!!

  • HeyLo

    If its not Android, why would I want it?

    • HeyLo

      I mean, nothing tears your anus open like Android.


      Im a huge Android fan & absolutely love everything about my Galaxy Note 2, but Ill be getting one of the Z10 models as soon as they’re available.
      If you cant see that its a great looking OS then your fooling yourself & you really need to step back and give it a better look in the videos that RIM has posted online.
      Ill compare the 2 & let ppl know my thoughts but due to screen size Ill be going back to my Note 2 for sure.
      – KID ANDROID (Team.Android.Canada)

  • Justin Credible

    Hello FIDO. :S LOL

  • skazzers

    Well that’s really nice, Iphone shape and IOS style Icons. All I have to say… is…. Rip Rim!

  • ile2013

    This is a horrible decision. The carriers need to protect WP8 while it’s in its infancy. It’s just around the corner from being good enough to walk around with every day. If WP8 dies, then they’ll be slaves to the Apple monopoly machine forever.

    • ile2010

      Look, an Android troll impersonating me. I’m touched.

  • ad19

    Can’t wait to get this phone!

  • Ludacritic

    Who would want that OS? How many calendar, weather and pictures apps do you need? What a piece of crap.

    • MrHomz

      It’s a crappy screen shot, there’s only one of each…get over yourself.

  • Theepan

    I have been waiting for it…. It is really a great news to know that WIND is going to carry this BB10!!!! go WIND go … I will be the 1st one to reserve BB10 @ WIND mobile windsor Ontario 🙂

    • Ka-ra-te Master, the Fifth Dan

      who cares if you reserve? do you think there will be a stock shortage? no chance

    • Android fanboys are so butt hurt by the news of BB10

      Rogers has already got more pre-orders than it’s original allotment of BB10 phones. They have doubled their order from RIM.
      I have a feeling there are going to be long lines on launch day… and I’m not talking about artificial shortages like Apple.

  • xyz


  • Ghoul

    BB10 definitely looks interesting. Will be looking forward to Jan 30 even if I’m not buying a BB10 phone personally

  • Ka-ra-te Master, the Fifth Dan

    19 days is the media event, when are the devices actually available to be in the consumers hands???

    BTW damn those icons are even uglier than the windows 8 tiles, i guess they needed to repeat some to hide the lack of apps …unable to even complete the app screen.

    wowza, mega fail

    • Ka-ra-te Master, the Fifth Dan

      hey RIM shills, better keep the comments coming while you are still being fed. When bb10 fails you will be out of a job unfortunately.

      7 dislikes in a matter of minutes lmao, much like the microsoft shills you people are dumb as rocks.

    • Ka-ra-te Master, the Fifth Dan

      My mom says I have to apologize for being such a dooshbag, or she will take away my computer privilages.

  • T1MB0T

    For new wind customers only! What a waste. Such a interesting phone on a crappy network! Oh look more posts about the network still being down!! oh I think the new owners will have to fix that problem! Anyone hear from Tony? Warren nice knee pads, John depends lol !!! Nuke you midnight shelf stocker you any news?

    So no LTE, no warranty ( look on the fb page ) and the worst customer service in the industry and the weakest network I think you all will enjoy your paperweights.

    • Ka-ra-te Master, the Fifth Dan

      better to be on your knees as a wind customer than on all fours like a mobilicity customer getting trombone pumped month after month after each failed promotion

      womp womp womp

    • Fruvous

      At least their CSRs don’t hang up on you.

  • Fruvous

    Where the heck did that photo come from? The same icons repeated over and over again, the time in 24hr format with a PM appended to it? Looks like some graphic artist is asleep at the switch.

  • 2Late

    Well, at least they are giving it their best shot. It won’t be enough unfortunately.

  • Johnny

    Common BB10, serve these hatin clowns for me pleaaaaaaaaaase. Shut them up for good.

  • newmobilesource.com

    Hi Mobilesyrup, there are thousands of real bb10 devices on the net but you put this fake early stage photo to bash rim.. get a life. instead just ask the readers to click on your ads to feed your self instead of bashing hard working companies. it involves 1000s of jobs bro. dont play with it.

  • DannyT

    Meanwhile I know a lot of individuals who are just waiting for the launch hoping the hype will be high enough to dump their stock to lessen the loses, BB 10/new phones bring nothing solid to the table and the promotions are a joke…I had a chance to see the Dev models and Windows 8 phones are way ahead of the game in every detail. RIM if lucky will just retain a very small portion of the market and luckily this will help Windows8 grow as they along with Android are the only true contenders with Apple falling slowly.

  • sp

    There are many compelling reasons to consider the BB10 environment as a viable competitor.

    1) HTML5 – The web browser surpasses every single browser on the market (desktop and mobile). In HTML5 test, BB10 scores 484. Perfect score is 500. The Safari scores 385.

    2) Facebook ring test – Every mobile browser passes ring 0. It fails at ring 1. The BB10 browser passes ring 0 and ring 1 easily and parts of ring 2.

    3) Intuitive interface. The interface was developed with predictive keyboard texting. The touch keyboard learns a user’s behaviour (e.g., where a user places their fingers, language style)

    4) Hub – centralized hub for communication. While others are opening and closing applications to check a message, a BB10 user does not do this.

    5) Flow – BB10 users flow seamlessly from application to application. You don’t have to stop doing something to do something else on the phone.

    6) “Live tiles” that are truly live. The home page shows your applications as they are running. They are not simply pictures of your programs but what is actually going on in them. According to RIM, this does not impair battery performance.

    7) Time shift camera. The BB10 unique time shift camera allows a user to take pictures and adjust portions of a picture back in time. If a subject closed their eyes you could get the perfect picture of when their eyes were opened.

    8) BlackBerry Balance. Why have one phone when you could have 2 in one? The BlackBerry Balance allows from work / home modes. Improved security and provisioning for enterprise environments.

    9) QNX. RIM and QNX are deeply integrated. QNX is a powerful OS that has real life practical applications in the automotive and health care industry. Company like Porche, Ford and Volkswagen are increasingly looking at the QNX application. With adoption of QNX in industries such as the auto sector, the BB10 integrates seamlessly without issues since they share the common DNA.

    10) QNX supports a multitude of programming languages. Including Native C/C++, HTML5, Java, Marmalade. Porting applications could never be easier for developers.

    • BB10 = Winning

      You had me at HTML5
      BB10… “Let’s Rock&Roll this!”

  • sp

    that was a cut and paste from someone else..

  • Jack

    It’s great to hear that the smaller carriers would be carrying the BLACKBERRY 10 phones.

  • DannyT

    Most good Devs have moved permanently to Android and Windows 8 and if they do know Native C/C++, HTML5, Java, Marmalade and porting applications they will not bother with RIM/Blackberries. There is nothing special about BB10 and some will argue they even stole parts from the new Ubuntu which has a lot more class.

    • Dan Brook

      “…they stole parts from the new ubuntu”? Huh? This is the same O.S. that was demoed on an existing handset (the parts of which are not similar, not anymore than any other touch screen device) that isn’t scheduled to be released for another year?

  • Paul

    Fido please don’t do this to me.

  • Shinru

    Damnit Fido… Why… Why do you insist I leave your company!

  • Piff

    BBM 10 + HMP/Wish 40 = greatest mobile combo ever.

  • Dan Brook

    For Mobilicity, in Ottawa, I would invest in the BB10. A lot of users like their network, for the most part. On the other hand, with Wind Mobile.. it would be like rebuilding 1978 928 Porsche with a rusty frame. The phone would look fantastic.. but good luck making much use of the network.

  • drxcheng

    Fido, where are you?

  • Toto

    All those negative votes for anti-RIM comments. WOW!
    If only those votes could turn into sales for BB10. Let’s not dream though, that’s the only thing that RIM will ever be good at getting, i.e. paying its employees to swarm MobileSyrup posts

  • Petey

    Will probably get this.. Hopefully app selection will be good..

  • sunJammer

    Petey et al, BlackBerry 10 will have more than 70,000 apps at launch, more than any other new Mobile platform had at launch, and more than what the 4 month-old Windows Phone 8 has right now.

    Considering that more than 15,000 apps were ported from iOS and Android just THIS weekend, there could even be 100,000+ apps when BB10 is launched later this month.