Good cause: Bell “Let’s Talk” Day is February 12th


  • Curious Monkey

    Does this go for Virgin as well?? Since they run off the same network..

    • jeremiah

      No…. that means Telus would be included as well… since they share towers in certain areas….

      This is specifically only for Bell customers, no other carriers are mentioned.

  • Jonathan

    So how badly are services like BBM and iMessage going to rob these mental health programs? lol

  • Waiting for Razr M HD w/3300mah

    Working for Bell is hazardous to your mental health. Been there, done that.


    Hey Bell, why not cut your customer’s bill by 40% and THEN send the difference to mental health institutions? That way you benefit both and you’re not still trying to maintain that ridiculous profiteering – ie true charity.

    • Nik

      Or better yet, why not just give everyone service for free and pay 100% of what they would have made to charity?!

      Then you can step up and give 40% of your annual salary to charity, because who needs to make a profit/save money right?

      People are so quick to volunteer other people’s money for charity (i.e.the shareholders of BCE).

      Honestly, the company is doing something for the greater good. Take it at face value and move on.

    • Vengefulspirit99

      it’s people like you who give a bad name to progressives. you’re thinking wih your anus. you want a company to cut their own profits by 40%? lol go take a business class before posting about a business plan.

  • Sweet

    We’ll see a huge improvement in the population’s mental health when everybody stops acting like a-holes and stops treating people like crap.

    NOTE: has anyone else noticed that some of their comments on this site somehow disappear or never gets posted ?

  • Rio


  • Porilaisten

    I’d have mental health problems too if I was with Bell…

  • 45

    I don’t have Bell for my cell phone, but I do for home Internet and TV, and I’ve been nothing but impressed with their service so far. The initial setup was a little bit of a pain and I was unsure if I made the right choice from switching away from my previous provider, but since then, calling them up has been a breeze.

    Good on them for doing this. I’ll do my part and ReTweet them.

  • Emm Cee

    Bell was court ordered to pay millions of dollars to a charity because they were found guilty of charging fee’s on the cellular and landline portion of their business. This is simply a marketing ploy to make it look good, and they don’t have to cough over all the money at once.