Chameleon Launcher shows off new folder feature, previews phone version (video)


  • Lucas J.

    That is nice. I like that a lot. Wish I knew about this stuff so I could get on the kickstarter project.


    • stephan

      you can buy the app in the app store, but you have to be on a tablet to do so. you can however side load the app on to your phone, but I do suggest still buying the app to support the work they are doing.

  • stephan

    if you sideload the launcher it works on a phone… had it running smoothly on my galaxy s3. I was running aokp however, so not sure if that made the difference. I did not change my dpi

    • John

      So are you using the app without paying for it? and people wonder why developers don’t rush to get their app on android first.

      But that launcher looks really nice and polished. The developers did a great job.

  • babablacksheep

    Typical Android nonsense. Baaaaaa

    Making useless software like launchers … just for the sake of making launchers. It’s as useless as bloggers who blog about nothing … just for the sake of blogging.


    • Sean

      And people commenting for no reason just so they can comment…

    • BD

      babablacksheep – so I guess your an Iphone fan, tell me again how your stocks are doing so GREAT!

    • babablacksheep

      You actually think I’m an Apple fan? Hahaha. I prefer Apple over Android any day, but I’m not an Apple fan.

      Keep on sheep, baaaaaaaa

  • John

    Looks great, i might actually pay for something for once.

  • 45

    I have it on my tablet and try it out every few weeks, but I can’t get into it. I love the idea in concept, but using it just isn’t ideal for some reason