Out of Milk Grocery List app now available for iPhone


  • EvanK

    Nice to see devs flocking to Android first, with iOS being a second priority.

    • Sludge

      If you eat your own poop, you don’t have to do groceries as often.



  • Jamaal

    It’s been out since October 2012 according to the iOS developer history

  • 2see

    RIP Android 🙂

  • John

    I got to take a dump app

  • some guy

    Commence Apple fan butt hurt at being second.
    It’s OK, the iPhone 5s is coming. It’s the next, next big thing from Apple. I hear they added an extra row of pixels!

  • Crank

    I look, and yet do not see, the “Apple fan butt hurt.” Perhaps I shall seek high, and I shall seek low, and somewhere it may be, some guy.

  • DavidG

    I prefer the app “Our Groceries”.

    Similar features, but allows one to categorize food in your list as Dairy, Produce, Deli, etc… so that you and your partner can be more efficient in planning your route(s) around the grocery store.

    • Slappy

      I think you can make lists with this app also, not sure. I will also try the app you mentioned, thanks.

    • Rinn

      You can do the same thing with this app, it has categories