Samsung expecting to ship 510 million handsets in 2013, says report


  • EvanKr

    510, that’s honestly incredibly impressive. And considering that Samsung offers much more than phones and is a superpower in many other markets, they really are becoming a massive company.

    • Dilbert

      but what about rim?

      RIP RIM.

  • Rich

    I don’t really want anyone to control too much of the pie, so I hope some of the other brands really kick it up a notch.

    LG made some great strides this past year with the Nexus 4 + Optimus G, hopefully they continue that trend.

    Nokia really pushed it when it came to innovation, although I think the WP8 platform is holding them back more than anything. For the most part, they “did everything right.”

    RIM will be exciting in the upcoming year and as a Canadian, most of us should be hoping they succeed even if we may not put our pocketbooks behind them quite yet.

    HTC seems like it may be sink or swim. They have some great new devices on the horizon and a few hit and misses this year (HTC One X was amazing!).

    We’ll see what else is coming~
    Samsung has been consistently good which will help them maintain a sense of brand loyalty… for the time being.

  • isdfoa

    congratulations to samsung! i really hope HTC and Sony can make a comeback next year to become more relevant. I’d say Apple’s presence in mobile is slowly slowing (the iPhone is NOT seen as the best device to mainstream consumers anymore), and Samsung’s is quickly growing. I really love HTC’s and Sony’s designs, hpoefully they can succeed as well.

  • babablacksheep

    Galaxy Note is too small! I want a 20″ baaaaablet that I can carry around in my pocket! I want tablet functions, phone functions, and oven functions, and sheep herding functions with the s-herder stylus.

    Baaaaaaa typical sheep comment right here

  • screamer

    There are always company’s they comes and go. Sony was one time the big thing and than rim and than apple. They need a nice device and than they go up. Like Motorola with the razr 7 years ago. Same with Samsung. They only need one bad device and down goes it again

  • sak500

    My s3 died today. Had bought on may 25th.. totally dead. Checking on XDA found above average dead phones issue. Some last 100 days some 200 mine lasted 7 months. Well still under warranty but crakp quality from samsung im must say.

    • Get. A. Clue.

      Stop streamin’ malware infested pr0n on it and it might live longer.

  • 15ive

    Now, all they need to do is start making attractive phones

    • some guy

      … really…

      maybe if you said, “better build quality ” I’d give you that.

      But you’re going with “better looking”…


  • Gman

    this article tells me low end phone or regular phone mark up/ profit margin are incredibly small if Nokia was the biggest and still in such deep financial problem. No wonder why every company are going crazy with smartphones, its only a matter of time until the price collaps from competition and everyone just want to make as much cash as possible while they still can then jump onto the next big thing. Google release the nexus 4 at 350 is like the beginning of price collaps. Going back to samsung, yeah, I currently own a S3, definitely want to see another company taking over and be even level in the android market than Samsung, their build quality is just god aweful, S3 and note 2 feels like cheap toys.

  • RyanOver

    I’ll stay loyal to HTC..