The Android mascot that (thankfully) wasn’t


  • christian


  • DrBadass

    Sexy beast!

  • Richard

    It will be stylish one day!

  • Raid

    All I see are Sega Dreamcast logos.

  • oldschool

    They look like they have birth defects

  • Haxor99

    Kind of makes the statement … only wachos would use android… glad they didn’t go with it.

    • some guy

      Wachos? Are those Wario Nachos?
      Bah dum dum cha! (>x_x)>

  • habskilla

    Remember, everything comes back in fashion…

  • LW81

    zombie droids.

  • Alex

    Looks as retarded as its users.


      better than your logo an apple and there is a bite in the *ss!!

  • Henaway

    Do they have these on a T-shirt yet?

  • 45

    Holy s**t! The muscles on the yellow one, HAHAHAHA

  • tk_3130

    We’re two wild and crazy guys!

  • GlassBackBadIdea

    I think since Android is a joke, they initially picked a suitable logo, a crazy joker droid

    • some guy

      Way to hide the butt-hurt.
      How about you go play with your OS and I’ll go play with mine and we can ignore each other? kkthxbai.

  • justlikethat

    and your head is the shape of an egg. What are you trying to say?