Facebook for Android goes native, gets speed bump and some new features


  • Matt

    What are these “new features”?

  • Hilman

    Much faster, about time Facebook.

    • andy c

      i agree. it feels like the FB app for IOS.

      what’s with the high quality app updates? not that i’m complaining.

      yahoo multi platform
      facebook for android
      google maps for ios
      gmail for ios

  • Denis M

    Revamps app to native
    Still uses hidden menu button

    Thanks scumbag Facebook

    • HiKsFiles

      What hidden menu button ?!

    • Dave


  • Steven

    Way faster and more fluid.

    I never really had a problem with loading times before, but this is extremely quick.

  • Rich

    It was the frustration with the original Facebook android app that made me realize, I don’t really care for FB at all, lol.

  • freedomispopular

    Why even bother with Android anyway? It’s only got 52% of the US marketshare and 72% internationally.

  • Dave

    Still waiting for Pages in the Android version…

    • Kyle

      I have access to pages that I administer… granted it’s a little limited: status, photo, recommendation… but better than nothing?


    RIP GOOGLE+!!!!

  • Stuntman

    This new version doesn’t suck. It does break Pulse’s FB integration that allows it to share directly with FB. You can still share articles from Pulse to FB by selecting Share with app and then selecting FB from the list of apps.

  • KC

    I think it brings back contact sync. At least, it looks like it on my S3.

    Even if the app itself is not all that useful compared to Scope, I might just keep it installed in the background for that.

  • John Marshall

    Boy, if I hadn’t gotten sick of Android well before now and switched to Windows Phone, this might be good news.

  • Max

    I just had a Facebook orgasm!

  • EAK47

    The tablet version still sucks.

    • Stuntman

      Facebook now needs to force their staff to use Android tablets in landscape. I was so happy when I installed it on my phone. I’m still upset after installing it on my tablet. Don’t developers understand that Android tablets are in landscape?

    • EAK47

      Yeah, and also an app optimized for tablets. Not just a resizing of a phone app

  • Goaferdan

    Facebook really needs to come up with a decent tablet version… QUICK!!!

  • Keegan

    Holy s**t…about bloody time. I normally just used facebook through chrome on my GS2 because the FB sucked major balls.

  • rob

    who cares, facebook is done already.

  • Migzy

    It is faster, not sure about any new features, seems to have same features as previous non-native app.

    Grr arg… It still syncs all my FB friends to my phone contacts list, even though I have it set to only sync friends in my phone contacts list!

    Apparently only solution is to use a 3rd party app and disable facebook contact syncing… As hiding contacts in contacts list doesn’t hide those contacts from other apps looking at contacts…

  • m00rb

    Agreed about the contacts syncing. Great that the app is fast, not great that I now have hundreds of contacts….