BlackBerry 10 L-Series device captured on video in five minute overview


  • Steven Schwartz

    looks like a nice device but does not scream must have. it may be too little too late for RIM.

    • Ron

      Scream “must have?” What does that even mean. Just preface your comment with IMO and be done with it.

    • Eduardo

      IMO… I agree with you, it looks nice but from the video; it wouldn’t stop me from getting any Samsung or HTC flagship device.
      I still hope RIM can make a comeback though.

    • MG

      I’m sick of Apple-crazy i****s that will buy anything the apple tree spits out just because it’s Apple.

      I will support RIM and BB10 as it is a CANADIAN company providing CANADIAN jobs! And BB10 seems to be right up there with the best in breed. So who cares about RIMs past screw-ups (and there were plenty of them!)? Let’s look forward and support our own. They’re coming out with a very attractive product which can compete head to head with Apple and Google. This is a Canadian icon and you’re all just pissing on it and even hoping it fails! Yet you root for Canada in the Olympics and every other sport, like any patriot would. Well, IMO, rooting for RIM to fail is definitely NOT patriotic! So Steven Schwartz and all other RIM-busters out there, think hard on what message you want to send out with your comments and more importantly, with your hard-earned dollars. I for one, will tell RIM I support their new revitalized product.

    • SAM

      is the blackberry made in china or Canada why the video is in Chinese or Taiwan language

  • Craig

    it would be nice to see them make it ……. i would say 50% chance

  • WindowsBoy

    Steven Schwartz…are you on cr…

  • iphoneee

    That looks like a co-op’s hand .

  • Unr8ted

    The only thing I want to know is the price ! $$$

  • what

    Looks slick. Good to finally see what it might look like to make or receive phone calls. Love the “Call notes” and “BBM Video” buttons while on a call.

  • Max

    Is this BB10?

    • Blas

      Yes. Yes it is.

  • Kiko

    TAKE MY MONEY NOW…. I miss my BB.

  • Sean

    Bulid quality looks good but that’s a thick device. I would hope it’s light because it looks heavy and chunky

  • Marion

    I hope Android/Google isn’t on their butt about the look of the OS

    • RichieRickardo

      Android/Google cant get on their butt about the look of the OS. Android is an open srouce project which means that anyone can use it or modify it to their hearts content.

      BB10 looks pretty good and smooth for the most part. Also good to see some inovative ideas in the touch motions as well as I like the idea of 1 home screen being a screen for open apps. Kinda like a widget on Android but for running apps only. Interesting ideas.

      Build quality looks great on the device. Definity going to pull back in some businesses that are looking to upgrade to devices that can take a bit of a beating. All in all I would give them a 7/10. Only time is going to tell if this is going to turn things around for RIM.


    looks awesome, just i couldn’t understand any single word he is saying….

    • MG

      I understood: “Bleckberie”, “cameraaa”, and “usbee”

  • Dan

    I second the comment above. Just take my money and my iPhone 5.. lol.

  • Joe Jim Bob the third

    I’m an HTC One X owner. While this is too small for my personnal tastes in screen size(huge hands), I really like the over look of the device.

    Here’s to hoping the CEO can pull RIM’s chestnuts out of the fire.

  • screamer

    I think they are to late. I was a big blackberry fan and I am still a fan to type a email is sooo good but I am scared the software and specs are not so good. But could be it takes time. When I see apple made everything right but now time changed and other taken over.

    • Nothin But RIM

      You’ll see the OS is going to be the most solid/stable and secure OS on the market. Just based on it’s architecture alone regardless of functionality Apple and Google have some catching up to do. The foundation of this platform is so strong that they can focus on building up and outward instead of plugging holes.

      This can and will be able to do everything that iOS and Android can do and will be able to do a lot of things they can’t yet do or may never be able to.

    • some guy

      @Nothing But RIM
      Soooo apparently you are clairvoyant, or have the optimism of someone with a major head injury… because due to past track records from our buddy RIM in regards to software stability, etc. I’ll believe it when I see it.

      Don’t get me wrong, I want them to succeed, I’m just jaded after all the issues I’ve had in the past with regards to software, hardware, and BIS service.

    • Nothin But RIM

      @some guy

      I can completely understand you being jaded by RIM’s past efforts. However, this OS wasn’t created on a platform RIM built. This platform was created on the platform that QNX built, that’s where my confidence in the OS is. nuff said… if you don’t know about QNX then read about it and you’ll see why. I’m not speaking to the success of the platform just the strength of it.

      I and many others can see that the sum of the parts is greater than the whole.

      It’s not about what RIM has done, it’s about what RIM is doing and how they are doing it. I’m sure I pissed in the wind once too, I learned to piss the other way.

    • phreezerburn

      A PLC running QNX is bulletproof, period. There isn’t a more stable platform STILL IN USE by industry itself.

  • Falco

    I don’t see anything outstanding as far as appearance is concerned, but then all phones have evolved into rectangular shapes. Regarding performance, RIM had better have something spectacular that totally outshines all the other devices and OS’s on the market or they’re dead. I’ll stick with Sony.

    • jack

      It’s rectangular shapes with rounded corners. Smarten up dumb@$$!!

  • Dalex

    The hardware design is growing on me and the OS should be fresh and new with hopefully many of the large name apps available on launch. Still… next year we should see 1080p Android devices with jaw dropping specs (Quad-core A15 SoCs which will push what we can do on mobile devices).

    I really hope it does well, but I just have a nagging feeling its going to be too late to the game in the sense that it doesn’t offer anything compelling over the competition.

    • tokenusername

      Hey nothing but RIM, know any cute females that can give me a RIM job? I’m really craving one.

  • over

    notice the application freeze at 3:44

    • Nothin But RIM

      Notice it’s not final software as the phone has yet to be released? He actually states that in the video (although most people on here including me don’t know the language) – another site translated.

    • phreezerburn

      I’ll bet you right now that its maps don’t almost send Aussies to their deaths.

  • Jason

    No dedicated camera button?
    Well can’t have everything I guess.

  • CW

    Massive craving for Pho right now.

  • jonno

    … well now I really am torn between picking this up shortly after launch or waiting for the keyboard version…

  • Adam

    The edges are round- RIM get your legal team ready
    Round edges are proprietary to the fruit company

    • gurtej08

      LOL, blackberry is also a fruit company

    • MG

      Their legal team already has a defense argument: It’s a circle with elongated straight sides.

      Gotta love’em lawyers….!

  • skullan

    Time. Date. Phone number. Blackberry data connected.

    You know someone is going to get spanked on this.

  • One lawyer to sue them all

    Its a rectangle with rounded edges! Apple’s going to sue.

  • Carol Bream

    Looks ok but I still am happy I went to the S3 even before my contract was over. I miss the BB PB way of auto-suggest for words, but have figured out how to use the virtual keyboard. I like the larger size of the S3, too. I can read all my ebooks on it very easily. So I guess BB has lost me for good. I even sold my stock in RIM (finally, after hanging on for far too long). Oh, well. Hope RIM comes back. It was a great Cdn company.

    • mrbahl

      You make a good point about the S3, it’s too good of a phone. I use it myself. But, why would you hold RIM stock thus far? BS If you own it, you clearly know it’s been nosediving for the past 4-5 YRS!

    • Nothin But RIM

      I don’t know when you bought your’s but I bought mine a few weeks ago. I’m seeing a return of 10% as of today. Not many stocks see that kind of return in months/years let alone weeks. I guess it’s all about when you bought it.

  • Joe Jim Bob the third

    @Carol Beam

    You sold their stock even though it has pretty much done nothing but go up the last few months? Unless you sold their stock 3-4 months ago, I’m calling bullshit.

  • Monkey Face

    We should be all excited with this release. If RIM makes an outstanding product, it might force Apple/Samsung/etc to up their game too. In the end, guess who really wins??? 🙂

    Just over a month to go!

  • romeo

    Cant wait to buy this!! Blackberry FTW!!

  • Ron Mexico

    What a cheap looking PoS. Seriously you guys are droolling over this?

  • Flaco809

    I hope the new models will still compress data just like the ones do now..that is one of the best feautres of BlackBerrys.. phone looks amazing .. cant wait. I hope BlackBerry makes a comeback.

  • jess

    Give me 3 please!

  • Louis

    look suck to me

  • Xenophone

    Get ready… for a dozen Microsoft blog posts to bury something that is new and interesting for the readers

  • iOS

    Boring brick with a boring OS.

  • m00rb

    I support all phones for what they are. iPhone 3GS, BlackBerry Bold 9780 and Galaxy Note 2, are my last 3.

    IMO the iPhone peaked at 3GS, everything else is just the same but slightly upgraded. Very typical of Apple. Helps users with very little computer knowledge or intuition get the most out of their device by restricting change and limiting functionality. As seen by their hundreds of millions of sales, this model works for them!

    The Galaxy Note 2 on the other hand is what I imagine driving a Bugatti to feel like. I’m looking at the world in my rear view mirror with this thing.

    I don’t get that feeling from this BB10 video but I haven’t used it myself. I hope I get proven wrong and I will certainly line up at Best Buy when they are relased to try one out.

  • bob

    vietnamese is a REALLY ugly language…

    • Colin Pastuch

      So is french.

  • Brad

    Man the person hands in the above picture are so dam ugly lmao lol. they should of got a hot sexy girl with sexy hands to model the phone

  • Sean

    $399 unlocked and I’ll give it a try. Otherwise, not worth my time/money/effort.

  • BB10

    I took my s3 back cause i really want the bb10 now. I used it for almost 2 weeks. I loved it, but blackberry is blackberry.

  • Stanislav

    That’s all? Blackberry addicts waited this long for that? LOL