Virgin Mobile looking for a few people to test out the HTC 8S


  • lambdacore

    Well I’m critical and creative, but there’s no way I’m “cool enough” for this.

    I can’t handle the required coolness.

    i aint got dat swag

    • MG

      Virgin is looking for a few cool people to test their new phone? Well, it’s ironic that more than a few people are looking for Virgin to finally offer a cool rate plan (as in *DECENTLY* PRICED)!

      How uninteresting is this that most comments are about Quebec rather than Virgin! Touche!

  • Jay

    I am the tester for you. I am on my phone all the day, and tweet on a regular basis. Give me a chance to test this out and I will sure to post all the goods on this new incredible phone. I would love to explore this device for our peeps!

    • KimJong-iil

      it has to be 100 words and it shld be posted in some virgin site i guess.

  • Louis Cloutier

    Naturally Quebec is excluded as usual…

    • lambdacore

      Yeah, we never get the cool stuff and contests, but I’m pretty sure it’s because of some regulation made from the Quebec government only applicable here or something.

    • Ryan

      Well duh, this contest is for Canadians only

    • Legendary

      It’s because in Quebec 10% of the value of the contest has to be paid to the Quebec government, regardless of who wins.

  • John

    Screw Quebec, all you do is cry about everything.

    • Louis Cloutier

      Way to go, you can generalize an entire province based on the acts of some people and use that as a justification to insult all its citizens. Kudos!

    • mark

      but quebec makes it so damn easy to generalize!! they are friggin retarded

    • Matthew

      Quebec is part of canada you a#$holes! We’re nothing but a colder US without them.

      Give them their contets and as for you two, hand in your passports and F#$ off!

      A proud english Canadian!

  • PhoneScience

    I entered 😛

  • Roymathieu19

    Sucks that Quebec is excluded everytime!!!

    • Louis Cloutier

      Typically, I’ve found that contest (and similar events) organizers just can’t be bothered dealing with all the obscure laws that the QC government has put in place “to protect” everyone. I can’t say I blame them, but it just goes to show that Quebec has an even further way to go than the rest of Canada.

      See John, I can be objective about it. We’re not all “crying about everything” 😉

    • Slayer

      Quebeckers need to get off their high socialist feminist horse

  • John

    Generally, all I hear is in Quebec is students to much tuition(which is cheapest in Country) protesting, the separation from Canada. The list goes on. That’s why I made the generalization.

  • Ronald

    Darn! You need to already be a Virgin subscriber to qualify. Another reason for me to dump Telus.

  • Ed

    I’m honest and fresh with ideas. Always trying to give others that extra special touch that is sincere.

  • WP74Life

    Québec have always created a huge amount of jealousy in Canada. They like to laugh about us but the truth is that they are jealous, of our identity.
    Rest of canada = Boring american,
    Québec = the root of awesomeness.
    Fu** the argos btw, sh** team.
    Avec tout mon amour, xxxxx.

    • Al

      Yes I’m really jealous of the province that gets the most federal hand outs, has a “language inspectorate” in case you decide to use english a bit too much and gains pretty much all it’s “identity” from another comical place – France.

      Man I really wish I was from QC! /sarcasm.

    • WP74Life

      Damn, identity from France ?
      Like you would know anything about us haha, you stupid man.
      Anyway, with all due respect, I’m really glad you are not from Québec and that is, my friend, non-sarcastic.
      Et encore, avec tout mon amour xxxx.
      L’autisme peut être diagnostiqué, just so you know.

  • Wendy

    Currently using an iphone but would love to try the competition. Bring it on!


    more providers should offer something like this, I rather not be on Virgin but it`s an awesome promotion

  • mark

    well, if Quebec does finally get separated, it is only better for us. Think about no more mandatory bilingual learning needed if you wanted to make a difference for this country or work in a government profession/law making area.

    Win/win for us. English ftw.

  • Mike

    They probably don’t allow Quebec to be involved in contests or promotions or to be testers, probably because they want the testers to write in English on twitter to promote the phone. And everyone knows Quebec people don’t know how to write in English or to speak in English, cause the stup@d Quebec Government don’t educate their citizens enough to learn the real number one language which is English. 99% of Canada Speak English and only 1% of separated from Canada speak French in Quebec. And another reason why all the contests don’t allow Quebec Residences to participate is because all of Canada already consider Quebec to be a separate part of Canada. Why do you think why all Quebec Residences work in Ottawa, cause there’s no jobs for them in Quebec. Most of Quebec are on Welware and live in welfare housing. Quebec people get lots of handouts there. And Quebecs infrastructure is getting really bad, they have no money to fix there roads or buildings cause of all the Welfare handouts and Welfare Housing. And plus all the Political people involved with mobsters and doing illegal stuff.