High-res photos of RIM’s BlackBerry 10 L-Series device leaks online


  • Nima

    That’s a nice design. Also a fan of the back. Doesn’t damage easy. -I doubt I’ll buy it since I have a nexus 4 ordered and have bad experiences with first generation/new platforms (launch day palm pre buyer here).

    • Too late.

      RIP RIM.

    • EvanKr

      I think that price will be the deciding factor for many consumers, including me. RIM may want to consider even taking a bath on the hardware to gain market share, but whether that’s even a viable option at this point in the game is debatable.

      Regarding the device, it looks nice. The textured backing should feel nice in the hand, hopefully it doesn’t show too much wear and tear. So excited for January!

    • Bananakid

      I agree, but if they can make it $400 outright, then I’ll still give it a shot


      WHEN can I walk into the store hand them money and in return get a BB10 device???



      Get your posts in before RIM PR team comes in and thumbs everyone down.

      Notice how posts about RIM have the most hidden comments LOL

      Good job RIM LOL


      It’s going to be a bloodbath (unless they commit fraud like Nortel and lie about their numbers).

      They need all the “leaks” possible to maintain the share price!!!
      GO RIM GO

    • BB9900 is sooooooo amazing! Like totally!

      $300 for the nexus 4…the BB9900 still costs $600, so BB10 will cost more than $600? LOL

    • Tim Cook

      LOL so the Nexus 4 is better, even with all the bugs and crappy build from LG! Good on you!

  • Cdn5abi

    There goes the element of surprise.

    Regardless, looks good IMO.

  • John

    Beautiful. I hope this is what RIM needs to make it back…..

  • Pat

    Good design Love it!



  • kad

    looks sturdy

    removable battery!

    I hope the back is in leather (I know… I am kitsch… hey waht are you gonna do ! hey!)

  • Cam C

    Looking nice. While I’m a happy droid guy I do want BB to come back and be solid again. Hopefully these devices will be as reliable as they look.

  • Ferraro

    Im drooling…

  • Ken

    Sorry waiting for physical keyboard. I’m old….

  • Louis


  • jess

    That looks deliciously good.

  • Joe

    hmmmm interesting

  • JimJones

    Looks like a big battery, which would make this appeal to most business users once again. Design looks really great, I really think this will bring RIM back.

  • Al

    Now for the price to be leaked as well….

  • Kid.Canada

    Long time blackberry user here but just recently I’ve given up hope with the super long wait times and upgraded to the Galaxy S 3. Loving it big time and not looking to upgrade anytime soon. You may have lost some customers with your super long wait times but may also gain some new ones depending on how BB10 lives up to its hype. Regardless best of luck to you RIM, you will definitely need it during these tough times.

    • Carol Bream

      Agree 100%. I switched for the same reason and love my S3.

    • Samsung licks

      I switched to S3 a few months back and can’t wait to get rid of that piece of isht.
      Freezing up, microphone issues, wifi dropping all the time…
      As soon as this is released I’m going back to BlackBerry. I won’t buy another Samsung product for a long time.

    • Ron Mexico

      Is this what RIM is doing to try to attempt a come back now? Lying about their competitors products. Go away ou lying sack of **** RIM shill.

  • MrDisco

    looks like an iPhone. oh well better late than never.

    • msh

      It looks like an iphone? how? because i has glass?

      It has a totally different design, bezels for off-screen gestures.


    • pacalis

      Front looks like a iphone back. Side looks like an iphone. Back looks like an LG.

      Overall, not bad looking. But way too late to the game.

  • Keyur

    Can’t wait!!!

  • jn

    mrdisco you are a moron. That is all

  • David

    I own the Galaxy S3 but I’ll get this phone once it hits the market. Gotta support some Canadian stuff.

  • Ariel Rovner

    I would love to see it in white, would definetly get it in white.

  • Enz0

    i saw it in person last november and i didnt even know it was secret, we were not allowed of playing with it but i thought they were plenty of pics out already, it look very interesting,i was impressed how fluent it was, it has a high def screen. I remember that i thought it was looking like an iphone and it was feeling just like it!

    • Abe

      Pretty sure those were the early Alpha test devices given out to developers. This seems pretty different to me.

  • cssjesus

    I don’t work at RIM and I’m not saying this is the new L-series phone

  • Sohil Naik

    So sleek, hopefully the OS can compliment the design!


    Damn that looks like its gonna be a nice sized battery. Kudos to RIM on that fir sure. The design looks a little bland but Id have to see it in person. I do like the textured back which I would like on my Galaxy Note 2- KID ANDROID (Team.Android.Canada)

  • hunkyleepickle

    Power button on top? Not a fan…. Regardless, it’s never reallyBeen about hardware for rim.

    • Abe

      What on earth are you talking about? The power button is on top of most devices out there. iPhone, iPad, Surface, Nokia phones, all the BlackBerrys of past (although the power button really used the end call button, the top was a screen lock). It is mainly android phones that put it on the side.

    • Tomatoes11


      Power button on top of iphone sized phones and smaller, which includes all the old phones, is fine because the size is small enough so that it is easy enough to reach with your finger while holding the phone. For tablets, it simply doesn’t matter because it is too big so you have to hit the power button with your free hand regardless.

      With larger phones like this phone though, having the power button on the side is the only way to go. Easier to reach when holding it. The phone is simply too tall to have the power button on top so I agree with him.

      You don’t happen to work for HTC do you? It is people like you who refuse to adapt to change for the better that is holding back companies like HTC.

    • SheepSix

      Power Button? You guys actually turn your phone off?

  • Anthony E.

    Don’t really like the look, but it looks really well built.

  • jewfei

    Looks awesome, although i think the top middle power button will be kind of annoying

  • OneCanHope

    Would have been better if they released it before Christmas, I don’t see why they wouldn’t unless they didn’t have time.
    Wanted to get my mom one to replace her crapberry she got from work because they need enterprise activation.
    I might still get her a BB10 but IDK.

  • Anthony E.

    Scratch that, clicked the source link. Front looks better when you can see the entire face in 1 shot.

  • Stupid

    Looks like the bezel isn’t so bad as it has looked in other shots.
    Looks a bit thick still.
    It had better not be heavy.
    Also hoping it has a good default calendar.

    If the weight, calendar is all good I’ll be getting one.
    I’m so sick of Android lag and crap handling of email.

  • KL

    Shut up and take my money!!!

    Definitely getting one of these sweet sweet babies, still haven’t figured out QWERTY or full touch…

    • Dan

      Looking sexy! I’m buying this first day when it comes out. I was going to get the QWERTY I loved my Bold 9900 but I moved on to an iPhone 5… I think I’ll probably stick to full touchsreen one.

  • tdee

    so tempted

  • Mark

    I dont get how i***t some people have to be, to diss BB on a Canadian website.
    Talking to all of you who are dissing BB, and not considering how important it is to have BB running in Canada and getting successful.
    Are you guys really that blind that cant see all the different effects BB “RIM” has for Canada’s economy? if you are really that blind, u better not consider yourself Canadian anymore.

    • lol

      you feel loyalty for an entity which feels no loyalty for you.

  • blackprince

    That would look great with Windows Phone 8 on it.

  • Joshua

    Textured back, flat sides, barely rounded corners…. Are you sure this isn’t just an LG Optimus G? Are you sure?

    • JibJab

      I sadly have to agree. but then again, every damn full touch phone looks the same these days. because they are all just a huge screen up front. Hoping for RIM to hit a home run on this one. I enjoyed my BB 9900 for the most part. I dont like how fragmented Android is when it comes to updates. I’ll be very interested to see all the info on this phone next month. Maybe I will be able to buy a phone then.

  • Nishant

    Good luck RIM…Hope you make us Canadians proud.

  • FlageJan


    as a shareholder i can say that i am extremely happy with the devices design. Selling GSIII, buying L series + Nexus 10…

    best of both worlds. can not go wrong…

  • Ron Mexico

    And about a month after that you’ll sell this and buy another GS3 after you realize their is only about 50 apps for it.

  • Mohammed Ibrahim


  • Tom

    That looks really good, but com’on RIM. There is no need for that big of a branding in the front! You advertise your product on the back so people recognize it from afar, not piss off the user who has to constantly stare at your logo.

    Look at the reactions people had when verizon had its way with the galaxy note II.

  • Lou Diamonds

    I have to admit it look great. If RIM prices this like what they did initially with their PlayBook and Bold 9900 they will fail (again).

    The market belongs to Apple & Samsung to price this at $149-$200 Contract or $599.99+ Outright will probably be the nail in the coffin.

  • Blaxx

    As a Canadian, I’d like to see RIM stay in the game in some capacity but I’ve yet to see what their foothold is going to be. Remove the BlackBerry branding on this phone and it gets lost in a sea of midrange Android devices. It’s not easy to differentiate one slab of 4″ glass and plastic from another but I think they could have done more aesthetically…

    …Or maybe I’m on a spaceship

  • Rich

    People are only going to buy this because of BBM. Besides the screen, the phone is going to be out of date. No phone company should take over one and a half year from there press release/leaked info/rumors to release a phone.

    I see Blackberry licensing their BBM to other cellphone companies in the next couple years.

    • John

      Really? How long did it take Google & Apple to develop & release their first mobile os???
      BB10 is a completely new os built from the ground up! Please do some research and learn before you spew nonsense.

  • Henry

    Nice looking device
    but the front reminds me of the iPhone 5 back but reverse with glass in the middle instead of the endeds

  • Richard Cioci

    Super excited for it, really want one with a physical keyboard but slightly on the fence.

    Glad the battery is going to be so big, and after a long time with my Bold 9900, I’m glad they’re keeping that power button on top, only those who have it realize you’ll prefer it that way.

    Can’t wait to own one!

    • Tomatoes11

      Actually it is the opposite. Use a large phone with the button on the side for a few months and try to go back to a large phone with the button in the top. It is like going from cable internet back to dial up.

      The button on the top and the middle is horrible for large phones.

  • Ron

    Hey guys don’t under estimate the whole plasticy look because it feels nothing like it, You’d think it feels something like the SII but no this device feels SOLID in the hand and you do feel like you’re holding a premium device.. probably the best weight/feel combination on a phone EVER … so don’t think it feels like crap. Also the OS .. my goodness you guys will be blown away!

  • foneguy

    I like what I see. Replacable battery is a big plus. That is the one thing that has kept me away from the I-Sheep platform, and others. My contract just happens to be up in January, and my battery is just starting to die. What perfect timing. I’ll be lining up for one, hopefully the line won’t be too long.

  • Greg

    Looks sexy

  • SC

    The battery isn’t that big. It’s as big as the battery on a sony ericsson arc for example except it’s rectangular instead of square but has near identical volume. RAZR MAXX has a big battery that fills nearly the whole backside but hey none of this size stuff really matters if the OS is very good at power management.

  • fanberry10

    beautiful phone period

  • Nathen

    Lets be honest here folks. It’s just another Smartphone and not the best one at that. By the time this hits the stores/Shelves it will already be outdated on the Hardware front and lacking in APPS compared to Android and Iphone.
    I hope RIM succeeds and does live on as WE NEED competition but I’m not going to blow smoke and pretend that this is going to be something like we never seen before.
    Perosnally i orderd a Nexus because simply i travel the WORLD and I wanted a Pentaband,Unlocked,Carrier free Phone.

    At $349 out right the Nexus is the Bomb for me.

  • Mischa Price

    i Think rim needs to realize that there market share of people who choose to buy blackberries want full keyboards, I am no genius but i bet most of the all touch torches are sold to people who want iphones but can’t have them because of work. Don’t dig yourself a hole.

    I would also much rather Jolla or Firefox OS become the 4th player or for windows phone to be a really big slice of market share

  • blahblah


  • GlassBackBadIdea

    Cool! The BlackBerry designers are not as dumb as Google and LG. they don’t put glass plates on the back of the phone like dumb imbassels. Glad to know they don’t follow stupid designers from Google and LG

  • Rob

    I switched from BB to Android recently so I wont be picking this up. I sincerely hope that RIM makes a comeback though. Perhaps the long wait for BB10 is a blessing because there are people who switched so long ago that they’re sick of their iPhone or Android and ready to go back?

  • MaX

    Other than the waste of space at the bottom, it looks pretty nice and sleek

  • Monkey Face

    Sweet upgrade from my 9860! About time!

  • new_tradition

    I am really liking that textured back *_*

  • Stephen

    Fingers crossed it’s a good device.

    All competition is good in this area. :).

  • Mike

    It looks smoking HOT! All black. I want it!

  • SC

    Does anyone know if blackberry specific data will still be required for BB10?

  • migo

    Looking better. Not the most aesthetically pleasing device, but it does look practical and I don’t think I’ll need to buy a GelaSkin for it.

  • G -man

    Once again – Canadian Technology leads the world!!!

  • Nelly. esq

    A little to late to the game. Was holding out for them bit chose to upgrade on Saturday. I must say the battery placement and look of the phone inside is solo iPhone …wonder if someone leaked everything about the bb to apple. They look similar …

  • Nelly. esq

    Also sorry for typos ….new phone is hard to type on while eating lol. But I wish rim had released this in December …sorry but my first Bb was a 8307e on telus followed by a 8830, then a 8330 followed by the storm 9530 and ended when

  • yrysh

    Oh my god
    i want one right now

  • DanGiroux

    I am VERY impressed! Great design, software looks solid… will probably make a return to BlackBerry in 2013!

  • Jeremy

    Looks like it will be a good phone. I like the removable back/battery.

    I hope BB10 will be easier to develop for. RIM shot themselves in the foot with the worst dev platform and tools in the past.

    Needing BB specific plans and data was always ridiculous. They may be Canadian but their platform is poorly architected (with single points of failure in Waterloo) and insecure. Blind patriotism isn’t a reason to buy.

  • Lagnis

    IPhone inspired design. Good job RIM being original.

  • Luke

    I’ve had the chance to play around with a pre-production model and it is pretty cool, very responsive. I’ve come from an iphone 4, to a SG3 right now and it’s making me want to jump back to BB. The screen is pretty vivid as well. Let’s wait and see how things roll out.

  • ZR27

    expandable memory, removable battery, LTE without hacking the phone?…
    youve already destroyed the iphone5 and nexus4… lol

    all personal preference here..
    good job RIM for updating your products.

  • atlanticcellguy

    I had the chance to play around with this device. . Although I use a galaxy s 3 this device is what I always wanted. The browsing of a android, the camera better than the I phone, a better keyboard than both and push email with bbm . Not to mention media steaming’ yeah that’s a hit at the iPhone’ and micro hdmi out .. welcome back BlackBerry we missed you! !!

  • XR999

    While I do hope RIM is able to win back some customers and stick around (as competition in the smartphone arena is always welcome) they lost me a long time ago to Android.

    The thing is too, despite the “excitement” over BB10, I only know 2 people with Blackberries still that intend to upgrade to BB10 phones, the rest already upgraded or will upgrade to iOS or Android. I suspect it’s because RIM can claim all they want that we will have apps and the hardware will be awesome but until they deliver a finished product, very few will believe them after the public failure that was the Playbook.

  • Laurent

    The side looks a lot like the playbook. If it is, it probably will feel very sturdy!

  • Michael

    Looking very nice. Two things we can now hope for: Blackberry bringing it and Stanley Cup back in Canada… woot!

  • Louis

    no one use rim nowadays…
    even kids moved to iphone and android…

  • tokenusername

    Is this BB10?

  • jack

    that looks like a hella small battery, i hope it lasts more than 3 hours

  • Mike

    My frustrations as an ex BB customer aside, that looks pretty damn sexy. I hope they can pull it off. I’d like to see RIM get back to it and hire back all those people that lost their job.

  • Jim smith

    Only problem I see is the huge amount of wasted space taken up at the bottom of the screen by the logo and unused area.

    • Nothin But Rim

      It’s the bezel, it’s actually used for swipe gestures so it’s not usless.

  • 2c

    holy s**t this looks very neat and corporate.

  • Androcanuck

    Doesn’t the overall shape remind you of an iPhone?

  • Cory

    Looks good, not a fan of the removable backing cause they should of made it non removable. Hopefully BB10 doesn’t have the same problems as previous OS generations.

    One of the main issues i had with the BB platform is it you changed OSes the phone became slower and slower over time which was annoying.

  • Nonapplefanboy

    The shape reminds me of an iPhone. I smell an Apple lawsuit brewing…

  • Horton

    Big battery = long phone live, and if the software is good, me boot android me gat BB10 🙂 of course if the price is right and the web browser is right and …

  • Andy

    The guy who said 9900 is 600… what time machine did you get out of? It’s $300 where I am standing

  • Hooligan

    Great looking phone, way to go rim!!!

  • mpsrent

    While I’m a Droid owner, I admit that this looks promising. I hope it does well as competition is good for all consumers regardless of which brand you choose.

  • Jeff Rucchin

    love the new bbm 10 going to hold out for the full keyboard version hoping to get another torch like design. go bb

  • Stan

    It’s such a generic design. Also, it sorta looks like the Iphone. Flat back with the camera at the top left. Corners rounded similarly to the Iphone.