Reuters: Samsung Galaxy S IV might launch in April and have an “unbreakable screen”


  • pawn

    This ones mine!

    • lol rim and canada

      BB10 might launch in 2013

    • D. Marcus

      This will beat BB10 to market!!! Ahahaha

      (Assuming BB10 even exists…not that anyone cares either way)

    • Danse Macabre

      Is this BB10?!

    • Distortion Field

      You don’t sound like a sheep at all…

      We don’t even know the full specs yet.

      Does this mean the GS3 is already becoming obsolete? Telltale signs are $0 sales and it’s move to Koodo.

    • spanky

      but how will it do in the infamous blender test 😉

    • Cody

      The only way it will truly have an unbreakable screen is to implement lifetime warranties to repair broken screens free because there’s no way it’s 100% unbreakable.

  • Andy c

    Unbreakable glass.

    So this won’t blend?

    • EvanKr

      Hopefully this isn’t another one of those products where they can hit it with a hammer in lab tests and it won’t show a single mark, but you drop it from 5 inches and it shatters into a million pieces.

  • james

    let’s hope the battery is better.

    • Carol Bream

      Get a Mophie Juice Pack for your S3. I did and it really extends the battery life.

  • Keith

    It’s bad enough that everything else is plastic so now Samsung wants to make their screens plastic too?

  • Nicholas Doucet

    Everything can be broken. I will donate one to FPSRussia, I am sure he will break it. lol…

    • Nathen


      Agreed , FPS Russia will break the unbreakable screen no problems.

  • guy

    Hopefully they come out with 2 versions. a 5 inch and a 4.2 inch (all with the same specs, although the smaller version can have lower res screen). There needs to be a smaller, super-high end phone to compete with apple better, and for people with smaller hands

  • john

    So this is coming a couple of months after RIM launches their BB10 with 2011 specs. Bye bye RIM.

    Here come the RIM employees to give me thumbs down…..

    • IsThisBB10

      I gave you thumbs up for being funny…stupid…but funny.

  • menodumb

    Won’t survive a 2 year old with tantrum .


    What’s the point of upgrading when your phone gets superseded 6 months-8 months later ….maybe they should reduce the initial cost of owning a smartphone….at this rate the smartphone evolution is going a lot faster than PC’s

  • nomes


    Do you have a crystal ball to know what the specs are?? All information is pointing to at least a 1.5 ghz dual core processor, I didn’t know those were being used in 2011. Especially if it is the S4.

    Other rumors have it as a quad core but I doubt that.

    • HO

      T989, dual core at 1.5 Ghz, 2011.

  • Shaggyskunk

    That’s Definitely worth waiting for – I wonder if I can pre order now – lol
    I only hope that they DON’T have a physical home button on it!

  • shaggyskunk

    Pretty sure that it will have quad core, and I’ll bet that the cpu is faster than 1.5 ghz. This phone will make the Nexus 4 look very sad. I’d also think that the battery specs will be similar to the Note 2 in capacity.

    All of you people that are hoping for the demise of RIM, should give your heads a shake! RIM is a proud Canadian company, that employs lots of fellow Canadians – What’s wrong with you??? Perhaps you’d rather see a company like ZTE, building business telephony…

  • Bob C

    so excited I love you Samsung

  • Jeff

    yeah you get faster processor yet they don’t do anything about the onboard ram it won’t just make sence..make it 2 or 2+gb ram onboard Samsung

  • Anonymous


    There are some of us who know what the BB10 specs really are. The rumours going around are quite entertaining. It’ll just make the disappointment that much worse for those expecting BB10 to be this magnificent saviour.

  • D

    Shaggy, yes people that hope a company goes under a truely dense. Yes I hope everyone but samsung goes under then samsung is the only phone producer and they can charge us $2500 for a phone becaues there are no other options… woohooo… i****s…

  • D

    Shaggy, i have to agree with you again!! we need a campaign to get rid of the samsung home button! It’s the only reason i didn’t buy the GS3. Hopefully the 4 will be without.

  • shaggyskunk

    Jeff, you do know that the GS 3 does have a variant with 2Gig ram, right?

    • Jeff

      Yes I do, but other one doesn’t have 2gb of ram (model i9300) according to gsmarena

  • justin

    unbreakable screen~ sound very NASA~ but if u said unbreakable, do you mean like safety glass on windshield.. it would not break, but crack~

  • arcticsushi

    Perfect timing. Spring always brings a new phone from Samsung. It will be two years at the beginning of May that I got my S2 9100i.

    Can’t wait!

  • FormerAndroidUser

    Ever bigger screens on flagship Android phones means it’s less likely that I will return. Hope they develop a variant with similar specs but a reasonable sized screen. I’m not a fan of the iPhone’s “Let’s just make it longer so we don’t need to have a bunch of apps redone or look stupid” approach either but at least that can still be easily used one-handed.

    • rich

      The thing with the screen size is though that they are making the screens bigger but the overall size of the phone is not increasing by much if at all. Just look at the Note and Note 2 not really much difference in overall size. So if they can make a screen bigger but keep the same size phone as the S3 it’s a win all around.

  • screamer

    So another rumour. Should stop doing that. They always say 13 megapixels. But it’s bla bla leave it like it is and bring multi windows to the S3 well a bit more power only to show off. Find nothing bad on mine. Build quality well have a otterbox anyways

  • Dylan K

    I call bull on the “unbreakable glass”.

  • Canuck

    I hope it comes with a 2.5 Gz Octacore, 8gb of ram, 128 gb ssd, 2160p, 800ppi and a 13000 mAh battery, oh and gorilla glass IIII, the unbreakable glass that will break if sand gets into your pocket.

  • Scott

    Unbreakable, huh? Well, Corning’s Gorilla Glass 2 was supposed to be superstrong, yet my wife had her Nexus 4’s screen shatter after a two foot drop. Seems to me if it’s gonna be unbreakable, it won’t be made of glass.

  • bembol

    I’d be happy if the S4 was just a smaller version of the Note 2.

  • Dalex

    Just give it a huge battery like the note 2! I’m sure it will pack an Exynos 5 SoC, probably the dual core one from the nexus 10, but I’ll be pleasantly surprised by a quadcore one (not that it really matters at this point). It will definately have 2 GB of RAM, that is without question. I’m guessing it will get a 1080p screen, but I’m wondering whether or not they will go with an AMOLED display (probably pentile) that is rumored to be delayed, or opt for a tried and true LCD screen.

    Regardless of what happens, I don’t think anything is stopping Samsung at this point. If Apple can’t, not sure anyone else has the ressources to.

  • Why

    Samsung is the greatest innovators of our times.

  • Josh

    Lol unbreakable because it’s plastic. It will be crushed by the iphone’s seamless aluminum build.
    -Sent from my iphone 5s

    • JS

      Your Iphone 5 doesn’t even match the GS 3 … nice try though.

  • Anon

    The Galaxy SIV will likely be using Samsung’s 32nm Exynos 5450.

    CPU: Cortex A15 (quad core) @ 1.7Ghz
    GPU: Mali-T658

    • AWSGuy

      You wish. Exynos 5450 takes up a LOT of battery juice, so currently no battery can support it for a day (including the Note 2 battery).

      What I am not happy about is the 13 MP camera. The aperture looks too small for a 13 MP one. Otherwise this looks good 😀

  • Dan

    So, aside from perhaps battery life and ‘unbreakable’-ness…. how is this any different than the droid DNA/butterfly J/DLX that is already out? Yet they are ‘leaders of innovation’, when they are 4-6 month behind the game?

  • pacalis

    Rumor is it’s a total ripoff of the 2016 iphone 7s.

  • Nick B

    5 inch screen, I really hope not. My S3 is almost too big already. Sammy might lose me on this one.

  • David B

    I thought Gorilla Glass held that feat?

  • John

    Please please please have a 2500+ mAh battery, the battery life on most phones is so abysmal that its getting to the point where i dont even want a phone unless it has a giant battery.

    I would sacrifice specs for more battery life, my S2X still runs super fast with a 1.5GHZ and 750mb of Ram, just need BATTERY!

    • Tom

      I think the OS is in part to blame for the brutal battery life.

      My lumia 920 has a 2000mAh battery and it can easily last me 20+ hours with conservative use, and over 10 with gaming,music,bluetooth, etc. Can’t imagine how the ativ s will be with its 2300mah…

      My brothers GSIII is lucky to last him 8 hours most of the time, so he ends up disabling a bunch of the flagship features..

  • OMG BASEDGOD TYBG #taskforce

    Hard to believe S4 talk are already happening when people are still being wowed by the S3.

  • herpderp


  • boojay

    Samsung, HTC, LG, and others continue to disappoint me. The OPPO Find 5 has caught my pretty little eye.

  • Nathen

    NEXUS 4 FTW. PentaBand Phone and unlocked. Works EVERYWHERE!
    This pissing contest about indestructable screen is becoming so dumb.
    Give me a phone that works and is unlocked with prompt updates and no hassles and I’m good.
    Unless your going to use it in WAR , this is just silly.

  • Really

    According to Youmobile this namely “unbreakable screen” will be Samsung’s ‘YOUM’ flexible screen(plastic screen). Samsung’s going full force, a phone externally consist of only plastic. I don’t think this is my choice of a phone..

    • AWSGuy

      Not so sure about the Samsung “unbreakable plane” display. It was rumoured for S3 and Note 2 and now S4.