RIM announces “BlackBerry 10 Ready Program” that gives enterprise customers one free BlackBerry 10 device


  • iphoneee

    yayyyyy, i get one free iphone-patent-infringed phone. so excited for that

    • Paul

      From what I have seen I have no idea what the heck you are talking about. Not all full screen phones have infringed on patents. Also keep in mind that patent troll companies like Apple is turning into will eventually cause the patent office to throw out many software and design patents as ludicrous.

    • Big RIM Kid

      Just when you think RIM closed up its doors, they turn their whole company around and announce “BlackBerry 10 Ready Program” that gives enterprise customers one free BlackBerry 10 device!

      GO RIM GO!

    • RIMLOL

      Ha! That’s hilarious!: “BlackBerry 10 Ready Program”

      What’s next,the: “Blackberry 10 phones-program” and the
      “BB10 phones are ready now-program”???

      -Talking about misleading! But as usual with RIM everything is overpromises and underderliveries. $10,000 to developers for making apps and now ONE FREE Phone to companies that Commit to buy a minimum of 30 units??
      -Good luck with that, they need to raise it to 5 free phones minimum, plus what decent company would commit the employees to an ecosystem that is not ready now.

      The Ecosystem will come out in two months; then they will evaluate it/review it; then the phones will be announced,..eventually released; and then finally on the shelves; then the phones will be reviewed and then, only then Companies will be in a position to evaluate a possible purchase. Except that they won’t because both the companies and the employees just bought phones during Xmas or in Jan, Feb when the N4 will catch up with demand.

      RIM’s phones in stores are still coming in March and too late to the game!

    • RIMLOL

      If the story is true and they will release 6 different phones that will be a FAIL, they will be loosing the economy of scale.

      Apple and Google have just a couple of models with minimum differences. If RIM can’t decide on keeping or ditching the keyboard, they have failed before they started.

    • BB

      RIM ROL you just wrote a bunch of garbage. They are getting people interest in MDM MME solutions and at the same time getting you a free phone to test. This is a different part of Blackberry’s new approach. Most enterprise run BES software, so they will most likely stay with BES 10 software and run ios or android if not bb10.

  • Anonymous

    So good, they’re giving them away!


    • Paul

      Yes Anonymous tehy are giveing ONE to each enterprise customer to allow them to see what they have comign down the pipes. How radical is that…lol. I don’t think it wil lbreak the company or anything, but to me it shows that it will be released as promised in the first quarter of 2013. Smart thinking in my mind

  • Ronl

    Smart step forward, its all about taking steps.

  • Chris

    RIM: Go get em!

  • john

    Who doesn’t love a good comeback story…

  • Raid

    Very smart. It reminds me of their aggressive marketing techniques that they used to infiltrate the business world with their Blackberries in the first place. The best way to show it off is through demos and this will surely make some companies reconsider getting rid of their BES servers.

  • Slayer

    How can I pose as an enterprise and get a free BB10 smartphone ?

  • skazzers

    IS it bb10?

  • 2c

    every day i am buffering 😀

  • Plazmic Flame

    I am ready!!!

  • george

    I can not wait to run out and buy my bb10 . My sg3 is getting so stale and boring. IPhone I won’t even touch that outdated POS phone that doesn’t have NFC and can’t play flash…lol iPhones really suck.

  • No_Face

    Are current BES servers compatible with BB10?

  • Madhav


  • ALopez

    No business would be foolish enough to depend on RIM for their communications.

    • RomoDomo

      Please explain.

  • pacalis

    So are they going to ship these things in miniature coffins?

  • Stan

    WHO cares???!!!

  • Jeff Rucchin

    love it everybody is worried about US sales everybody forgets about the countries where rim is still selling BB 10 hope they make it go rim


    The comeback kid!