Montreal-based PivotalPayments launches mobile payment system, available for iOS, Android or BlackBerry devices


  • Costa84

    What about using NFC? That would be awesome!

  • city_boy713

    It will be nice to get one of those. An amazing deal come with it!

  • Johnny

    If you scan purchases for more than $20k, you break even with square!

    • Keith

      1 cent per hundred dollars would take $740,000 of purchases to break even.

  • Pete McPhedran

    Square, despite their website is not available in Canada yet. At least that’s the message that I got when I (tried to) sign up. Yes, on the Canadian site.

    I am suspicious of any company that forces you to “apply” just to get their rates. At least Square and GoPayments posts all of that info on their public web site.

    I found and signed up for Intuits GoPayment and I had a free reader in less than 24 hours from the time I was approved, which was aout 24 hours after I applied. Their rates are slightly beter than Square as well.

    @Costa84, NFC is buyer oriented, very few of the smartphones in the wild support it. These payment processing devices are vendor oriented and work with already existing cards.


    • David

      Square is most definitely available in Canada. I have it, have the reader and have used it.

      The website isn’t great for signing up though – there’s a button on the signup page (that doesn’t look like a button) where you change the country from US to Canada. If you don’t do that, it won’t let you sign up, just like before.

    • Craig

      Sorry, Square is available in Canada. I ordered the dongle and downloaded the software 3 weeks ago approx. Works perfectly.

  • ex Merchant

    First the best, then comes the rest.

    Any search of Pivotal Payments on Google shows you what kind of company they are.

    Wouldn’t do business with them if it was free. Stupid pricing with 0.01% lower than Square.

  • schultzter

    I used Square on my last trip to the States (I was a buyer, the seller was a cafe that had an iPad as their cash register). The experience, as a geek, was awesome!

    I’ve used Intuit’s solution once as well, not as impressed but I guess it worked – my credit card was charged.

    Anyways, from what I can see, Square is the one to beat. Hopefully it doesn’t take long and not too many sellers end-up with an inferior competitor’s product.

  • ildarc

    @Pete McPhedran
    I use Square in Toronto for 1-2 month now, great service and 2.75% is only what they charge. Try to register again I got mine reader after 2-3 weeks from registration.

  • Craig

    Pivotal allows you to process credit cards via their website … another benefit that Square doesn’t offer. I have both systems.

  • LW81

    their website tells me nothing! and i’m not signing up (giving away my personal info) just to get rates and fees.

    If they can’t disclose simple information than they shouldn’t be in business.

    from my research, Square and Intuit have the best rates and fees.