Gorilla Glass is now on “more than one billion consumer electronics devices”


  • Beta Fraggot

    What an awesome product. I have in in my Nokia phone, and yup, it’s as durable as they say it is.

    Way to go, Corning!
    Keep making it thinner, yet stronger!

    • phreezerburn

      On a Nokia Lumia 800 it’s taken a beating and has one singe scratch picked up from a face to face with a piece of quartz.

  • drone

    Didn’t do jack-squat for the Galaxy S3; that thing breaks in an instant.

    Bring on the Gorilla Glass 3.

  • zzZZzz

    I’m mixed on the idea of thinner and supposedly stronger. While in the lab that may be true, put it inside the frame of a phone and start testing instead of just applying pressure on the glass alone.

    In any case, good to know they are making that flexible version as flexible OLEDs already in the works.

  • Alex

    I have mixed feelings about this technology, it is shatter proof but is more prone to scratches than other tough display screens.

    I have had many phones and the only phone that was scratched was the one with gorilla glass.

  • Matthew

    Why isn’t it on the Galaxy Nexus? pfff.

  • mario

    I dropped my S2 on my driveway 50 times getting out of my truck this summer and my phone is still fine, just the metal bezel around it is scratched

  • Chris

    Too bad this amazing gorilla glass doesn’t seem to help iPhone’s, still high shatter rates!

    • Richard

      As far as I know, the iPhone doesn’t use Gorilla glass. and this is why it breaks so easily.

  • Zod

    I really like the Gorilla glass.

    The first device I had it in was my Cowon S9 mp3/flac player. It’s 2.5 years old and there still isn’t a scratch on it.

    The second device was a Samsung Galaxy S2. No scratches either. I had a protective case on it that broke right by the volumebutton. It rubbed some of the paint off the phone, but it didn’t leave scratch on the glass.

    Gorilla glass is pretty awesome (apparently as long is you don’t put it on a flimsy device.)

  • MattyMattMatt

    Give it to me, I will break it in an instant. I just sent out a gorilla glass phone today to get the screen replaced.

  • drone

    In my experience, the Galaxy S2 is a far more durable and rugged device than the GS3 or the iPhone 5. Thing is a beast!

  • Richard

    It has to be stronger if its thinner. My UPS driver was devestated to pull his new S3 out his pocket only to find the Gorilla Glass fractured from the pressure of a box he was lifting. I carry my phones in an leather cases on my hip ( consider un hip by some ) but never in 10 yrs have I damaged a phone.

    • Jon

      I like how people think that just because its in your pocket, it wont break… his fault for resting a box on his phone. My brother did that to two iPhones in a single year. Personally my phone is kept in the left pocket and nothing else ever goes in that pocket. I put it there because I never use that leg to help with lifting, leaning against something, etc… Never ever broken a phone in 20 years… or scratched one for that matter. Otterbox also helps.

  • Montgomery Scott

    Until transparent aluminum comes along… Go Corning !!

  • Steve

    I love the “I can still break it” comments. Nothing about any Gorilla Glass pitch states it is indestructible. Just that it is more durable than the alternative. It isn’t designed to stop a bullet, just survive normal wear and tear better than the alternative.

  • Francois

    When are we going to see cellphone made only from glass ? front, back and sides 😀