RIM boasts billing integration with more than 50 carriers in run-up to BlackBerry 10 release


  • Dalex

    I’ll give them credit, at least they are definately not half assing this launch.

    • NoWay

      Its called purchase -“Friction” for a reason!

      This friction provides the user with the option to eliminate/reduce accidental, unintended purchases; and avoid things like your friend/girlfriend/kids to press on “buy”.

      iTunes has “One click purchases” disabled by default,Android has the same and now BB and ROBELUS jump right into it??
      Where is the surprise on that??

      If we ALREADY have “accidental overbilling” from the ROBELUS side, why would we allow another one??
      Operators benefit from this and BB would in theory get more purchases, but with mature ecosystems like iOS and Android, there is no need to do that: You get the free ap; if you like it you go sign up and go through the 2-3 confirming steps to perform the purchase.

      -Final Point: The only thing RIM Can do is “BOAST” about being the latest..as in LATE ecosystem to the game and to keep on talking about phones that people won’t be able to TOUCH for another 4 months.

    • kris

      Rim has alot of time between now and the launch in 2016 they better not half a*s it!

    • Date Night

      What exact date can I walk into the store and purchase a BB10 device? Let me guess, STILL NO DATE!!!

    • phreezerburn

      Fanboys crack a book. Your beloved Apple (not mine which died when I learned they had SOLDERED that faulty 64MB onto my failing G3’s mainboard) false started the iPhone 5 continuously over a period of YEARS. The number of things it ended up NOT BEING drastically exceeded the number of things it ended up being as compared to the 4s. If anything, RIM hasn’t pitched 3D screens polished with unicorn tears and an adamantium casing looted from the Weapon X program. They also haven’t scorned NFC and all that other tech which “isn’t of consequence” but oddly enough will be appearing on the iPhone 5s.

  • Robert

    Right. But what they’ll really need is an app ecosystem for people to want to be billed for.

    • phreezerburn

      No one is going to be buying a BB10 device to replace their Sony or Nintendo hand held and corporate (the ones I contract with) don’t give a damn about that nor do they even allow BOD handsets anywhere near company data. I can’t imagine any corp IT or Human Resources feeling all warm and fuzzy about any potential ex-employee skipping about with his personal handset chock full`o contact data, kicks in play or any other sensitive material.

  • 45

    Very cool feature which I hope Android and iOS eventually integrate as well. I just feel bad for the poor reps who will have to deal with parents calling in saying their children never downloaded any applications..

    • som

      Sorry to tell you this 45 but Apple will never allow this. They want to be in control of everything. So people who have Apple products will to have use iTunes to do anything. They can complain or ask Apple to introduce it but it will never happen.

    • Dalex

      They could not be so gullible and buy good products from a company that doesn’t abuse their wallets? No sorry that’s using logic, my bad…

    • 45

      som, you’re probably right, but I use Android so I don’t really care if it’s available in iOS; just thought I’d add it to my comment.

    • dtr

      It’s as much about them wanting to be in control, as it is them not wanting to pay the networks a commission for handling the transaction.

    • som

      @45, My bad 45.

  • J.X.

    someone has to say it – this is another way for your bill to get f*ked.

    • Lavender Tank

      Or switch to Wind. A constant bill for 2 years now. Beauty!

  • abc123

    Those BB10 devices really resemble a “rectangle with rounded corners”.

    • BD

      @abc123 – Maybe you cannot read “Dev Alpha”…

  • vn33

    Really hope RIM can pull this through !
    Good for Canada, and for the people who work for them.

  • Miknitro

    Sweet option.

    Sadly missing for the most part of others.

    I’m an Android user, and I look forward to BB’s release and competition in the field.

    (May even get one)

  • InKing

    Correction. It’s called carrier “billing” not carrier “billion”. see error on 2nd paragraph.

    • dbott67

      Depends on who’s doing the billing. If it’s one of the big 3, I suspect that consumers will be gouged by the billions! 😉

  • Newbie1

    I don’t get it. This has been an option already! I have a BB 9900 and even with me previous Torch 9800, I used to buy apps and get it billed to my Rogers account. So for you @NoWay, they are not late. I love RIM but I will be first to admit that they have been rather slow in adopting features that the general public want. But most users just don’t even know about apps that exist in App World. For instance, people at work who switched to IOS or Android were so excited about being able to have a TTC app that shows accurate ETA times for buses and street cars: the app exists on BB. It may not be as pretty, but it exists and just as accurate. Too many people underestimate RIM. Not saying they are going to takeover, but their phones are NOT complete junk. They are missing many features in their current generation of phones, but they and their users concede. That is why BB10 is a complete overhaul

  • BB

    can’t wait for the phone to launch and these people with the lame jokes about 2016 eat there words. I guess they don’t see the stock increasing and how great the dev phone looks. Can you say true multi tasking???

  • JB

    Just for those of you who don’t know, because it seems like you don’t, app world has parental controls to prevent unauthorized carrier billing by parents. Its about educating the consumer and thats why i teach classes at my public library about all platforms. Then people make their choice based on that. So quit being ignorant. BB rocks

  • Jack

    ” now have over 50 carriers signed up for carrier billion”

    I assume you mean “carrier billing”? “:-)

  • Nothin But RIM

    I think mobilesyrup is blocking my comments

    • Nothin But RIM

      Nevermind, it looks like they are working now.

  • migo

    Not something I’m interested in using, but it’s good to see them making the platform more attractive to developers.

  • LOL

    Is this the Iphone 5s?