32GB Wi-Fi BlackBerry PlayBook falls to $119 outright at Staples


  • wes

    Flirting with 100$ price point!!!!

    • Gert

      RIP RIM
      RIP! RIP!

    • Wuytz

      Waiting for $1.19

    • SAM

      garbage i prefer Samsung galaxy note 10.1 or nexus 7

    • SAM

      rim ceo wants to cover his trip to the us watching the nba

    • kris

      Playbook will get BB10 update in 2076

      beam me up scotty

  • Notamerican

    Hmm, 5 of these, or 1 iPad 32 GB wifi.. ;P

    • notworthit

      unfortunately, after having one for a while (first sale), the Playbook is not worth much more than $100 and spending $600 on an iPad would be wiser than five playbooks… I know you’re being sarcastic but it’s incredible how useless this thing is. They can say they have thousands of apps but 99% of them are garbage, only a few free apps are worth downloading and the rest are more expensive than on any other platform.

    • So worth it!

      I would choose the PlayBook over the iPad even at the same price.
      You can’t Bridge with the iPad.
      Anyone who slams the PlayBook is lying about ever trying one. It’s twice the tablet the iPad is (stereo speakers, HDMI output, etc,) when BB10 comes it will be ten times the tablet the iPad is… and yes, RIM has confirmed many times that PlayBook will be updated to BB10.
      This is hands down, the best bargain in tablets. Period.

    • jjyc


      It’s worth it for me. First of all, it’s extremely useful to me. I use it for media consumption, and it’s wonderful for that. The screen is great. It’s not retina level, but I got mine for 150 and I’m not complaining. Also there is one benefit to the Playbook’s screen – it’s 16:9 aspect ratio. This means that the majority of my videos do not have stupid 3 inch black bars top and bottom. Second, I bought it because I have used a 10 inch tablet, and prefer a 7 inch because they are easier to hold for long periods of time. As for apps, you’re right. There are only a couple of good ones, but it’s not a reason to call the whole device “worthless”. It’s funny how just because there are not a lot of stupid games that you deem the device not worth anybody’s time. Different people have different uses, and I don’t need 100000 games on my tablet. Besides, the majority of people own Android phones or iPhones, and thus they will be able to access apps there. You don’t need to be able to play with your fart apps on 30 different devices. Not to mention if you really are desperate, you can always side load.

      Just because the Playbook isn’t for you doesn’t mean it’s not for everyone.

  • Boris

    I love my playbook. He is right about it being underrated.

    Sent from my BlackBerry Playbook.

  • Greek

    The 1080p video recording and Internet browsing is worth the $120 alone…

  • ad19

    Great price for a great tablet!

  • jellmoo

    I like the OS, I like the way the UI functions, I like the way you work with your content. The lack of quality apps is a concern, but for basic tablet functionality it really is a great little device.

    The one thing that drives me crazy though is the ridiculously small power button that is put in the worst place imaginable. It is just impossible to use with any accuracy.

  • Plazmic Flame

    I really wanted to believe in this device, had to return it though. The one positive thing I can say about it though is that the predictive keyboard is amazing!

  • AhCup

    Do this thing still need 10mins to boot?

    • PlayBook FTW

      No. Definitely not.

    • kad

      I own a playbook and love it… but yes it takes forever to boot BUT who boots nowadays ?

      I reboot maybe once a month
      the rest of the time I exit the stanby mode and voilà!

    • chris c.

      Damn, looks like I’m doing it wrong the whole time! I shut off my tablet on days when I’m away from home for long periods of time… To save battery life I guess.

  • snardos

    It says that the sale starts on the 23rd but it is already live. I just picked one up and I’m now waiting for the newest update to finish installing so I can mess around with it.

  • Freddie

    When the PlayBook hits $4.99, I will buy it. It will be a fantastic deal. That way when I go to Subway to buy a Sub of the Day for $5.00, I can instead go buy a PlayBook for $4.99. I will be saving $0.01 and I will have a great nightstand picture display to alternate pictures of the iPad that I hope Santa brings me for Christmas.

  • Shammy

    It’s a videoplayer for my kids so that they don’t touch my laptop…great $125 Insurance policy!! Touchpad, part deux!

  • LeafsFan77

    All the verified buyers and reviewers are giving the PlayBook 4+ out of 5 on the Staples site.

    Over a 167 reviews, reading them over the comments on here saying it’s worth $4.99. For $120, it makes this a great buy for the browsing, watching videos, reading and playing games.

    • Mark

      Agreed. Difference is MobileSyrup readers are power users. To myself and the visiters here the PlayBook is woefully inadequate. (My Nexus 10 arrives tomorrow)

      To the Common Joe the PlayBook is great at this price point. I bought my parents an iPad2 last christmas. All they do is use the browser. For that price I could have bought each of them a playbook, all the accessories they could possibly need, and still had money left over for dinner and drinks at the most expensive restaurant in town. That’s value.

  • joey

    i would buy it for that price if i just needed a tablet to browse the web and basic stuff

  • Joe

    So far I’ve bought five PlayBooks for family.
    At these prices, these make great gifts!

  • Henaway

    I’m using a $118 playbook right now. It’s great for basic use, which is what I bought it for. Web/kindle/Facebook/email. Compared to a legit android tablet, the experience is lacking. App selection is woeful. But it’s great hardware. Fantastic battery. Well worth 118. Not sure how much more though. Anxious for bb10 on it!!

  • John

    @ So Worth It. You say anyone who slams the PlayBook is lying about trying it? I say you’re full of it. I’ve had my 16 gig PB for more than a year.

    It sucks. Read that again. It sucks the big one.

    My galaxy S2 is better and faster in every way except screen size and speakers.

    PlayBook review after 1 year :
    Slow, buggy, unstable browser.
    No decent apps.
    Camera quality is crap.
    Bridge: would be ok if I hadn’t already dumped my POS 9900. I had an even crappier 9800 before that, so yes I have given RIM a fair try.
    Speakers are great for such a small device.
    Screen is good, but useless in direct sunlight.
    UI is the best on the market, but nothing to back it up.

    The biggest problem: it only works when connected to the charger. As soon as I unplug, it dies. I can’t buy a replacement battery and pop it in myself.
    Read that again. Non-replaceable battery dead after a year.

    Do yourselves a favour and buy an Nexus 7.

    • Jack

      “It sucks. Read that again. It sucks the big one.”

      Well, you think it sucks. What makes you right and someone who likes it wrong?

      “No decent apps.”

      Really? You downloaded and tried all 30,000+ apps on the thing did you? How much did you shell out? $200K? Seriously, comments like this aren’t productive.

      “I can’t buy a replacement battery and pop it in myself.”

      Is there a tablet on the market that allows that?

      “Read that again. Non-replaceable battery dead after a year.”

      Mine works perfectly fine.

  • Fromandah Bolz

    Just put a screen saver of ipad mini in the background of playbook and you will not be able to tell the difference.

  • John

    @ jjyc:

    Why does every RIM defender talk about apps as if every app is a game?

    Android has a lot more than games.

    Go look up Swiftkey 3, Swype, Tasker, Llama, Where’s My Droid, Google Currents, Trapster, Dolphin Browser, Million Moments, Air Droid, Simple MP3, Grooveshark, Netflix (yes, I’m a real cord cutter), Google talk, Skype, not to mention turn by turn navigation on the phones.

    BlackBerry app world doesn’t have anything like the number of useful non-game apps.

  • ace

    couldnt even figure out how to close an app or go back to the home screen… useless

    • Art

      Wait, so a tablet has outsmarted you? What does it say about you, little buddy? Man, I bet you wish you could take your comment back, hahah 😀

    • LeafsFan77

      @ace, when you setup the PlayBook it shows you how to swipe works. To close you swipe from bottom to top on the bezel and press the “X” like every single app on every single OS ever.

  • Eye4detail

    One question: Has anyone gotten Android running on it yet?

  • DJD

    I’m officially done with my Playbook. Hoping to sell it to my techie cousin and pick up either an iPad mini or a 7″ Galaxy Tab 2. I love the size but I can’t put up with BlackBerry anymore. Got rid of my year old 9900 because I couldn’t tolerate the many issues it had.

    • seld

      I had my 9900 forever. Zero issues. It’s possible that you’ve had a slightly defective phone. Then again, it’s possible that you simply don’t care for it – no reboots, downloading lots of crap, tossing the phone around, etc. Who knows. I’m just saying that mine has been perfect since I got it, and I intend on using it a little bit longer, before selling it.

  • DJD


    I treated that phone so well. I never abused it, I didn’t have many downloads except for the occasional document emailed to me, I kept it updated and gave it regular battery breaks. I guess I just had the luck of getting a faulty model.

  • jonnny

    wow thats cheap! if i had a need for a tablet i would probably pick one up! but i really have no use for a tablet…

    • Stupid

      Almost nobody has a real use for tablets.
      They justify it any way possible so they can buy a new toy.

    • Yeria

      Hey Stupid, everyone ultimately buys what they want not need. If you only spend money on “needs” every single restaurants in the world would go out of business, and so would luxury car makers. Think about it: what did you spend your money on this morning? Did you NEED that cup of coffee? Or did you WANT to drink a cup of coffee? You don’t need a cup to survive, so why buy it?

      Our entire economy is built on spending money on “wants” and if it economically makes sense, people will spend. I used to have a Galaxy Tab 10.1 and sold it to buy a Nexus 10. I’m still waiting Nexus 10 to ship and I can tell you I miss the tablet greatly. Not GTab 10.1 specifically but a tablet in general. Turning on my computer to do what I could have accomplished with my tablet in 1 minute is such a hassle. Like I said, Stupid, if you think tablets are useless then don’t spend your money on them. I’m sure you’re already spending money on things that matters to you even though others think they’re absolutely useless.

  • screamer

    Would like it for my kids in the car. So they can watch a movie. But I bought an Asus eepad and still don’t use it a lot. Think they are useless.

  • Blinker

    You can have mine for $10..

  • menodumb

    Sheesh , how many of these things are left ! Seems like an endless supply .

  • Rimfail

    Garbage is garbage no matter what the price. Sad people are buying it. There is a reason why the price is so low, noone wants them.

  • Fanberry10

    I enjoy. my BlackBerry PlayBook, I use it every day. I bookmark citytv, ctv, global, showcase…on my PlayBook to stream shows I’ve missed. All you need is a hdmi cable and a Tv.

  • Adam Snow

    I just picked up a 32gb playbook from Staples online at the $119 price point! 1 day early as well!

  • Jon Campbell

    Got a playbook at work for testing.
    It needed to do a update to the latest OS before it would let me do anything else. Every time it downloaded the update it couldnt install it and would error out.
    I had to connect the playbook to a computer and push the update from the computer to the playbook to even start working with the device.

  • Mark Ciesluk

    Now sold out at Staples.ca, my local store still has stock though and yours might too. Gonna go pick one up this afternoon as I do a weekly radio show and I figure the PB will be an excellent laptop replacement for streaming media and reading news on air without having to bring a backpack to the station.

  • John Simons

    Staples on West Broadway in Vancouver has 12 left after I just bought one in store.

  • John

    Costco – Wirelessetc is also dropping the price to $117.99 for 32GB and you also get car charger for free!

    • Robin Majumdar

      Wow. That Costco $117.99 32GB deal: instore only? As of when?
      OK, a car charger is a $5-10 realworld (or $35 retail) value, but getting the PB 32GB with the Costco warranty is really nice.