SaskTel’s LTE network to go live “early February 2013”


  • Tubor

    Sh*t just got real in Saskatchewan!! … where nobody lives.

    • Matthew

      1M+ and growing rapidly. Never mind the lowest unemployment and highest demand for labour, guess some people like it here.

      As for the news this is great, just wish that is was a little sooner.

    • queen gaga

      @Tubor i wish ur mom held ur head under teh wata 4 a bit longer

    • Tubor

      @queen gaga Is everyone in Saskatchewan as ncie as you are? 🙂

  • Sean

    I don’t think they brought on the Ion or T unless they took them off their site nor put it up for preorder

  • CluelessCompanion

    SaskTel, it is time that you move to the GTA!

  • Porilaisten

    Their claims are false. Telus and Bell and their subsidiaries have the SAME coverage as SaskTel due the reciprocated roaming agreements. If they launch LTE, the other carriers inherently get the same coverage. The only exception is Rogers and Fido. Well, and Wind and Mobilicity, but they don’t exist there anyway.

    • LeafsFan77

      Proof? You can’t claim because of past technologies. Each technology is different.

    • MovieMan87

      Claims actually are not false, saskatel gets first grab at the tower therfor speeds will be better. Bell and telus do use the same towers but the speeds are not the same. I have and s3 on sasktel and by brother has a s3 on telsus and I am always getting way better speeds.

    • Brian

      I have a Telus, Bell and Rogers SIM for work. I’ve done speedtests on my Bell/Telus SIMs on an S3 and they get the same speed as SaskTel. Anecdotal sure but accurate.

      As far as LTE… wouldn’t be surprised if Bellus gets it later.

  • John

    If only sasktel can come to southern Ontario.

  • Jimmy

    You know what’s awesome. They have the $65 unlimited talk text and data from Sasktel.

    If you have the Galaxy S3, you can tether it at home, use it as a home phone, and get blazing fast LTE speed as your home internet. All for $65, awesome deal eh?

  • Chris

    The thing I wonder about is spectrum. I thought the case was that Sasktel is obligated to share the 1900/850MHz 3G coverage as Telus/Bell have no spectrum allocation in Saskatchewan, (Rogers does, hence the different and crappy coverage). I wonder what the state of the LTE spetrum in Saskatchewan is, is there room for Bell/Telus to have their own share? I think it would be *better* for Bell/Telus customers if they had none of the LTE spectrum in Saskatchewan, and benefited from the same Sasktel arrangement. Relying to on those 2 to build out in Saskatchewan market may be a lonnnggg wait.

    This may all be way off, and it may be just a simple roaming arrangement.

  • Robert

    You know whats bad about this , Sasktel says they have all this coverage 3G 4G , but go to some of these places and the reception is terrible and anything short of standing on a elevator has to be done to get good service . What i dont understand is that people in small towns pay the same as the city people and donot have the same signal coverage and before sasktel makes sure at least everyone has desent coverage they go onto providing the customers who have desent coverage with better coverage . I would hope that they donot think about were all the money is and service everyone equal then move on to bigger and better things

    • MovieMan87

      This is just idiotic, You cant expect a town of 10 people to have the same coverage right away as a city would. Its all about cost. To put a tower is a crazy amount of money and they would never make that back by putting one in a small place. Its a business not a charity, If you dont like it then stop using there service, there not forcing you.

    • Robert

      MovieMan87 you say its idiotic well this telephone system is owned by the people of sask and so the people of sask should be able to enjoy all the benifits as anyone else and besides people in these small towns pay the same as people in the city and should have the same service and if you are travelling in one of these areas and cant get service when you need it you will probably be mad also , and if you pay the 65 or so dollars a month out there and cant get service you would be mad also . How would you like to waste your money that way . As sasktel towers are the only ones in some of these areas the people have no choice . And not only people in a town of ten have phones , people in the surrounding district also have cell phones and people passing through the area and work in the area . Some of these towns only need a booster not a full tower to enhance the service . Wake up and smell the coffee

  • Dan

    Will the iPhone 4 be LTE capable? If not will you be offering free upgrades to customers? I like my iPhone but I would upgrade if allowed to the 5???

    Please email me. Thanks

  • Devo

    Did anyone take note that the minister stated LTE would be avaialble to only devices purchased from SaskTel? So my unlocked iPhone 5 that I got directly from Apple is now not what I thought I was getting? What the h….. ??? I emailed them a scathing note.