How low can you go: 32GB Wi-Fi PlayBook dropping to $118 outright


  • imnot telling

    I thought the flyer said Sept 14-20 (at least here in AB)

    • Timmins

      waiting for $50

    • Rupert

      I bought mine when it first came out at the price of $499. Does this mean I got ripped off? DOES IT?!

    • 99er

      You have to be blind to ignore the evidence that those things are not selling well above $100!

      There is plenty of stock left, becase everybody is waiting for the drop to $99!

      If you paid more than $99 you paid too much! Coming up first week of October after RIM’s Q2 report!

      I personally will grab one in Xmas at $88.50 = $99 with Taxes.
      Think about it: they made 1.5 million of them before they stopped the production line, discount the SHIPPED units and then look into the SOLD units and you will see that there are around 600, 000 units left with their 18 month old discharged batteries inside boxes. The $99 sale is going to happen, but RIM just wants to delay it.

    • 99er

      The greatest irony is that non-RIM supporters will enjoy the the $99 Plybook courtesy of RIM-Supporters (RIM-stockholders)

      RIM will simply write off the stock (as they have been doing it for the last 4 Quarters) One, billion here, 500 million there.

      Those $2Billion that they had in cash won’t last long. Packaging 5,000 employees will cost RIM 1Billion (that’s why they won’t complete the reduction until next year, and that’s why NOBODY WILL BUY RIM!)

      Simple math: RIM has (or had) $2Billion in cash, but they have 15,000 employees. You fire 10,000 and end up with 5,000 employees, $0 cash, tons of inventory that won’t sell, the only division that makes money is Network (the one that everybody wants to buy ) and BB10 as vapourware!

      we will see how much $$ they have left on Sept 27th-Q2 Report.

    • Scott

      Yes, it does. Sorry.

    • sicpuppy

      12 in QC

  • me

    i want to go low as $99.99 and not a penny more!

  • jonny

    Wow, I dont need a tablet, but that is pretty tempting!

  • Cody

    Majorly tempted to pick one up.

  • Andre Avigdor

    I wonder how much money RIM is losing with each one these that are sold… keep in mind the retailer is making their markup as well…

    • sicpuppy

      Revenu Canada will be losing , not RIM

  • winder

    I’m more interested in the 3ds

  • Cnote

    hmmm nintendo DS for 119 or playbook for 118…

  • Aiden

    I work at BestBuy and we have mountains of these returned devices in our stock room. I guess they suck.

    • Dave

      They don’t suck it’s just that the people that bought thought they were buying iPads. 😉 lolz

  • vengefulspirit99

    its cheaper than a ds D=

  • Chris

    Hmm… this is very, very tempting.

    I just grabbed the 64GB bundle from The Source over the weekend, should be here any day now. Guess I should’ve held out. Maybe I’ll return it and grab a 32GB online instead, I don’t want to go driving around hunting for one.

  • Fandroid

    $99, here we come!

  • Wilbour

    Nintendo 3DS for $119????????? Wooo hooo! What’s that tablet to the left? P-l-a-y B-o-o-k ? I thought they were magazines you found under your brother’s bed.

  • sp

    hmmm wouldnt mind grabbing another one.

    best tablet so far and ive used the iPad, Tab and Note..

    go BB10!!!! totally love the experience on this tablet. true multitasking kicks a$$

  • Fred

    Do you think BB10 will run on it?

    • Fatz

      Yes. RIM has stated that BB 10 will be made available for the PB after (not exact time frame) BB 10 launches.

    • GrapeApe

      Yep, already does if you have access.

      And ported apps from 7 worked well on it in BB10 and on the BB10 dev device. It took a few Rye and Cokes to move code over from a playbook to the BB10 platform in May at Orlando and worked fine, so it’ll work fine, whether they enable it or not is another question, but they’ve said that BB10 will work on Playbook.

  • Daredevil

    Already had a 64GB PlayBook, but picked up a 32GB for my Dad last week for $148 at Wal-Mart. Best bang for the buck tablet out there.

  • Thomson

    Love the 3DS comments. 🙂

  • andy c

    so tempted to pick one up as a travel tablet loaded with movies

  • John

    Not worth it. I have a 16 gig playbook. It’s been gathering dust for months. Battery won’t hold a charge, even when it was working i found it to be unstable and the lack of apps limited it’s usefulness . Poor camera too.
    Hold out for ipad mini or get a nexus 7 if you don’t care about the camera

  • roman20

    Not bad. It’s about the same price as a digital photo frame, and about as useful.

    • Wilbour

      Atleast the playbook has a photo of a pretty lady, my digital photo frame only has pictures of my wife. 😉

    • Porilaisten


    • Wilbour’s Wife

      WTF, Wilbour!?!?!?!?

    • Wilbour

      Oh geez! Sorry hunny, I’ll be right home. Hope you saved me all the dirty dishes!

    • Wilbour’s Mistress

      I can’t keep this a secret anymore. I was seeing Wilbour for 4 years, and… I am now preagnant.

      Wilbour, pick up your damn phone!

    • Wilbour is my alias

      Sorry to blow the whistle but I am not actually Wilbour, my real name is…..oh shoot for liability reasons I can’t say. Wilbours mistress…. I had a blast and so sorry about not being able to pick up the phone as well…. you know…I couldn’t blow my cover.

      Do give me a call in say 9 months or so!! 🙂

      Wilbours wife…..let me know how it works out but please send a pic 1st on that new Playbook he just got.

  • Andy

    Go for the Nintendo 3DS.

  • dan

    finally an affordable pr0n machine.

  • Guy

    So, Playbook and BB10… Compatible???

  • brian

    I found the flyer and clicked on the picture and it brought up the image of a printer at that price, with a mix of Playbook description. So I am not convinced that this is correct.

    • GrapeApe

      It’s likely a problem with your Macbook and Flash. =;-P

  • Porilaisten

    That looks like a french flyer…

    • Wilbour

      No, no, the french fryer is in houswares and goes for $89. Sorry 89$ The gravy is in the sauce aisle and curds are in dairy.

  • MidnightWatcher

    This is the best tech deal going right now. I have the 64GB version and it is fantastic — records and plays back 1080p video on both the front and rear facing cameras, has the best Flash support of any tablet, tons more storage space, the best audio of any tablet, runs Android apps as good or better than many Android tablets, stellar HDMI output for your HDTV, more apps are being added all the time, and it’s going to be upgraded to BB10 when its released (and it’s a beauty). The build quality is also top of the line. You’d be crazy not to grab one at this price.

    • Wilbour

      I would buy a Yugo from this guy.

  • 45

    Kind of want a 3DS, but I won’t pay $120 just to play New Super Mario World 2.


    One day they’ll give you a check to buy it

  • jess

    Ill take 3 please

  • rip rim

    rip rim

  • Camfella

    I am tempted to grab one of these but I keep thinking that when I go to grab a tablet, regardless of what for, I’m probably going to grab my iPad every time. I can’t think of any instance where I would reach for the Playbook instead, that would make it a waste of money regardless of price. I wish someone would give me a reason to buy it, anyone?

    • chris

      Flash – oh-a-ha -master of the universe

  • Greg

    How come the Franch peoples in Canada put the $ at the end of the numbers instead of the front? ie. $119.00 vs 119$

    I asked this question many times and no one knows the answer and in some cases the Franch peoples become hostile?!

    • Daniel AJ

      In my experience, many parts of the world put the sign behind the amount. It is the more natural way to do it:

      “How much is the car?”
      “Twentythousand Dollars.”

      Noone would say “Dollar Twentythousand” in a natural conversation.

      Why is it that some people put the $ in front? They wouldn’t do it with other units like km, kg, hours or °C.


      Francophone here ( don’t worry i’m not an a*****e)

      It’s because in french the adjective comes after, like in latin.

      It does make sense tho because when you say a price, you say for exemple 10 DOLLARDS, not DOLLARDS 10

      so the adjective comes after

    • brian

      maybe they have it right, since its 119 dollars, not dollars 119…

    • GatVlieg

      Coz they like being different? At least in Quebec they think they have special status. LMAO.

  • Daniel AJ

    I’d like to see a comparison chart of the decline of the Playbook price vs. Facebook shares. 🙂

  • Daniel AJ

    Is it possible to price-match at Futureshop?

  • d3v14n7

    I got one (16GB) for free for subscribing to the local newspaper… I’ve been getting the paper daily for about 15 years already and I’m not likely to cancel in the next 3 years so why not?

    It is sad that RIM practically has to give em away in order to get rid of their stock.

  • BamBoomBoom

    I will wait until the price drops to $4.99, then when I go to Subway to get the Sub of the day for $5, I can instead get a Playbook for $4.99 and save a cent.

  • BamBoomBoom

    I have bought a PlayBook every week for the past year and a half. I have 77 playbooks. I have 13 in my bedroom, 9 in the kitchen, 11 in the upstairs bathroom and 8 in the downstairs bathroom. I keep 30 playbooks in my briefcase because I am a very important businessman and always need to be in touch with my VIP associates. You cannot do this with an iPAD. My toddler has 6 playbooks in her crib. She is already speaking Mandarin thanks to the first real business tablet, the PLAYBOOK.

    They are great. This is a great deal. I think I’ll pick up another 47, because the PLAYBOOK is the best tablet, it is for real businessmen. I can check my e-mail, my TWITTER. It’s very fast. It has MULTITASKING. After I get the 47, I think I’ll get another 198 playbooks. They are fantastic. I think I will give 99 to my father and 99 to my mother as Christmas presents.

    PLAYBOOK is a great PLAY. BUY CANADIAN. Apple is AMERICAN. We are so much better than the USA.

    Go RIM.

  • jlm

    android on it???

  • mark83

    heh good luck trying to get anything advertised for walmarts anniversary sale, they go verry fast (the 3ds definatly will)

  • steve

    ive tried twice to warm up to the idea of using a playbook, even picked one up and used one of the apps… there was no intuitive way to go back to the home screen…. very frustrating… ill go for a nexus 7 anyway.

    • Lewis

      You’re kidding right. Cause it doesn’t have a little round button that you have to tap repeatedly to back out of app, then folder, then number 3 pane screen and then home? Or that you have to double tab quickly to get a list of apps “suspended” in the background that you need to scroll through? You’re right – you should stick with apple. Maybe a tablet designed for kids might be more intuitive for you though.

  • khota

    Will this run BB10?

    • Shenzen

      no it will not. it will run bb11 which will be released in about ten years or so. so you should buy it and keep it maybe in a security box at your bank until bb11 releases.

  • puzzled

    I’m starting to actually get interested, are there any good media players on it? I was going to get a nexus 7 for my commute, but for $119 this is getting hard to pass up

  • Shenzen

    $99 at staples