MTS will release the Samsung Galaxy S III, now accepting pre-orders


  • General Gustov

    Locked into a 3 yr contract or $650 , nah to much not for me , but on the other hand the NEXUS 4 is totally unlocked and at a $350 for 16gb jellybean os , perfect :)))))

    • Brian

      Because EVERYONE buys their phone online and knows about the Nexus 4.

      Get real. MTS is promoting LTE heavily anyway, a Nexus 4 won’t do that marketing campaign any good.

  • gnote

    Why so late to the gate MTS?

    • EvanKr

      MTS is late with everything. I almost had a heart attack from the surprise of seeing that MTS was getting a decent Android device when they advertised the GS3 as “coming soon” in the paper.

  • arcticsushi

    Sad that this is going to be MTS’s 2nd current android device. Not the brightest bunch Exec’s running the show over there.

    Long live Nexus 4 (until next years new Nexus that is)!

  • justin

    Man I really gotta switch to Rogers… This is ridiculous MTS has to get it together.. They only got the iPhone last year and now just getting into android.. I did buy a Gnex so I guess it’s not all that bad

  • Sid

    Must mean the Galaxy S IV is coming out any day now.

  • drone

    lol.. I got my Note II for $600. $650 for a S3 is a joke.

  • Charles

    I spoke with an MTS rep the other day and he said the reason MTS is so far behind is because of their lack of buying power. Samsung and other brands requires carriers commit to huge device numbers and since MTS is a small company in a market full of huge players and since they no longer have a partner like Bell or Rogers that would help them, they are being ignored or left out. They have had 3 offers in the last year and half to sell the company but they turned everyone of them down. MTS stock will continue to sink over the next few years and I don’t see any other option for them other than to sell. Our company of 40 users will be jumping ship this Month to Rogers much like every other corporation in our community has already done.

    • Justin

      Bit of a BS statement from MTS on “being a small company” and “not having buying power”. Sasktel is also a regional carrier like MTS, and manages to get main devices, and close to or at their launch date (similar to say Bell and Rogers, etc)….

      Sasktel’s LTE network is (according to online) to go live in February….MTS and Sasktel should be somewhat equals then (both being smaller regional carriers)…so we shall see what Sasktel’s buying power is like then, versus MTS.

  • Justin

    So if this is all about buying power, how are they able to get the GS3!
    MTS was able to get 2 newish decent Sony devices, as well as the iPhone 5 (not right on release date, but shortly after)….

  • Joe

    Bout time MTS, So glad i switched to Rogers anways, MTS network is way slower than Rogers where i live. Plus i dont have to wait 6 extra months to get a phone i want cause Rogers just gets it right away

    • Ben

      Only problem with your comment Joe is that Rogers is partnered with MTS. There should be no way that you would have any better or worse reception where you live using Rogers than MTS, because they use the same towers.

  • hi wassup

    got a fb message from mts earlier today, they said later next week is what theyre hoping for as a release date for the galaxy s3. XD

  • Ben

    I saw in a MTS Catalog at a MTS Store that the S3 will start at $99 when it comes out. One of the sales guys said he expected to see it in stores next week.

  • Ben

    MTS says on Twitter that the S3 will be available for $0 as a holiday promotion (on 3 year plan), and will be in stores in Brandon and Winnipeg Tomorrow.