Nexus 10, 16GB and 32GB versions, available once again via Google Play


  • Jules Landry-Simard

    Great news for us !

    • KEN M

      no they are not available thru google store, as of Dec. 26th
      AN NOBODAY HAS ANY IDEA WHEN…..Walmart Niagara Falls NY have them…….take the drive as it seems no one at google store or even Sansung knows when they will be available thru store or other outlets.

  • Andrew

    iPhone and iPad are much better buys.

    Better than this Nexus crap.

    • Skarphace

      You go and spend your money on Apple products, there’ll be more for us 🙂

    • Tunna_Munna

      Which day care do you go to?

    • PR

      lol this comment is pure troll, nobody is that stupid in 2012

  • deltatux

    Still waiting for the Nexus 4 to come back … Google, get your act together >.<"!

  • 2c

    RIP RIM!!!!

  • Anthony

    a honest questions folks..i have been looking at the microsoft surface..while this be a better buy?

    • Dave

      they’re both different platforms, so you’d have to see what you need the tablet for. Everyone goes on and on about apps.. that’s up to your taste. Don’t buy the surface yet.. with the Pro coming out in a few months it will i have an i5 processor, 4 gb of ram etc etc… if that’s what you need. That’s for some intense program running (like AutoCad, or even gaming) but if you’re going to use a tablet to read books, email, browse the web and do light to medium work go with the N10 or better yet (as i am) the N7. If not just wait for the Surface with windows 8 pro.

    • bulletwithbatwings

      I installed Windows 8 on my PC and I really don’t like it. Considering that they are similar OS’, I’d say stay away from MS this year and wait for them to iron out the issues with their unfriendly OS.
      As far as tablets go, the vastly underrated Note 10.1 is the best choice out there. I’d much rather the Wacom pen than the higher screen resoultion of the Nexus. I had chance to test the Nexus 10 and while I really liked it, the screen wasn’t enough to justify losing the pen and micro sd card slot compared to the Note 10.1.

  • Jules Landry-Simard

    The Surface has low specs, almost no apps and his expensive. Give yourself a favor, but a Nexus 10.

  • Jules Landry-Simard


  • Sean

    Damn got me excited that the N4 was in =(

  • EvanK

    While it is a really nice tablet, I’d rather pick up a N7. The 10’s resolution apparently restricts performance, and overall speediness and smoothness throughout the OS isn’t up to par with the N4 or N7. If this was $300, I’d pick one up in a heartbeat, but I’m not sure if I’d pay the premium for one of these.

    That being said, it is a superb device, the display looks excellent, build quality’s good, and it’s hands down the best 10″ Android slate. I’d like to try one out myself before I pick it up, though.

  • John

    Will this tablet be available at Canadian retailers such as Best Buy or Future Shop?

    • monsterduc1000

      @John: According to PCmag, the Nexus 10 is going on pre-order at Staples in the states so hopefully we see it at brick and mortars here in Canada =D

    • KEN M

      I have been looking for the 10 ALL OVER Toronto no to be had and BBand FS have NO INTENTIONS of Stocking>>>
      GOOGEL STORE HAS NONE AND NO IDEA WHEN!! Walmart Niagara Falls NY has 16 of the Nexus 10 16gb and 32gb Canada Falls behind,,,,..leaks you off

  • new_tradition

    Good news. My coworker missed out on the Nexus 10 the first time.

    Of course I’m only waiting for news on the Nexus 4, so… xD

  • MattyMattMatt

    Anyone seen any reviews? Could MobileSyrup make a frankenreview?

    • S2556

      droid-life had a good one.

  • Azzo

    N4 is gonna take longer cause LG has to strictly get it right. Their products are all Low Grade, We can all agree on this… If not? you’re one lucky son of a B**** to have one working product from them.

  • Rod

    I wondering if some of the performance issues with the N10 that we’ve heard about are software optimization issues. Could it be that a 4.2.1 update might smooth out some of these “problems”

  • 300 bucks

    300 bucks worth it 🙂 for the 32 GB

    250 bucks it 🙂 for he 16 GB

    Anything more and you are overpaying…but for the above price point , its a very good buy

    • Miguel

      So basically you are saying that every other tablet in the market is not worth the 600$+ people pay for as well? In comparison, $400 dollars for this tablet seems like a great option to me.


    oh man i hope this means the nexus 4 will be available , even with 3 week shipping idc

  • what?

    So the high res screen makes the tablet stutter? Then why bother putting it in?

  • 2kfire

    I don’t see the devices “tab” in the play store, anyone have ideas about how to get it to show?

    • monsterduc1000

      @2kfire: If you are checking from your phone on the Google Play app, there is no device section. You have to go to the Play store from a computer to get the devices section.

  • BBK

    Does anybody know how much Google store charges for shipping?

  • Tomatoes11

    Are people really that stupid or do not know how to read? Most reviews did not mention any problems with performance at all and there is no chance in hell that it would run worse than a Tegra 3 Nexus 7.

    If people would learn how to read, they expected the dual A15 cores to smoke the ipad 3/4 in all of the benchmarks but it doesn’t, that is what they were possibly attributing to the screen. The actual real world performance is amazing, so much so that even the Verge had nothing bad to say about it. Sure, Endgadget took their Apple bias to the next level and worte a bad review but besides them and PC mag, everyone else said it performs great.

    So please, learn how to fricking read before spreading BS about performance issues.


    The shipping cost was 16$ but it took 7 days to arrive, they promised 3-5 days max. Just got it yesterday, I can confirm the screen is amazing and the build quality is awesome. The only problem is 1080p movies and video lag a little but it still watchable. There is no fix available for the little lag, just hope next nexus tablet will have a stronger support for that. So just watch in 720p, quality is still good and there is no lag.

  • Ryan

    @BBk the shipping is $16.99.

    • BBK

      Thank you Sir 🙂

  • John

    Typical Android sh!t. ‘Oh, it’s got an amazing screen except it’s a bit laggy’. Give me a break…if it can’t process the resolution then it’s bad design or poor engineering…pure and simple. Like so many of these Android devices they are cheaper because they just don’t have the refinement they should.

  • Ryan

    @ John don’t post in this section, you apple freak. Lol

    • Mike

      Typical Isheep. dont worry about him. He doesn’t know better.

    • John

      @Mike – Yeah I don’t know what I’m talking about. Unlike most people on this board I have owned and used iOS, Android and numerous BB devices. iOS has been, by quite a margin, the most stable and refined OS I have used. BB was great until they started cheaping out on their hardware. Android gave me far too many issues over the 2 years I used my Captivate, which was a flagship product when I bought it. So, yeah, sorry for being an ignorant iSheep rather than an informed, experienced user.

      @ Ryan – I’ll keep posting in these sections as long as you Fandroids keep posting on the Apple ones.

  • Svet

    Received my Nexus10 yesterday ! really impressive beast 🙂