Hands-on with the Nexus 10 tablet (video)


  • mehmeh

    Does The Verge lag when you scroll through it?

    • Tomatoes

      The Verge lags on ALL devices when using chrome, especially the Nexus 7. Use Boat Browser or Dolphin and the Verge runs as smooth as butter.

  • Is This Bb10?

    I’ve lost a lot of respect for Google with this fiasco. They knew that supplies of Nexus 4 would far exceed demand it was launched. It’s like a woman giving you head and then leaving just before you unload. They should have taken pre-orders of the N4 and then filled them first-come first-served as supplies became available. If I can’t get the N4 by Christmas then I will get that Razr HD after all.

    • apple chodeboy

      “They knew that supplies of Nexus 4 would far exceed demand it was launched.”

      considering the sales figures of the galaxy nexus, they actually didn’t. it’s your own damn fault for missing the sale.

  • Tom

    Yeah, I’m not fan of the new ‘standardized’ tablet UI, but I can understand that the need for consistency and to make thing simple to use for all users.

    Just hope they do something about that ugly task bar. What looks really good on a portrait mode phone looks terrible and wastes space on a landscape tablet. Might just have to root this thing and install ‘Gesture Control Root’ app.

    • John

      ‘Standardized UI’…sounds a lot like iOS to me!

  • Tom

    To be more positive (compared to the post I just submitted) I must say that this looks like a much nicer piece of hardware compared to iPad/Surface, at considerably less cost. All of their Nexus products seem like awesome value.

  • Arthur

    Guys, when you do a product review next time make sure there are no background noises and the glare from fluorescent lights.

  • Azure

    looks pretty good actually. i know the reviews weren’t that great, but it seems to be able to do everything most people would want it to do.

  • Rian

    When does it come out here?

  • Azure

    came out today. available from the play store, but I think its sold out at the moment.

  • Dennis

    ordered 16gb version today from google… really hope that it will be useful in the university for me (never had tablet before)
    after shipping and taxes I paid 479$.. FML…

  • deli

    I stopped reading when he mentioned “low quality”. The tabs 7.7 and 10.1 were pretty good, especially the 7.7. I ordered today, hopefully, it’ll be worth the 5 bills

  • TKG26

    show us the USER PROFILE selection ability!! That is my most wanted feature of 4.2

  • Ben

    I’m so jealous of your N4/N10! I ordered an N10 today but sadly couldn’t get an N4 before it sold out. Please keep us posted on any Canadian availability you hear of!

  • faizo

    rushed review. I expected more from you guys.

  • superfly

    Its not a review. Its a preview dumb asses.

  • Mike Hawk

    May want to cut your nails when demonstrating a touchscreen device.

    Not the first time this happened either.

  • Ron

    Good price, Retro style desing with those curves(good for the growing demand of hipsters), but lacking on innovation for google on software and stability of the OS.

    • John

      ‘Retro’ design? LOL!!! More like POS cheap-a$$ design.

  • John

    Bunga bunga

  • Peebos

    Looks like both the 16 and 32 GB versions of the Nexus 10 are now sold out on the Google Play Store as well…

  • Mat

    Where’s the review ???