Nexus 10 tablet now sold out on Google Play Store


  • holler back girl

    got mine! – and the nexus 4…the trick is to login 10 minutes before they was actually live in Canada at 11:49am..

    • Hugo B.

      For what it’s worth, it was live at 11:33 🙂

    • jonny

      It was live at 11:33, and it was luck of the draw. I had 2 Nexus 4 16GB in my cart and i was unable to check out. When it booted me back to the purchase screen at about 11:45 it was already showing as sold out, and I refreshed constantly for hours. I was able to see the “Add to Cart” button 2 more times, but was never even able to get it into my cart.

    • bblol

      I managed to get 2 16gb so I probably got yours, Jonny.

  • Is this Bb10?

    Google should be ashamed.

  • holler back girl

    P.S. – Beeeeactche’s

    • Josh L

      lol. 12 people are bitter

  • BBM

    Sure hope they don’t pull this stunt with BB. Itching so badly to get back on BB!

    • Morgan Freeman Lookalike

      Who would stand in line for BB? Stock will never run short and don’t be surprised if they show up with $100 gift card promos within a few months.

      BB = DEAD






    • menodumb

      So you’re a Google Sheep ? How does it feel ?

    • Ilikeandroidbutnotsamsung

      Say what you want about Apple sheep, but at least their products are readily available. I’m in Canada and you can’t get a Nexus 4 or 10 for love or money. It might as well be vaporware.

  • superfly

    I will wait for the 8gb nexus 4 to be discontinued so I can pick up a 16gb for $309. They should be fully stocked by then. Booya!

  • Dan

    It’s quite sad, shameful really that, arguably, the world’s largest and most influential cloud services company doesn’t have a method for interested buyers to place an order and have it ship when stock is available. It’s laughable that the most efficient way for me to check if one of these devices are available is to go to the site and repeatedly hit F5.

    • EddieWinslow

      I honestly don’t think Google was expecting this much demand from their tablets. While yes they should have a means to notify you when stock is in, I think right now their main concern is to get product out to everyone that was able to make an order.

    • jack

      dunno why they’re not doing a reservation system now for people who still want one. what’s the harm in letting them reserve one for when they do come in stock again? that’s better customer service then letting them check every single day to see if there’s more tablets available.

  • Yeria

    Now sold out? It’s been sold out since yesterday. I know because I visited last night to see if anything was available and by then even 16GB Nexus 10 was sold out.

    I was going to place an order for 32GB Nexus 10 but it’s been sold out since the launch day. Google’s bread and butter is cloud service and online search. Hardware retail and shipping isn’t exactly their playing field. I’m sure their next Nexus device launch – probably in next year – will be a lot smoother.

    • abc123

      Actually, I disagree.

      Each and every Nexus launch has been a disaster in one way or another. So, in keeping with tradition, I expect the next one to be a disaster as well.

      If it didn’t launch disastrously, it’s not a Nexus. Heh heh.

  • deltatux

    Ya, MobileSyrup is a bit slow on this news lol. They were well sold out by afternoon yesterday.

    Still waiting for the Nexus 4 though. Couldn’t finish my order after about 20 minutes of trying but they were well sold out :(.

    • dennis

      This did have some stock of the 32 GB Nexus 10 available again after it was initially sold out. This was due to the issues with completing purchases failing and supposedly cancelling the order (but actually going through). It resulted in some double orders (I had one of them) that were cancelled yesterday (like mine).

  • menodumb

    below par battery life , only for fandroids .

  • jack

    i was hoping it would get to me by friday :\

    checked ups and maybe by monday :sadface:


    Ordered this Tuesday at 12:00pm and still no tracking. So no nexus 10 this week.

  • Jm

    I ordered at 1157 and I still dont have a tracking number and there was another guy I know who ordered at 1152 and his is already half way here!… He will probably get it tomorrow… It is really ridiculous that these arent even ready to be shipped right away or atleast the next day not two days later

    • Jm

      Even more stupid that people in Europe already have it shipped and in their hands.

  • yadi

    he can you not post that comment my link info should be remove sorry

  • Croak

    Mine is on the way according to UPS, but it’s coming damned slow to Vancouver. ETA by end of day on the 21st. Next Wednesday. 8 days after I ordered it. I get Canada Post to deliver phones and tablets I order with cheap shipping from Europe faster than that.

    Oh, ordered my 32Gb at 9:23 AM PST on the 13th.

  • mo

    seriously, this Google store seriously sucks. I am very dissappointed at Google and their service.

    I even never got the “Notify” email that they promised to send you when the phones or tablets go on sale.

    This seriosly pathetic. and what is up with these flukes that people experienced about adding item to cart then unable to checkout??

    Google, you need to get your heads out of your a$$es cause you start to make me sick with your stupidity

  • Disappointed Continues

    What disappoints me now is US Google Play has the 16GB tablet in stock for the past 4 days. However, the Canadian side is still out of stock. I thought all Canadian order was shipped from the US anyways, if that is the case, why aren’t google letting Canadian order from the same pool of inventory. Expectially if they have stock for the past 4 days.