“Eastlink To Go” TV platform launches, wireless network reportedly going live “soon”


  • Gandu


  • mike

    What about BC

  • HerpDerp

    Does anybody know if their network is going to be just LTE? I’ve heard rumors that it’s going to be a partnership with Wind Mobile, and I think they’re HSPA+

  • hoo dat

    Sounds very much like WIND promised to be but failed to live up to.

    • Me Ted

      Yeah. 600,000 subscribers in 2 years without any government subsidies. What a failure. Muppet.

    • hoo dat

      What on earth does WIND’s failure to hit its own goal of 1,500,000 subs in 3 years have to do with what I said??

      Try trawling through a bit of WIND history before coming out with complete nonsequiturs.

  • Keith

    I wish you all the best Eastlink but you won’t get me as a customer unless you offer the Lumia 920 in yellow or cyan or even much better reduce the montly plan if I bring my own.

  • Mark

    This is great news

  • Charles in Vancouver

    Gandu: EastLink bought AWS spectrum in Atlantic Canada. They are an incumbent cable company there. WIND also owns spectrum in those provinces but hasn’t launched yet.

    HerpDerp: EastLink owns its own spectrum… do they really need WIND’s help? In any case it looks like they chose the avenue of skipping AWS-HSPA and waiting for AWS-LTE devices to launch instead. If they are able to launch with VoLTE, they won’t need HSPA at all. Now I suppose if they did want to partner with WIND, they would have enough spectrum together to run both HSPA & LTE.

    • brunes

      Gandu – the reason Eastlink would partner with WIND would be as roaming partners. If people could roam on WIND and Eastlink with no overages it would greatly increase the footprint of both providers, without directly competing (since WIND has no Maritime coverage), and it would also allow WIND to stop giving money to Rogers every time it roams on their network in the Maritimes.

      It would be similar to how Bell and Telus share the same nationwide network.

  • vn33

    Competition is good for the consumer, especially if it brings the cost down for wireless service. We need more competition in Canada !

  • TheBat

    If they don’t have *DC* HSPA+, then I might not consider them because Nexus 4. If only regular HSPA, depends on the prices. The big three are getting so worse that it almost is funny.

  • Herp Derp

    WIND also announced they’d be in Halifax soon. This just makes sense.