Google pushing out Android 4.2 to “yakju” Galaxy Nexus, releases accompanying factory image


  • Hilman

    Just updated mine, seems a little snappier and am loving the photosphere, Gmail swipe to delete, new clock features and the new settings panel in the notification bar (also the two finger pull down).

    • StillNexus

      Talking about privacy: I’m not sure if I want to update my phone to 4.2. Seems like Google knows everything about you, my lock screen would say:
      “A couple of weeks ago”…but I guess its better than “Virgin”

      Maybe you put your phone on the table at a bar and hope somebody can read ….??

  • Evan

    oh nice, maybe that means it will come to yakjuux soon.

    For the 4.1 update how long did it take from the yakju rollout to eventaully get to yakjuux?

    I ask because I just got a new Galaxy Nexus last night from Fido and it came with 4.1.1 pre-installed

    • Nitin Gaba

      Hey Evan,

      4.1 came to yakjuux in mid-september

  • Lirodon

    Samsung will probably wait until the “Remember December” bug is fixed before they roll out 4.2 in Canada.

    • Sean

      They will wait until people are saying “remember December…” before pushing out an update

  • Alex

    Insane amount of versions… Goooo fragmentation!

  • Me Ted

    In the middle of it now. My Nexus 7 got it about 10 days ago. Love it.

  • Brock


    I was on 4.0.1 (Wind) from Feb of 2012 to until JB was released by Google and I still had not seen 4.0.4 from my carrier. I was even more annoying because something after 4.0.1 fixed a bug i had on my laptop.

    I changed over to 4.0.4 yakju and as soon (literally) as I was redownloading apps Google updated me to JB. Spend the time to read up on how to move from yakjuux to yakju and you will never be happier with your time spent.

    I know people say this but I have worked from the viewpoint of a device manufacturer selling to Wireless Carriers and getting new SW tested (after a device is released) is viewed as a cost (and not much benefit) from both the carrier and device manufacturer. As far as they are concerned they have your money (device and contract) and don’t really get any more by giving you new software. The only company that cares you have new software is Google as they have a happy Android user so get on the Google approved SW train ASAP!!!

    • Evan

      hm thanks for the reply. Maybe I’ll look into switching today if work isn’t too busy

  • ArtZ

    Just got my OTA update too, photosphere and definitely the settings in the notification bar is great; a feature that I really wanted to access my settings quickly. Every new update I get it feels like I’m getting a new phone. Go Android.

  • Mike

    I have a yakju gnex, do I just have to wait for the OTA or is there a way to get it quicker?

    • APhoneUser

      install drivers.
      install fastboot.
      download the build.
      open the script inside te build pack .
      execute commands inside tat file

  • Ian

    I’m not sure but the two finger notification doesn’t work. Try one finger on the left side swipe down for notification then try one finger on the right side swipe down for quick notification options. This works on my N7, not two fingers at the same time.

  • Jeff


    You can try going to Setting < apps < all < Google system framework < clear cache < setting < check for updates.

  • Mike

    APhoneUser I’m too n00b for that lol

    Jeff, just did that and its installing, thanks.

  • Leisuresuit

    Switching to yakju not working on my Wind Galaxy Nexus running 4.1.1

    • Doug

      What did you do? (step by step)

  • XS

    It’s updating right now, will see what’s changed.
    4.1.2 was pretty slow on my GN (uninstalling apps, clearing data, etc.)

  • harvid

    Speedy update. Interestingly, I am not having issues with the December issue in the people app.

  • Tom.

    I get the android with the exclamation point in it’s chest when I try to update. Anyone else having problems updating to 4.2?

  • Rod

    I got my update today around 3pm. A couple of things: The update removed Sound Hound, Shazam, Swiftkey 3, Cut the Rope and Cut the Rope Experiments from my phone, I had to install those apps after the update. Also, I’m wondering what happened to the “What’s this song?” widget, is this location based?

  • Me Tex

    Your best bet is to just root your device and put Google’s stock images on. I did and now I get updates almost immediately.

  • TP

    Got the update yesterday afternoon.
    Running smoothly, but I personally do not like some of the updates in 4.2.
    Photosphere is a fun feature, though.

  • r2kay

    Anyone experiencing any glitches with 4.2? I hear Bluetooth doesn’t work?….my notification for 4.2 has arrived and ready to be installed GN yakju?

  • Varroa

    I am worried about the bluetooth as well. I use it everyday in my car and i can’t live without it.

  • john cena

    still nothign for mobilicity/wind gnexus..

    bust a cap! samsung!@

  • Alex

    Just got the update 10 minutes ago. New features are great and the phone runs even faster yet!!!

  • tony

    just flashed to 4.2 from 4.1….i was really nervous of bricking…but everything is all gooood google ftw

  • tony

    yakjuux to takju

  • r2kay

    So I caved in and updated….yes there is problems with the Bluetooth…. I have mine connected to then car and it disconnects or cuts the convo out…waiting for the next update

  • r2kay

    Anyone else notice Caller name ID works on 4.2 update!

    I just had a call from a Fido/Rogers line and the name popped up, but I tried it from a landline and no name. Anyone else have success with this?

    • Jett

      Caller name ID does not work on cell networks, the name is not sent. Unless the cell networks have changed recently names will only show up if it is in your contact list because the cell network only sends the Caller number ID.
      The only other possibility is that the phone is using the data network to do a reverse lookup in a 411 database.