Apple iPad mini now available for pre-order


  • Fred

    Put me down for a no!
    One thing I will never forget from the Apple announcement was when they mentioned one of the features being “now you can hold it in one hand”
    Woo Hoo! Big deal.

    • Michael Clewley

      What is the difference between this and the playbook?

    • Crocography

      Actually their 7.9 inch device is too wide to hold in your hand comfortably, while the Nexus 7 is perfect. This is not the first time Apple has failed, but it may be one of their bigger blunders. — BTW, before anyone criticizes this comment, hold each of them in your hands first.

    • s

      Playbook is freaking better. thats the difference.

      Been using one since it came out and with the upgrades in OS..runs what i expect it to…great Tablet that Playbook.

  • steve

    Or order a Nexus 7: 65% cheaper than the ipad min and has a better quality screen! DONE DEAL!

    • Cameron

      329 – 260 = 65% difference in what world??

    • Hilman

      @Cameron, the price for the 32GB Nexus 7 to be announced on October 29th will be $249 US (16GB will be $199). The price for the same memory on the iPad Mini is $429 US & $329 respectively so it is indeed quite a large increase for the lesser Mini iPad.

    • Cameron

      @Hilman So you are from the future. Got it.

  • ace

    $350 slab of metal and glass… that has no maps. FTW

  • hoo dat

    For the price they’re asking this pad is just not competitive, even the PlayBook equals or bests it in specs and most definitely in price, and the UI/browser is considered to be one of the best in the business.

    C’mon Apple, if you’re going to try to dominate a market segment and ask ridiculous amonuts of money for the pleasure you’ll have to do better than this.

    • OMG BASEDGOD TYBG #taskforce

      Whatever they’re doing is just fine. I already know a few people looking to buy this tablet. One even went as far to say as she knew the Nexus 7 was better OS wise and specs wise, but she wanted the iPad Mini because it looks nicer and has more accessories, and even admitted it was nothing more than a symbol of vanity and social status.

  • ace


    • Joe

      omg a company is making money! You guys don’t realize that google doesn’t have to make any money off the devices, because they sell YOU. You are google’s products. They sell your information away. You guys google’s robots lol.

    • skullan


      Affordable and technologically advanced Robots.

      Over-priced and primitive technology status seeking sheep.

      I know which one I would prefer.

    • hoo dat

      Joe, there’s a difference between a company simply making money and a company that’s gouging people to gain market dominance. Who are we kidding here, this thing will probably sell like there’s no tomorrow to people who are already familiar with Apple product but that doesn’t mean it’s any good. Here’s a test for you, do a side by side comparison between the Mini and, let’s say, the Nexus 7, or the PlayBook, or Samsung Tab 7 and then come back here and tell us what you think. See, the difference between iSheep and the rest of the world is that everyone else knows how to discern and compare, and not go blindly buying up product left right and centre because we’ve been told we should.

  • ace

    deductive reason FTW

  • jay

    I buy one iPad mini for my son and than the new iPad for my wife and the new itouch for my little boy. Me I will get the mac book pro. Everybody is happy specialty the bank!!!! Easy 3000 – 4000 $

  • vn33

    It’s sad to see there will still be people paying for overpriced products just because it has a fruit logo on it !

    • hoo dat

      What makes it worse is that this is a lazy product that doesn’t even make an attempt to be a segment leader in any particular area.

  • hoo dat

    It’s interesting to note the OS2.1 vs iOS6 html5 scores of 411 & 386 respectively, even OS2.0 beats iOS6 with 399.

  • Joe

    when android’s tablet app quality gets to even half of iOS’s then you can compare the price. Right now, android tablets are a joke.

    • hoo dat

      Joe, have you compared the iPad Mini to a PlayBook yet? You know, that device that Apple fanbois have spent the last 18 months berating and yet, strangely, it beats or equals the Mini in almost every category? How could the biggest champion of HTML5 not only get beaten by the “lowly” BlackBerry but it doesn’t even appear in the top 5?

      Another question if I may; what is it going to take Apple users to stop being Apologists for inferior product? IPhone5 also springs to mind.

  • Jake P

    No Thanks!

  • Peter

    Just wait and see how it is in real,

    I prefer a 10 inch tablet anyway!

  • Jack

    “Nexus/PlayBook/Fire are better, iPad mini sucks”

    “iPad Mini rules, everything else sucks”

    “Look at the quality of my nexus screen!!! iPad Mini sucks!!!”

    “Look at all my apps, everything but iPad mini sucks!!!”

    “iPad mini is overpriced, iPad mini sucks!!!”

    “RIP RIM PlayBook sucks!!!!”

    “Surface is too high! Microsoft is doomed!!!!!”

    “iPad mini too expensive. Apple due to go bankrupt! Beginning of the end!!!”

    There – I’ve summed up the general trend of comments on any given tablet story!