IDC: Samsung, Apple and RIM are the top 3 smartphone manufacturers in Q3, Nokia slips out of top 5


  • iphoneee

    A Blackberry??? If it’s not an iPhone why does it even count as a phone?

    • Johentie

      because the iphone isn’t really a good PHONE.. it’s a good app whoring device..

    • OnTheSurface

      RIM is #3 in Global Smartphone sales as ofQ3 with a 4.3%; the second place is almost FOUR times that!:Apple with 15%

      -For Q3, 2012 RIM is #3 with 4.3%; a hair down is #4-ZTE with 4.2% and then HTC with 4%; then others.

      -Expect RIM to drop to “Others” (under 3% in Q4,2012)

      -Expect RIM to drop under 2% in Q1, 2013

      -Expect RIM to be irrelevant by this Holidays.

      Just heard a radio spot about a new app “Compatible with iPhone and Android phones” no word on RIM at all.

    • OnTheSurface

      Considering that RIM has dropped 5.6% in Market share in the last 4 Quarters (from 9.6% a yr ago) or 1.3% PER QUARTER, and we can safely forecast that they will loose AT LEAST another 2.6% in the next two Quarters (not even considering W8 and the myriad of new smartphones that are being SOLD, not Launched in the next 2Q or end of March)

      4.3%-2.6%= 1.7% the Global Smartphone-Market share by the end of March 2013.

    • BB King

      Why does it count? It counts because not everyone is a mindless slave to color advertising you douche! Try thinking for yourself. Consumers and analysts are starting to realize that Apple is not the only game in town. Infact they aren’t even the best game in town….anymore!

  • mauricio

    Nokia does deserve the first place. Blackberry with those tiny little screens and hardware from 3 years ago shouldn’t even be considered smartphone

    • Lewis

      “Nokia does deserve the first place. Blackberry with those tiny little screens and hardware from 3 years ago shouldn’t even be considered smartphone”

      Tell that to 7.7 million people. Maybe for them that Blackberry does exactly what they need it to do. Maybe they have a different set up metrics for measuring the effectiveness of their device. Maybe they’re right and you’re wrong.

    • Johentie

      i wonder what u said what the ipad mini was announced.. it has a 1.5 year old (literally) chip in it… with no retina display…

      and i wouldn’t call the qualcom snapdragon chip 3 years ago as it didn’t exist back then..

  • AppleStockHolder

    I’ve got Apple stock but RIM as well. Really hoping they make a comeback.

    They are a great source of Canadian pride on the international stage.

  • Sam

    Apple going down this is a good news

  • AWSGuy

    Doing the math, Samsung sold 57 million smartphones, apple sold 24 million!!!! Well done Samsung!

  • InfinitiGuy

    RIM without even trying gets 3rd place meanwhile Windows Phone with it’s multi-million campaign is nowhere to be found. This speaks volumes to that platform.
    RIP WP


      Windows just released its new and innovative platform and were not involved in this Q3 , so how can you say this speaks volumes ? we will see in Q1 2013 where windows8 makes huge gains because this OS they have is innovative and amazing which I believe others will try to copy .

    • Lewis

      Colonel – what exactly about WP8 sets it apart? What about it would make any Android, Iphone, or BB user put down their current platform and move to WP8? I say nothing. I’m not saying there isn’t great hardware for the OS or even that the OS itself isn’t good – simply what do they have that the others don’t that will get a consumer to move? Honestly – they’re a wannabe. Everyone says too late for RIM – actually MS was/is too late. They missed the opportunity to create their own niche. Apple, Android, and even BB have that niche.

    • DonSod

      Both microsoft and Nokia have done almost zero marketing to this point. There has essentially been no advetising at all and yet WP7 has a 4% market share. That’s pretty good to me. There will be a BIG push in 2013 however – that will be the real test. Right now, NOBODY I know is even aware that WP7 even exists! That’s why market share is so low. If it was known by everyone and well advertised yet market share was still only 4%, then I would definately call it a fail.

    • hoo dat

      Incorrect, Donsod, Nokia spent tens of billions of.dollars in North America alone trying to establish WP in the market place along with re-establishing their brand. You couldn’t move for Nokia ads on television, at the cinema, in newspapers and magazines. I’m amazed you missed them. Their global campaign, although different than the one here, was equally as aggressive and the two campaigns together probably totalled over $75B and yet all they could manage was to fallout of the top 5. That being said, that alone doesn’t reflect how good or bad the hardware or OS is but more what the public is buying. Had Nokia not signed an absolute exclusive with MS and marketed 2 different OSs we might be telling a different story.

    • hoo dat

      Oops! That should read $7.5B not $75B!

    • OnTheSurface

      Without even trying is right!
      RIM is lots in Lazaridis Wonderland.

      You guys make it sound as if #3 was a Good thing!
      They are
      #3 at 4.3%
      #4 has 4.2%
      #5 has 4%

      RIM will drop to “Others” by Q4!
      How many people do you know that are getting a BB9900 for $600 (LOL!) or a 9720 for $450 on holidays?

  • Jack

    And – generally stupid comments from fanboys everywhere.

    – ” If it’s not an iPhone why does it even count as a phone?”

    – “Blackberry with those tiny little screens and hardware from 3 years ago shouldn’t even be considered smartphone”

    – “RIP WP”

    I guess it is asking too much for people to be objective and look at the pros and cons (and thorough evidence) in discussion forums.

  • jay

    I always liked rim but the last three years was almost nothing well the bold was good but my galaxy rocks.

  • Vengefulspirit99

    Samsung leading as usual. Nothing to see here guys move along

  • StephenBB81

    I’m happy to see RIM in #3,
    What I’m not happy to see is that the 3,4 & 5 place players combined don’t match Samsungs market share, this can’t continue While samsung is my preferred Android vendor, and the Note2 is probably going to land in my laptopbag, I would like to see all of the top 5 more evenly sharing marketshare, it puts pressure on cost savings pressure on looking for new features, and ultimately can bring us better devices.

    a Samsung Apple duopoly is not good for smartphone fans at all

    • Lewis

      Samsung’s dominance is a trend. They’re all trends guys. The current trend that’s coming to an end are individuals buying into gotta have the latest version of a device trend. Sales for all will slow as people figure out their phone should only do so much. There are only so many consumers and so many dollars. Short term more tablets will be sold than phones and then that trend will settle well as consumers start to evaluate their devices on what they actually need them to do versus how many apps, the speed of the process, or the megapixel of the camera.

    • gnote

      Then go buy an HTC, LG or Sony device… :rollingeyes: @ Lewis

    • gnote

      oops! 🙂
      My comment was @ StephenBB81, sorry Lewis!

  • AppleStockHolder

    “trailing Lumai Windows Phone 8 devices”

    Spelling error?

  • Usuario BB

    Si el mundo estuviera lleno de gente inteligente, habrían muchas fabricas y vendedores de teléfonos y ningun comprador…

    Por eso creo que 7.7 miillones de personas inteligentes es la medida justa para que RIM pueda surgir…

  • STY

    Justice. For Nokia not updating certain Anna devices to Belle in Canada.

  • OMG BASEDGOD TYBG #taskforce

    Seeing Apple losing to Samsung always puts a smile on my face 🙂

  • Jack

    @OnTheSurface … if nothing else, it’s likely better than anything you’ve ever done.

  • Stan

    hoo dat — you must live on another planet! I ‘might’ have seen a Nokia WP7 commercial …once…. on TV (American)…that’s it. I live on planet earth btw.

    • hoo dat

      You’re suggesting I live on another planet?! I hardly watch TV and yet I’ve seen more Nokia/WP ads than I care to recall. I’ve seen them both in Canada and the US and have seen ads in the cinemas in both countries too. One annoying one is the guy in a meetimg trying to impress a woman with his rather ugly blue 720. You should remember them by their pure awfulness! Try looking in YouTube, you may find them there, but some of them are still on the air. I’ve seen the European ones too and they’re equally as bad, it doesn’t matter what language they’re in.

    • Glitch

      I remember when WP7 first came out (prior to Mango) there was ads from Rogers, Telus, and MS pushing 3 or 4 major WP phones of the time. (Samsung on Rogers..Impact? HTC HD7 on Bell, Sammy on Telus) I mean they weren’t the Lumia series, that was obviously pre-Nokia partnership, but they did advertise pretty aggressively, I remember seeing ads in magazines and newspapers too. I have no idea how you missed it.

  • mggiphone

    BB gets the job done. Not so sure about same functionality as Droids ou iPawns, they have way too much functionnality. BB is a smartPhone. Droids and Crapples are in the small portable computer group, with a strong gaming focus. They should be CompuPhones or something clever to remind the lower class citizen that the they require serious $$$ to get them and to $$$ to pay every month.