Google Play Canada site now shows a tablet and phone icon, hinting at direct Nexus 4 online purchases


  • ActivesiN



      Dear Santa:
      Current Nexus drops to $300 and
      Nexus 4 launches at $400 with 16GB of course
      $450 for the 32GB
      $500 for tha 64GB

    • Ron Mexico

      8gb or 16gb? Take your pick of those 2. And no LTE either. I’ll pass on this one and grab the Note 2.

    • RC

      Note 2 is not a Nexus. Therefore, no timely Android OS updates.

  • Hinds2009

    Oh yeah the wallet will be ready 🙂

    • Tech

      Let the Google revolution start.


      I’m so MAD at Google for not adding SD cards to the Nexus line and force you to use the CLOUD. But it’s very hard to argue with the best phone at the best price with the fastest upgrades and the fastest reselling value!!

      Do you want SD Card?
      Then get the LG version with battery killer integrated (LTE) and SD Card-slot for around $200 more and you will have to deal with ROBELUS, pay $35 to unlock the phone and maybe bloatware, and SLOW motion upgrades.

      I’ll take the Nexus 4, thank you!

  • Ghoul

    THANK YOU. This is exactly what I was hoping to hear from Google on the 29th along with their new Nexus phone announcement this way I can purchase directly from Google without any carrier mark ups (if there would be any)

  • yourmother


  • Ricardo Moura Rocha

    The american version shows the same icon… I think they just changed it, I don’t think it indicates anything other than a new icon and the chance of them not selling the nexus 4 directly is almost zero…

  • Jimmy

    Now all they need to do is roll out Google Play Store Gift Cards in Canada. For those who don’t have a credit card.

  • Alex

    I justflashed minco andFranco version 5 rom on my nexus….it is blazing fast, for first time in a long time I can wait longer for a new phone. I’m sure this will be great, but battery and storage are not an improvement

  • Kelly

    This is looking good! Go Google!

  • nexus humper

    I am excite!

  • shaun lee

    didnt see any point except you pay $20 for shipping….

    you can find nexus 7 in staples, with a chance to get 10% off.
    and nexus 4 is born unlocked.

    • Ghoul

      I’d rather pay an extra $20 to have Google’s warranty support (if rumours of them opening up Nexus support lines are true)and not having to deal with the carrier

    • Chris Clark

      Well, Google sells the Galaxy Nexus for $350 right now. Carriers sold it for over $600, never dropping the price. There is one good reason to buy it from Google.


      Another way of looking at the $20 shipping fee ( at least for phones) is as a $20 unlock fee!

      Telus charges extra on their phones AND $35 to unlock a phone LOL!

  • jrfox87 Nexus phones come unlocked whether you buy it from a canadian carrier or not, so why look at the shipping cost as an unlock fee?

  • andy c

    This lessens the chance of the next nexus having lte…

  • howitzer

    Please google give us the magasines, music, movie purchasing, voice, wallet, the phones and Q and laptop… I want to have what the us have lol


  • TZM

    In response to howitzer, I am sure Google would love to give all of this to us (and I would like it) but unfortunately we have the CRTC to crush our digital souls.

    So just enjoy your re-runs of Anne of Green Gables and don’t ask why.

    • Randy – 1

      While I’m certainly no fan of the CRTC and we all know how much their decisions have been anti-consumer, the fact that Google doesn’t offer a larger selection of media in Canada has nothing to do with them.

      It’s strictly that Google hasn’t bothered to take the time to negotiate with the rights holders in Canada, and most of the rest of the world outside the US for that matter.

      They don’t sell the Galaxy Nexus in Canada (or outside the US) either, and that certainly has nothing to do with the CRTC either.

  • Plazmic Flame

    Come on Chromebook!! I want one so bad!

  • Cypher

    Google should wake up and sell chromebook in Canada. I’d have purchased 4 already!

  • lash55

    I’m really concerned with the rumoured capacity of only 8 GB or 16 GB and no expandable memory slot. It’s really a deal breaker in my opinion. Might go for the S3 if that’s the case.

  • Aiden

    Speaking of chromebook. I bought my Samsung S5 on ebay and I havent touched my PC in 6 months. It’s funny cause my classmates always ask me why it has a chrome logo on the front

  • mjolnir

    this is amazing news!!! if only they can drop the canadian premium too… but i know thats unlikely.

  • Jeremy

    Really hoping they’ll start selling the Galaxy Nexus unlocked for approx. $350 like in the US!

  • PT

    The phones and tablets will be nice but please bring us Google Music so we can have an alternative to iTunes.

  • Andrew

    Please please please Google, let us buy devices directly.

  • Megahertz

    @Chypher How is the Chromebook??? I want to ditch my Windows machines so bad!!! Only thing from MS I don’t mind in my home is my Xbox! Would be cool is Google launched a gaming console….. hmmmmm

  • Adriel

    After how they handled pre-orders on the Nexus 7, I’ll just pick one up at London Drugs or Staples and get it weeks before a pre-order arrives.