Motorola RAZR V now available at Videotron


  • iphoneee

    Does it come with iOS7?

    • Oct29

      $400 for that ICS phone??
      The same price as the NEW Nexus 4??

      That phone with ICS is not worth more than $250!
      (Samsung S2 and S2x and current Nexus are $300)

  • mauricio

    good price, but no lapdock support, no deal

  • HighClassFrenchCricket

    i like the razr m, too bad its not been picked up in Canada (yet)

  • Terry

    Is this phone pentaband??

  • Mike

    Are the Frenchies still mad? :-/

    • Frenchie

      phuck you asswhole!
      and go phuck yourself.

  • Bob

    Anyone who get service with videotron deserves this!!! Their clients love to pay more for less!

  • Mike D.

    $400 is considered “entry level”?
    Shouldn’t entry level be less than $300?

  • MattyMattMatt

    Good mid-range phone. Moto is heading the right way, its why I sell their stuff.