Motorola RAZR V Review


  • howitzer

    Motorola phone can’t get a 9 ou 10 for build quality ?? what will

    • jellmoo

      Nokia. Both the 800 and the 900 got a very well deserved 9/10 for build quality.

    • FadedSpark

      You haven’t held one yet…

      I’d hesitate to give it an 8. 7 maybe.

  • Tim3tripp3r

    Daniel, Nice well written informative article. Well done.

  • Kevin

    Sounds like what I would rate it at as well. Always a good read.

  • zzzZZZZzz

    FYI $350 outright at Virgin. And good review Mr. Bader

    • Android.yyz

      Got the Razr V at Virgin then i unlocked it and its awesome on the telus network. After using the Milestone since its release date i got fed up hoping that telus would bring another Moto worth buying to its lineup.

      Best phone i have owned to this date.

  • MattyMattMatt

    I think the rating is too low and you are putting too much weight on the 3yr pricing (also 350 outright at virgin, competing with the s2). You know what we need? A third tier. Bell and virgin already advertise it, but without having phone subsidies at the voice&data lite, it makes no sense.

  • Sean

    Agree with much of the review for $350 on Virgin I can recommend this as a great off contract device though as a on contract device I would have to go with something else. Also thanks to bell using the old way of ETF’s instead of a device balance it is obvious to get a better phone like the Atrix HD or S3

  • Brayden

    $150 on a $200 ‘choice’ tab isn’t too shabby. Only one I think is better is the S2X, 150 w/ 150 tab through Koodo.

  • JC

    Is this phone coming to Wind as it was announced? The specs for the Bell/Virgin one do not include AWS 1700/2100.

  • june

    RIP RIM 😉

  • Fartknocker

    So it’s basically a shittier Galaxy Nexus. Gotta love the ‘same s**t different pile’ choice that Android offers.

  • Tara Lyle


  • Sherif

    Is it better or Defy + or razr xt910

  • Zach

    I just got this phone on a wind contract, 0 down with a wind tab(not sure how much that is). I came from a BB Curve and am not too savy with phones, that being said, I love this phone so far. I have a $40 month unlimited data text and calling in the wind network with nothing down, to me that seems like a smoking deal compared to my Koodo BB.

  • Kristin

    I must say I disagree with this reviewer. I purchased this phone on a contract with Bell after canceling a contract with Telus (13 months left, their service is terrible in Manitoba!) a few weeks ago, and I absolutely love it! It fits my needs perfectly (I am a university student with two jobs, and do a lot of web browsing, texting, and game playing). It fit nicely in my budget, and considering it was only $29.95, I’d say it’s a pretty amazing phone. I do not regret choosing this phone now over waiting for the new iPhone at all! I don’t think the phone feels “plasticky”, and all of my friends (especially BB users) have been telling me they wish they had my phone over theirs! I can understand this as I came from a BB and hated it. If you want a plasticky phone, go check out the BB Curve.

    My only complaint is that sometimes it comes off silent mode and plays loud notifications while I’m working or otherwise walking around. I haven’t figured out the cause of this, but I’m not going to give this phone a bad rating because of it. It’s probably just me turning silent mode off by accident somehow and not realizing it.

  • Mitch

    like this phone, the only thing i wish the vibrate mode was more aggresive as i work in a very noisey enviroment.other than that awsome phone plz help

  • Brian

    I am trying to find out if this phone has HML. I clicked on this because Google said this article mentioned HML, and so far I have not seen a thing. I want to plug in a cable to my RAZR V and drive a TV or computer screen.

  • waleed

    To Android.yyz

    i buying Motorola RAZR V from virgin. how did u unlocked your phone.

    can u tell me please .