Videotron releases the LG Optimus 4X HD and HTC One S


  • lolwut

    cool! oh wait… it’s a LG

    • Oct29

      As of November 2012 there are no phones worth over $500 (the new flagship price for 2013)
      If they are LG, cut that in half and divide that number by the number of times they promise updates and you will get the real price of an LG phone.

  • Mike

    Move the f-ck over, Videotron, and let Wind in!
    How does it feel to be gouged, Frenchies?

    • Frenchie

      Sacre le bleu!
      phuck you asswhole from canaduh.

    • kad

      pour Frenchie

      salut, … ne mélange pas tout … il a raison on se fait fourrer solide par videotron

      vivement Wind dans le futur sur les bandes de 700Mhz!


  • Nathaniel James


  • I Like Good Food

    Agreed with Frenchie. Mike can go phuk himself.

    These kinds of intolerant and insulting comments have no place in this or any forum.

    Canada is awesome, and Quebec is awesome. No need to be insulting to anyone here, it’s not constructive or needed and it only creates pointless hatred.

    People like mike above can rot in hell, and deserve it.

    Let’s stick to discussing mobile phone industry trends and let’s not insult others.

  • hmmmm

    The funniest thing is that I’m thinking of switching to Videotron from Telus since they will also get the Note 2…and they have great discounts for people who have the 4 services and 6gb for 30$, it’s just like everywhere else…and I’m in a rural zone, and guess what, I’m covered anyway with the big cities around!

    • nonono

      enjoy your HSPA+, I’ll be on LTE then.

  • hmmmm

    Will use Wifi most of the time and battery life will be better…….we’ll see…the point was that it’s not more expensive there.

  • mjolnir

    pretty late if you ask me…

  • Amar

    Never again LG!

  • David

    Fresh experience from G @ Wind Mobile:
    I had an a LG cellphone that I bought about almost a year ago, 8 months ago the phone needed a repair, I went to Wind Mobile warrany center and they replaced the cellphone, everyhing seems to be fine.

    A few weeks ago the cellphone started to have a issues again (I assume it’s because LG never provided an a update to this cellphone) So I went again to the warranty center.

    I explained myself, and they tested the cellphone, and then told me that they can’t replace LG cellphones anymore due to a new warranty agreement between Wind Mobile and LG!.

    So they have to send the phone to a repair center, and I will have to wait between 3 to 4 weeks before I will get the phone back.

    So right now I have no smartphone, thank you LG!

  • Mee

    I love the LG products – my current LG phone went through the washer and dryer and it still works!!! I will forever buy LG. I can’t wait for the new phone – I will definitely purchase it.