Retailer confirms Nexus 4 specs, says it’s being released October 30th


  • rk.

    can’t we just all wait until it’s officially announced next week..?

  • Jessy

    Only 8GB, no MicroSD ? That’s not enough. Bummer.

    Any recommendations for a phone with similar specs that will be available in 2 months or less ?

    • nathen

      Wait for the HTC Nexus. All the way

    • val316

      If you don’t mind a 5″ screen, the HTC DLX looks very interesting….

  • chris c.

    It is sad that in today’s world no secret is safe for very long… 🙁

    • Alex P

      It is sad that in today’s world a flagship device could potentially be released to market with only 8GB on-board and no possibility for expansion.

  • drone

    HTC might be coming up with something new

  • dave

    8GB? Good thing my Nexus S is still working fine. I’ll wait for the next Nexus.

  • Gsizzle

    I don’t know why people are freaking about the storage, IT’s Not gonna happen. Retail sites can always be modified down the road, don’t take it as a final word. I have faith in Google and come 29th of this month they will definitely reveal the options of 16 & 32 gig storage.

  • Nirujan

    First is an LG (not trustworthy). Second 8gb with no expandable memory. For those who truly use smartphones as a smartphone, this is definetly not enough.

  • TP

    Is this pentabend as well?

    • Gsizzle

      I don’t have a legit source to confirm it, but if the Last Nexus had Pentaband so will this one.

    • Kman

      I think that it will support penta band.

  • drone

    8GB blows! This whole push for cloud storage is getting really annoying.

  • anona

    8GB isn’t enough now that games are 1.5GB+ on Android, plus that 8GB is taken up by every program you install. 1 large game and 300 apps and your storage is maxed.

    That and Canada doesn’t have the data plans needed to convert to Cloud yet.

  • god

    a bit disapointed… 🙁 But i’ll wait for the event before saying anything negative…

  • HighClassFrenchCricket

    Im worried about the almost 400 pound sterling price for the English muffin customers. How much will it be for us here in Canada?? 450?

  • Jay

    Im waiting for the impending price drop on the Galaxy Nexus!

  • zzZZzz

    So I guess no expandable memory is a given. I suppose we can only hope for different versions of internal memory, but if I don’t see a 32gb I’m not buying.

  • Dalex

    I usually don’t give a crap about storage, but 8GB is stretching it… I’m more worried about the phone’s physical characteristics. The bathroom tile back is terrible looking. Oh it also better have LTE, I’m not going back to HSPA. And over 2100 MaH battery is a must.

  • TouchMyBox

    Now someone put a listing for a 32GB version and we’re good here.

  • Frederick

    8gb doesn’t make any sense in the current market, is that a typo? 32gb would be the expected Nexus storage size, or at least 16gb.

  • Patrick

    I’ll wait for the reviews on this one. Not sure about LG making a Nexus.

    • chris k

      I don’t know what the big problem is. Google is the one that will support the phone. LG just made it for google. However this phone is not enough of an upgrade from the galaxy nexus for me to update. If LTE was there I would think about it.

  • Mike

    I generally don’t care how much external space comes on a device but not having a memory card slot drive me bonkers.

    • Frenchie


  • nathen

    8 GIG only ?

    Are they crazy ?
    There is NO chance this phone will sell in huge numbers.

  • Mike


    • Frenchie


  • Brandon

    I never thought I’d say this, but I agree with God up there. The 8gb is not good, but I’ll wait 4 days to make sure.

  • steve

    pentaband? unlocked? hmmm looks like my galaxy nexus… nexus 4? terrible name.

  • nathen

    Do not worry FOLKS !
    This phone with only 8GB storage will be the LAST attempt by any Company after the Sales Numbers are revealed. This is just going to TANK.
    8GB LOL. Who ever let this pass should be FIRED!

  • mobi

    What happened to small phones?

  • MXM4K

    Looks like a decent upgrade from the Galaxy Nexus in terms of specs, but with the way the Galaxy Nexus runs with Jelly Bean, I see no reason to upgrade at this time. Still, I’ll probably recommend this phone to anyone wanting a Nexus device (if the reviews pan out).

  • TP

    At least the picture is fake.
    It has 3rd party app installed, if you look at the status bar, it is not ‘pure’ jellybean.

    • Aaron

      All the rumours so far as have pointed to a newer version of Jelly Bean (4.2) being released alongside this new Nexus. It’s quite possible that 4.2 might move the clock to the center of the status bar, although I agree that it’s probably unlikely.

  • It’s all about the Nexus

    Wait until the official annoucement, you might be surprised.

  • Mike

    This makes me love my Galaxy nexus even more.

    • Frenchie


  • Jules Landry-Simard

    Google’s event is in October 29, not 30 😛

  • Matt

    It’s still an LG phone probably better off waiting to get excited about the HTC or Samsung nexus that will be coming out.

  • Sean

    I certainly hope there will be multiple nexus vendors as I can assure you I won’t be buying an “LG” Nexus phone.

  • haxor99

    I will have buy this if there is 32GB of storage, but I’m betting on 16GB, in which case I might go for the note 2

  • Richard Singh

    Honestly I’d need minimum 32GB but preferably 64GB (or a microSD slot). My 32GB is used up mostly by music and I really don’t want to have to start blowing away certain albums just to have to use this handset.

  • Gab

    It’s fake… all those notifications on the picture aren’t stock.

  • Osama

    If they only put 8GB, that’s weak. 8GB covers my music, pictures and apps. What about HD videos? What about games (I dont play them but im sure ppl do)? What a joke this phone has become, simply to have a quad-core in a phone??? And also, why did they downgrade the camera for this version? It sucks big time! Come on Xperia T, I need a smart phone, not a really fast dumb phone!

  • Abe

    Really odd !!???! Quad core phone, 4.7 inch screen and quite high specs for a phone that my be a the next Nexus flagship phone and it has 8GB of storage, and that without an expansion??? Unless this the entry level storage capacity while there will be a 16/32GB options or there are other nexus phone/phones that may be revealed, this will be a very underwhelming upgrade option.

  • OMG BASEDGOD TYBG #taskforce

    I find it doubtful that it only comes with 8 gigs and no expandable storage. The phone looks good as the biggest problem with LG (crappy software/OS support) is taken care of being a Nexus.

  • jay

    That is a big lie. Never heard a top phone with only 8 gig. So don’t worry will be 16 gig

  • Nick

    This is a fake screenshot from someone running AOKP in July (there’s a thread on XDA with this screenshot in it). There’s no reason why Google or LG would release a screenshot with a baseball game from 7/25/2012, clock in the center, 2 battery widgets, and less than full signal on both wifi and cell network.

    Sorry, this isn’t legit. The specs being “confirmed” are just a reseller trying to get in on the hype to snag some credibility before the pre-orders are available.

  • james

    i highly doubt google will release a flagship Nexus phone with 8gb…

  • boojay

    Will not be purchasing another Nexus until they actually make a phone, not a phablet. The Nexus One and Nexus S were phones.

  • jonny


  • patricm h m

    Hay jessy take look at the HTC one x + comes with quad core, 64 gigabytes of internal memory it really is a powerful phone

  • Adam

    Fake pic, not enough real information yet, enough said. This “retailer” has no idea what they’re talking about…. A Nexus product will be top of the line specs, no corners cut.

  • mmathieum

    This doesn’t confirm sh*t.
    I can start pre-order for the Nexus 5 right now based on rumours and update the specs when the device is released.

    Also, the only place to buy a Nexus should be the Play Store.