Sony Xperia T will be $549 outright, according to this Mobilicity price card


  • Nice!

    But will Mobilicity be around by the end of the year? Maybe bankruptcy is sooner than that.

    Nice phone, but Sony, it’s too overpriced!

    • TP

      tired of same comments over and over and over again since 2010.

    • STY

      No, Mobilicity needs to spend the rest of any cssh on the next spectrum auction, then go bankrupt.

      Wind can either buy for pennies, or let Robelus buy for nickles, but then all Mobi customers will go running to Wind anyways.

  • Dalex

    James Bond or not, releasing with ICS is lame and should not be encouraged.

    • EAK47

      JB has been around for only 3-4 months and this phone is probably developping for over 6 months now. If they release it with JB, they have to wait more and more.

      Better release it with ICS and update later…

    • Dalex

      Fair enough, but the Galaxy Note 2 has Jellybean out the box and it’s been released already. What is Sony’s excuse?

  • Sean

    Good price for what seems to be a pretty good phone.

  • Pablo Moses

    Good choice for Mobilicity.

  • Ghoul

    It definitely is a good looking phone (even better if AOSP CM10 was loaded onto it!), but at $550 with ICS and similar specs of other phones around the same price range where most now have 2GB of RAM it looks a little less worth the $550, especially after tax.

  • John Lee

    Unfortunately Mobi does not unlock customers’ phones; otherwise I may get one.

  • skazzers

    THAT’S NOT CHEAP!!!!!!

  • Osama

    I just found there is a Xperia TX which is like the T but with a removable battery… its already on sale here in Canada ($549+taxes). But I would rather sign a contract with Robbers and only pay $149, even if I cant remove the battery… I hope Canada gets the TX!


      Hi, link please? where did you see xperia TX for $549.99

      Thank you!

  • Ron Mexico

    Could be the best phone in the universe, won’t matter if it’s running on the worst network in Canada. It’s like driving a Ferrari in mud.

  • aregularonhofo

    You have to be an i***t to buy this phone for use on Mobilicity…the service and network is a joke.

  • Mobilicity is BROKEn

    Mobilicity network is so slow, with data tethering and frequent network outages…nice device for the wrong network!

    AND, can’t count on Mobilicity to keep this phone updated for Jelly Bean…next year??? I don’t think Mobilicity will be around next year.

    At that price, get an unlocked Google device and you can take your phone to a faster network.

  • Ken

    Looking at some of the negative posts about Mobilcity I would think that there would be some encouragement for the upstart carriers to stay in business considering how the big 3 have been screwing the public for years. I was with Telus for years and getting charged up the back end. Now that I’m with Mobi I get everything I need for a lot less money. I couldn’t give a rats a*s about speed or any other issues that seem to bother some people. We do need more competition and to keep prices low, so stay in business Mobi and Wind and any other company thats out there.

    • STY

      Good points Ken. But not giving a rats a’s about speed tells us your age. Try having that conversation with anyone under 40.

  • Ken

    Your right Sty but I guess for all of us intelligence only comes with age and experience as we age. Maybe the saying should be “you can tell the under forty but you can’t tell them much” Like I said when I was younger the pony express was the big deal of the day. LOL

  • ben

    why is it When ever mobilesyrup posts something about a phone being released on Mobilicity all the comments are about mobilicity and not the phone?

  • Matt

    Enough of the haters – I too was with Telus and Bell and activated a pay and talk for my daughter through Rogers. I live in Edmonton and our coverage compared to that of Wind is awesome. My brothers also were customers with Rogers and Telus and switched to mobilicity. If your not happy with the stock rom get aokp or look around. 13mp Camera game over –That kind of aperature is unheard of in our North American market unless your using symbian. So for my 40 dollars a month I get North American calling Global text Unlimited data (every carrier data throttles) and yeah so I cant use this phone to download torrents but its fair usage policy and if everyone did that the network or any network would be too saturated to post a status update on FB. All those haters on this post have to get more informed. I still use Telus for their coverage outside of Edmonton but I will buy this phone and use the s*#t out of it. If you dont like it (I flipped you the bird d-bag).

    • Ken

      Good comment Matt.

  • Ken

    Had a closer look at the write up about the Sony Xperia t and it might be my next purchase as it certainly looks as if it will fit my needs. Then there’s my HTC Amaze that will go to my wife who’s contract with Fido will end in Dec and she will be jumping to Mobilicity to try it out. The reason is she has had to call Fido monthly to straighten out her bill which is time consuming and it does wear one down. In her words I’m tired of Fido (Rogers) taking gobs of my money. Anyways I will definitely will be giving this phone a good look. So folks do support the new carriers. We do need more competition in Canada.