Sony Xperia T coming “this November” to Bell, Mobilicity, MTS, Rogers and Videotron



    It all rests on what “following launch” means for the Jelly Bean update.

    • chall2k5

      soon….maybe Q2 2014 (oh right its not RIM we’re talking about)….probably Dec/Jan

    • kUdosNokia

      Sony; LG and Moto are all the same:
      Think about it, if their software update was going to come up “Soon” they would delay launch by a couple of weeks, and have a Stonger RELEASE. You only RELEASE ONCE!

      The LG Black was a great phone but the phone was discontinued before the “upgrade” arrived. NEVER AGAIN!
      You have to be a fool to buy a NEW phone with OLDER software. How can they release phones with ICS from last yr when Android 4.1 is out and 4.2 will be coming soon?

      LG, Moto and Sony (James Bond or not) make it easy for you to choose a Samsung or a Nexus, due to upgrades, reselling value!

      Sony Xperia T: released in November 2012 with ICS =F A I L!

    • Henry


      The thing is that majority of the people who are buying a smartphone don’t care about ICS or JB. Sony would have missed the whole Skyfall time frame if it release a couple more weeks later. What Sony Marketing is doing is to rake in the cash a week or two after Skyfall start playing and then get the hype up to own one of James Bond’s phone.

  • iphoneee

    only if it comes with apple maps 😀

  • EvanKr

    That’s an odd smattering of carriers, two of the big 3, a new entrant, and two regionals.

    On that note, can anybody else believe that MTS is actually releasing a current phone?

    • rairai

      I know eh… especially considering half of their smartphone line up consists of BlackBerrys. Kudos to MTS.

  • HighClassFrenchCricket

    I hope Sony stops with their tacky, cheap, and impossible to remove factory installed screen protectors on their xperia line. Installing a sheet of plastic over a flimsy screen is not a suitable solution to scratch prone screens, Sony. You can do better.

    • K

      Don’t know what you did wrong. I buy a new Xperia every year with the pre-installed cover like yours. It takes me 2 minutes to peel it off without reside.

    • Ron

      That cheap tacky screen protector you’re talking about has actually saved my screen from cracking and also it doesn’t even scratch. I don’t know about you but I’m pretty happy with it.

  • jay

    same thing like always new phone old software. what’s wrong ether google doesn’t provide updates to the company’s or they want us to buy apple and banana phones!!

  • Pahech

    It’s nice for AWS networks to have more flagship choices besides Samsung offerings.

  • MouseRat

    Wind will be getting it too

  • Not a bear

    Why not just give us jelly bean from the get go?

  • Brett

    To answer Mr Nokias response.

    Personally I think Moto has made an attempt at better and early updates.

    Sure all of the Razr (including the Razr Hd) are running ICS (with promised updates) but with Google leading the charge I can see them on the ball with better effort into Updates!

    O and Just because a phone has SAMSUNG in the name, it doesn’t mean it’s necessarily going to affect the re sale value. In all honesty with all that plastic they use I’d be more skeptical about buying a Used GS3 then a Razr HD or ONE X simply because they are WAY better build and screen wise!

    • ukrainian fob

      re-sale value od motorola and htc are nothing compering to samsung, check craigslist

  • Alexander

    Does this come with a QWERTY Keyboard? Other sources say yes.

  • Wes

    Not having to go to Rogers to get a Sony phone is probably one of the biggest plusses