Apple to release iOS 6.0.1 in coming weeks to fix assorted launch bugs: report


  • Mark

    How about the map?

    • Brad F

      All the Maps app does is pull information from Apple’s servers. Any map updates would therefore be to the back end, not the front end.

      New features like transit info, however, would be a front-end thing, but would probably be part of a bigger update.

    • phreezerburn

      They couldn’t FIND any problems with it…

  • BlackBerry Gangster

    Still a peice of Sh!t

  • Alex

    Ahhh the joy of updating not in months, but as soon as it gets released. 🙂

    • bazinga

      Quality release needs immediate update? fail. Joyful delusion is more like it lol.

    • Rew4rdz

      Bazinga is just butthurt because Android 4.2 is set to launch soon and the S3 still doesn’t have 4.1. Enjoy always being behind the curve.

  • lukeiphone

    This is what I like about apple. One phone and they fully focus on it. Android has 1000000 phones. Most of them get neglected with no support.

    • RC

      Buying a Nexus device from Google will provide you the same Android OS update availability and timeliness. It is the buyer’s choice.

    • vn33

      Yes, but on the other hand, you get choices.

    • PR

      no support hey?

      Samsung Nexus S

      Started off with Gingerbread and is now on Jelly Bean

      2.3 > 2.31 > 2.32 > 2.33 > 4.01 > 4.02 > 4.03 > 4.04 > 4.1 > 4.1.1 > 4.1.2

      is that enough support for you?

    • PR

      oh i forgot…
      “Most of them get neglected with no support.”

      iPhone 4 and 3Gs, 100% of them do not have Turn by Turn Nav, Siri, or upgraded camera features, great support there…

  • Dee

    But that is exactly the beauty of it and the base of all iphone jokes
    Android users have choices and freedom. What you’re willing to spend is what you get. At least we’re not force up upgrade or update.

  • Kid.Canada

    Samsung Galaxy S 3. Enough said.

  • Suligane

    @lukeiphone, Not true. Android has a full community helping and creating new software for androids. They are not neglected at all…

  • Kid.Canada

    @Dee well that’s what rooting is for and thank god for that. I’ve had Jelly Bean 4.1.2 (CM10) on my S 3 as soon as it came out and Samsung hasnt even officially released 4.1.1 in Canada yet 😀

  • Kid.Canada

    My last comment was a reply to @LukeIphone’s comment actually.

  • SlimJim

    Garbage Dump > iOS 6

  • RaptorsTV

    Love Apple! Wont ever buy Android device eer!

    • bazinga

      eer? I think you meant baaaah

    • Alpine

      @bazinga how about you “mow mow” somewhere else..r*****s

    • phreezerburn

      And the community doesn’t miss you.

  • Jack

    Good! Hope it fixes the following problems on my iPod Touch:

    – that atrocious lagging ui which is not butter
    – the bad battery life
    – the flaky connectivity to my car and my computer
    – the constantly crashing app store and browser
    – the brutally slow Apple podcast app

  • mike

    @luke so basically you think the market would be better if apple, android, Windows, and rim just made 1 phone each and sold for $900 each, but put their full “focus” on just the one phone… LOL

  • iphoneuser

    This iPhone 5 has been a buggy garbage piece of turd!

    Come on Note 2! Come to Papa!

  • gramz

    well i have the iphone the battery life is ok the thing that really needs to be fix is the maps thats it

  • Dee

    Just to clarify I am a android user lol. I was typing in a rush and my stance seems vague.

    • Brenda

      Ib4d love for you to come to Chile but you give me a pretty good reoasn to go to Buenos Aires. Anyway, if you can PLEASE COME TO CHILE! Ib4d get to see you twice I love you so much!!


    Pffffff. Apple products don’t have bugs, the code was written by iGods, duh!

  • John

    Well I have a Galaxy device and numerous iOS devices. The only time my iOS devices got laggy was when I jailbroke them or used them for over 3 years. My Galaxy device has been the exact opposite. It was laggy and I was forced to flash the ROM to get it working right. Personally, I don’t think being forced to hack a device to get it working properly is the approach to take!

    I will choose iOS next time.

  • Dee

    What galaxy device do you have? Extending from previous stance, if you have an entry level android then you cannot make a comparison. Iphone are sold as premium devices and must be compared with the current premium android phone like the galaxy s3. I personally own an international s2 and that thing is a generation old and it works perfectly. Again what you pay is what you get. Most iphone jokes come from the fact that they have similar specs as android premium devices but are outrageously priced.

    • John

      I have a Samsung Captivate. I bought it 2 weeks after it was released and flashed the ROM 6 months after I bought it because it became so glitchy it was driving me nuts. Apps would crash and it would lag like crazy. It was so bad that the phone would crash every 2-3 days and then take an hour to reboot. I realize that I may just have gotten a lemon but it’s enough to have turned me off of Android.

  • mggiphone

    Sure, give me back my ios5 … My 4s is strugling with ios6 (from time to time). Will give my 4s to girlfriend, 16GB is plenty for girly stuff.
    LG Optimus G or Samsung Note 2 … Here I come.
    I have the Nexus7 and I can’t seem to understand why I loose a portion of the screen for soft keys so Nexus4 – no thanks.

    • seriously?

      Did you seriously just say “16GB is plenty for girly stuff”? Please leave and never come back here, you sexist dick.

      Also, it’s “lose”, not “loose”. But I guess it’s not surprising that someone with such idiotic sexist views wouldn’t be able to spell properly either.

    • for_Seriously?

      @seriously? …
      i am not sure why the outraged comments, but I think your comment begs for an answer, so here goes:
      … you are right “loose” should be spelled “lose”, thanks for the correction.
      Having a phone with 16GB of internal storage gives you a whooping 13.5GB of free space on a 4s. Nothing really to write home about and that’s why SD cards are popular. I admit that with a real 16GB of usable space it would have been OK. I did not expect the fruit company to cripple memory as much when I bought it.
      This has nothing to do with being sexist. It’s the same thing as stating that a small phone is bound to be girlish compared to a huge one. (4s vs Note2)
      Anyhow, my girlfriend did confirm that the 4s would be OK for her use, hence my comment.
      ________________________TEXT REMOVED________________________
      Thanks for putting a smile on my face.
      And yes Apple products are overrated. I know I have 4.

  • Scott

    I am an Android user and I really like it, but I think Google could do themselves a favour by exerting a little more control over the handset manufacturers to ensure at least a minimum level of quality, performance and usability. This seems to be the one big weakness in Android cited by most people.

  • OMG BASEDGOD TYBG #taskforce

    Wouldn’t be surprised if the update just told you when you’re “doing it wrong”.

  • oldschool

    I inherited a GS3 today, and I’m highly contemplating going back to my Lumia 710 until the Windows 8 phones are out. While its nice having a powerhouse of a phone, nothing beats the simplicity offered by Windows Phone and to an extent, iOS.

    • phreezerburn

      Trade you my unlocked Lumia 800 then.

  • Canuck2012

    I hope the new releases fixes the LTE problems as Telus claims it will.

  • Chris B.

    Hopefully this fixes the issue of not being able to use LTE with MTS.

  • Spear

    What about the ios6 bug where it ignores your app settings (apple podcast app) to restrict to download via wifi only?