Rogers to release the Samsung Ativ S in November


  • Sean

    Hey Telus how about you announcing what WP8 devices you will get and if you only get the 820… well then that sucks for you…

    • Blaine

      I personally think the 820 is the best windows phone, a normal size, that you can actually hold, it is Nokia so best windows phone experience, and I am glad that Telus is not going all out with Windows Phone, because in February when BB10 is released, that is when Telus should go all in to BlackBerry.

    • John Marshall

      I, too, concede the most interest in the Lumia 820, partly because I’m already on Telus, partly because the 820 has everything I’ve wanted in a phone for some time, and also because I had a positive experience with the Lumia 800 back when I still had it, and would like to have its successor as my phone.

    • Bobblehead

      But if you get duped and sign to Rogers, you’re not allowed to come here and incessantly complain. You know fully well how you’ll be treated, and have been warned.

  • jackjia

    good luck nokia bro

  • HighClassFrenchCricket

    Damn Rogers is going all out on Windows 8

  • gwydionjhr

    The fourth phone is probably from Hauwei.

    Still can’t believe Rogers is only doing the 920 in Black, such a shame.

    • Mr. Reliable

      Doubtful. The only time Rogers has dealt with Huawei recently, that deal fell through.

      Most likely, they’ll release either the 8S or 820, probably the 8S. I wouldn’t be surprised if the 8S would be Fido’s first WP.

  • John Marshall


  • JJ Soleon

    Why is it always Robbbers, Robbers, Robbers? Their services sucks, their pricings suck, everything about them sucks.

    • John Marshall

      Rogers is the largest cellphone provider in the country. If you can only go after one carrier to make your new OS a big splash, the biggest one is the one to go with. These other phones will probably migrate to more carriers once they’ve been around a while.

      I do hope WP8 has a presence on other carriers, though, especially Telus if they hope to succeed the Lumia 800.

    • Jenny Spaghetti

      Are you serious? Their pricing sucks? They’re part of the big 3. THEIR PRICING IS ALL THE SAME. Canadian pricing sucks but Rogers is nothing special in that regard.

  • Darth Paton

    Would have been smart of Samsung to go with Bell or Telus, nobody in their right mind would go for the Ativ S before the Lumia 920.

  • villain

    article isnt very clear, is it exclusive to rogers or that roger will be carrying it.

    • ToxicTaZ

      Samsung ATIV S is not a carrier exclusive phone!

    • freestaterocker

      Samsung actually knows that you need to be on all major carriers to sell the most phones. There’s a reason they are moving more smartphones than any other OEM including Apple.

  • ToxicTaZ

    Telus Mobility is also getting the Samsung ATIV S in November!

    The ATIV S will be on all Canadian carriers like the GS3 🙂

    Samsung ATIV S is not a carrier exclusive phone!

  • montrealer

    Can someone PLEASE explain me the logic behind releasing only the black color for the Lumia 920? In my opinion, it is the most bland color you can get, you can’t differenciate it from others easely. I mean, they even made a promo mocking iphone’s limited amount of colors.

    • Big Ang


      I couldn’t agree more. The only logical explanation is that numerous other carriers worldwide were demanding various colours, or something, and all that was left for Rogers (at launch) was the colour black.

      Hmmpf….that doesn’t sound that logical either….. Here’s hoping that Rogers smartens up and gets the 920 in various colours before Christmas.

    • Bri

      You’ve got to be kidding me… who buys a black lumia 920?? I didn’t even know they come in black lolll

  • beyond

    i agree black is so boring. But it probably has to do with people more likely to buy a neutral color like black. So its a sales decision. I just wish there was some options.

  • The Truth

    There is no doubt in my mind that the Ativ S will be the best selling Windows Phone 8 device hands down. There is a reason why the GS1, GS2, and GS3 were/are the best selling Android phones. That reason is SAMSUNG. Plain and simple. Samsung was on the Windows Phone train well before Nokia decided to take up the OS to save them from extinction. Only when facing extinction did Nokia take up Windows Phone 8. They definitely didn’t do it to help MS gain market share. And I honestly don’t care for a MOBILE device being so thick and heavy. No thanks, maybe next time Nokia.
    Samsung on the other hand, didn’t really need Windows Phone OS, they are the king of Android. But the spirit of diversity and taking a chance, they did anyways. They also are making laptops, all-in-one desktops and tablets running Windows 8 Pro/RT. So I will most definitely be buying an Ativ S, and Ativ Smart PC tablet. Can’t wait for November!

    • Bri

      Samsung is not the best in every category… such as the Android tablets. We don’t know and it is not wise to assume that this phone will be the best selling one but I’m sure this will be a good phone since Samsung made it.

  • jdiggs

    Will the ATIV S have LTE?

    • Bri

      This is 2012…

    • ToxicTaZ

      YES! The Samsung ATIV S will have LTE for US/CAN but what model of memory size they will use?

      16GB, 32GB, or Both? like the GS3 I would say 🙂

  • Bri

    To be honest, the phone’s design is nowhere close to HTC’s and Nokia’s WP8 phones but Samsung still makes good phones..

  • Just that guy

    Samsung seems like it is playing a very dangerous game…
    Full android supporter…
    Now it seems like its fully supporting Windows…
    Im confused…
    They are confusing a shitload of customers…
    if they can manage and support both OS’s GREAT but if they fail…
    It will be a disaster…
    Goodluck and happy selling!

  • Graeme

    I guess I will be switching away from Nokia if their flagship phone isn’t on telus. While I like my 800, I wanted the 900, but it was only a phone I was going to use for 4 months. If there are no w8 phones of equal quality on telus by the new year than I’m going back to android.

    • ToxicTaZ

      Telus Mobility is getting the Samsung ATIV S in November!

      And for people that like to buy low end phones like the Nokia Lumia 800…Telus Mobility will have the Nokia Lumia 820 for you!

      The Samsung ATIV S will be the GS3 on WP8 🙂

  • Mr. Reliable

    God, I just realised that Ativ is actually Vita spelled backwords. Since Sony already took the name last year, I guess this was their next best guess?

  • WMPuser666

    Really, are we going there again, just one colour of the nokia lumia?! Black, is not even a colour! When windows 9 comes out they might release all the other colours, or just one. I figured with the advertising campaigne for nokia showing colour as one reason to stand out, rogers should have had minimum 2 choices. Sad day for canadians…give us some blue, because I feel blue with the lack of choice!

  • Chuck

    For those on Telus or Bell just buy the 920 outright form AT&T or the net and you have the the best Windows Phone and the colour you want. As for Me I’m holding out a little longer to see HTC’s Titan replacement coming Q4. Problem for me is I’m on Wind so unless the Nokia 810 comes with more then 8GB of memory like 16 or more GB’s and expandable memory then I’ll buy it but I have major doubts. I also pray the 920 will work on Wind but I have major doubts there too. I’m really afraid I’ll end up with the Ativ S but the 8X is not a bad option either and second to the 920.

  • Dean

    It just shows how second-rate Rogers is, they can’t carry more than one colour phone. The Nokia Lumia 920 comes in beautiful colors, and they decide to only sell black. Canadian telecommunications is like 200 years behind the rest of the world. There are people living in caves in Afghanistan who can receive full cell signal on their yellow Lumias. I can’t get 1 signal bar in Toronto on Rogers.