Bell planning to launch two Windows Phone 8 devices, Lumia 920 is not one of them


  • Kevin

    Samsung Ativ S and one of the HTC ones, probably the flagship.

    Still though…shame on you Bell. Don’t know what with’s their obsession to carry as few Windows phones as possible.

    • Hilman

      Might have something to do with very minimal sales of Windows Phones.

    • Brad F

      Pretty sure Nokia came out a few months ago and said some carriers didn’t want to carry WP7/WP8 devices because of its Skype integration.

      Now look at which carriers have had WP7 devices since launch (Telus and Rogers) and which ones haven’t been too keep on WP7 (Bell). Notice a pattern?

  • grahamf

    Telus will be getting the 920

    • freestaterocker

      Well, I’ll be buying off contract anyways since I’m locked down til July 2014. Guess I’m adding an unlock fee to the total. Why do you hurt me like this, Bell?!

    • Vincent W

      I hope you’re right, but I’m assuming you’re just guessing.

  • Francis

    If it wasn’t for their lack of support for Windows Phones, I would have never known how much better support and staff at Rogers was. Not to mention, I am now saving a lot of money and have a few better plan.

    • Francis

      Support and service are two different things. Living in Toronto, its hard to have issues with service on nearly any provider. But then again, you look at Ottawa and Bell is just terrible.

  • John Marshall

    Like I said, the Ativ S is a Bell phone if ever I saw one. The Lumia 920 probably has an exclusivity agreement with Rogers, stemming from their exclusivity with the Lumia 900.

    • Braumin

      I hope not. Rogers has no service around here. I hope it is on multiple carriers.

      I don’t personally think these exclusivity deals really help Nokia much. It just limits their market really.

  • Keith

    A poll on WP Central about that Windows Phone buyer intentions showed that more than 90% planned on buying the Lumia 920. Unless I can get an unbranded, Lumia 920 with LTE (unlikely), I will be leaving Bell the first day that in which I can get a red Lumia 920 on Rogers.

    I would also consider Eastlink if they ever get their Nova Scotia wide LTE network off the ground and offer the Lumia 920 though I’m not expecting that.

  • Ryan

    Well, I guess I’ll be leaving Bell. Finally, really – its been two or three contracts now.

  • What is this Madness?

    NO LUMIA 920!?!!?!? Bad bell!

  • WSK

    Very disappointed with this news. But in all honesty, they will not lose customers in droves like if they, for example, refused to carry the iPhone, so they probably feel the gamble and non-participation in the bidding-war is worth it.

  • Francis Thibault

    I had hopes regarding Bell and Nokia. I will wait to see what the HTC has in store but I will likely get the Nokia 920 wherever I can find it.

  • Francis Thibault

    That probably means Virgin Mobile won’t have it either (I am with them and love the customer service and add-ons heck I won one of their contest recently!) but… maybe I will renew my contract with them choose a phone with a good resale value) and sell it then get an unlocked 920

  • Alex Davies

    Since Microsoft is opening a store in Yorkdale, I expect them to sell unlocked Lumia 920’s there (since they did the same for the 800 in the US) at device launch (no waiting for Canadian carrier to drag their feet and release it a few months late). Maybe they’ll even have a 920 and Surface bundle!

    • Francis Thibault

      doubt it (for the bundle) but would justify a trip to Toronto

    • Chuck

      They Are also opening up a holiday store in the Eaton Centre

    • Keith

      I agree with Francis, I would make a trip to Toronto if I could get an unbranded, unlocked Lumia 920 at the Microsoft Store.

    • Big Ang

      Not necessarily. Depends on the agreement they have with the carriers. If there’s a reason that Robelus or the OEMs don’t want MS to sell unlocked phones, then MS probably won’t.

      They can showcase the phones all the want, and then say that the customer can pick on up at whichever store, and point them in the direction of that store. In fact, both the Bell and Telus stores will be right around the corner from the MS Store.

      (But here’s hoping they DO sell unlocked, unbranded Windows Phones, even ones that are not available from the major carriers)

    • John V

      The Yorkdale store will not be opening till the second half of November (16th or 19th) so it will miss the launch date, but it is a permanent store. The Eaton Centre location is listed by Microsoft as a Christmas store so will likely be gone in early January. Unless of course they are selling so much product that they keep it open, but Microsoft has to be careful about taking too many sales away from their partners.
      Every vendor offers special perks like exclusivity for 6 months to entice a vendor like Rogers to push the product, but you still want all the others to pick up your product as soon as the exclusivity ends, so selling around them can sometimes hurt you in the long run.

  • Chuck

    I’m hoping the 920 comes to Wind. But I don’t have much faith. Probably the 820. Do I really have to go back to Telus

    • Crocography

      I am with you on this. I badly want to leave Rogers and go to Wind. But my next phone will be the Nokia 920.

  • serjik

    this sucks

  • coop3422

    Myself personally, I prefer the look of the ATIV S over the 920. I hvae a Galaxy S2 (i9100) solely because I find these larger phones much easier to use with a physical home button. Since the ATIV S looks to be the same design as the i9100, that would be the WP8 device for me. That said everyone has different preferences, and I don’t plan on leaving android. Maybe WP8 can change my mind, but it’s doubtful.

  • Brad

    When I spoke with a bell rep he said that they won’t be supporting windows 8 phones because they didn’t sell well.

    Well shame on you bell/virgn. You where always pushing android and iPhone.. I didn’t know of windows phone until Koodo.

    Of course a phone won’t sell if no one knows it’s there!

  • WSK

    If you ask me, Bell sees Samsung as a much safer “partner” in the long term. Did you forget their exclusive Galaxy Nexus launch last year? The likelihood that Samsung will outlive Nokia and will prove a more lucrative business partner in the long run is probably why Bell will launch the Ativ S and not the Lumia 920. Rogers is bidding for the “now” while Bell is thinking long term.

    I don’t like it, but I think it’s true.

  • Paul

    Might have more to do with the Lumia 920 not coming to Canada at all initially.

  • skinnypig

    Bell could still get the 820, no?

    • Keith

      They may but that is not the point. The 820 is only a mid-range phone and I do not have any interest whatsoever in it.

  • phreezerburn

    If you live in Western Canada it’s Telus for the win. Great customer support and were into the Nokia 800 from day one. I expect them to carry the 920 and will be buying one outright the day it’s available. That’s the one thing the iPhone 5 non-event solidified for me, a 920 or hold out for the BB10 device.

  • roklok

    That’s too bad! Seems like it’s time for me to change carriers. ThatLumia 920 sure is appealing….

  • Mathieu

    If Bell doesn’t carry the 920 then I will change carriers!!!!!!!

  • joey

    well cant say ill be re signing a contract with bell

  • ToxicTaZ

    WP8 Canada

    Im with Telus Mobility, I would like to get the Samsung ATIV S on LTE network but the ATIV S has NO LTE support? I dont want the Lumia 820 has my next WP8. Telus never had the Lumia 900 and dont think they will get Lumia 920.

    I think bell will get HTC WP8 LTE.

  • David

    It’s too bad Bell doesn’t have it. Still waiting for Roger’s news

  • sinkiller

    I called Bell awhile ago, my wife lost her BB, we had lost insurance so we had it replaced. I did ask the sales rep if they were going to get WP8 devices, I plan on getting 2, one for the wife and one for me. The Nokia is the one I was hoping for. The call center agent did say they were going to have a Samsung phone, and no Nokia. too bad. Samsung is hot now but the Nokia is a really sweet phone. Bell originally sold LG and HTC. I present have the LG.

  • sinkiller

    oh forgot to mention. I work for Bell, not mobility. so I don’t have any insight here, but I would switch carriers for the Nokia 920 if it wasn’t for the employee discount.

  • B.Atkin

    I will buy out my 5 contracts with Bell and move to Telus . .Bell ,you always seem to disappoint me. You supported Nokia for years and now its all about crappy Android phones . Please reconsider and carry the flagship phone of the best OS out there….

  • Vincent W

    I wouldn’t be at all surprised if part of the MS deal with Nokia forbids exclusivity agreements on their flagship phone. MS wants this phone to be available to as many customers as possible. They’re not fooling around now. They are big time pushing this new OS and the Nokia phones in particular.

  • WiseyD

    Bell get the NOKIA LUMIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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