Samsung Canada says they’ll share availability of the Note II and ATIV S “in the coming months”

Samsung just unloaded a slew of new products today. Namely the GALAXY Note II, ATIV Tab, ATIV S, and the Galaxy camera. In their press releases Samsung said the Note 2 will first be released in “in October starting in major European, Asian, and Middle East markets.” There was no word on the expected launch dates for either the Galaxy Camera – which will have 3G and 4G connectivity – or the Windows Phone 8 powered ATIV S, or ATIV Tab.

We reached out to Samsung Canada for a bit of insight into when we’ll be getting these devices. The good news is that Canadians will, but the unfortunate news is that it’ll launch sometime “in the coming months.” Here’s their full statement:

“We are are excited to support the Global announcement of the Samsung GALAXY Note 2, ATIV – Windows Phone 8 operating system devices and GALAXY Camera. Samsung Mobile is committed to providing unique and an intuitive user experience that goes beyond passive content consumption to a new world of productivity, active creation and personalized communications. We look forward to sharing product timing and Canadian availability details in the coming months.”

We’ve also been informed that the ATIV Tab has not been confirmed to come to Canada at this time.
More soon…