Cygnett Apollo Hybrid Case Review for Samsung Galaxy S III


  • WOW!

    I bought the same design from Ebay for 5$ including shipping!!!! lol why would I pay more? the material is great !


    FIRST lol…. HAHA now you have to give me thumbs downnnn HAHAHAH




    @WOW! WTF is ur problem commeting so quickly

    • Spanky

      go clean your room, better yet, go play in traffic for a while.

  • Josh

    Hello Daniel, how did you switch from TouchWiz UI to the Stock ICS UI? The Stock one looks so much better on S3…

  • Joe

    Anything is possible with root

  • DarkisFever

    Just download a launcher like apex or nova to make it look like stock without root. Or just root and custom Rom that sucker.

  • nathan

    @Big Boy.. first post fail…..

  • TKG26

    I just got this one in yellow. Anyone want to buy a white otter box? 🙂

    SPIGEN SGP Galaxy S3 Neo Hybrid

  • Stuntman

    For people who don’t think that the SGS3 is big enough, they need something to make it feel even bigger in their hand. 🙂

  • Apple Sales Guy

    Galaxy S3 is an ugly phone. No case will make it look pretty.

    Sorry folks


  • Miknitro

    Gross case.

  • slype

    Hey Apple sales guy,

    You must live it here on mobilesyrup. You can speak your mind and we accept that you have a different opinion than us. We may not like it but that’s the beauty of choice. Try doing that on a website like Apple insider where you get banned for having unpopular views. The Apple way of doing things.

    Anyways you will enjoy the freedom and differing views here.
    Take care

  • slype

    * Love it here

    Le sigh

  • lol

    This case wasn’t listed on their website. Isn’t that just awesome?

  • jack

    what’s a good screen protector for this phone?

  • Reza Dowlatshahi

    Since you think it is a little too wide for your taste, why don’t you give it away to me as part of a contest! 🙂 I like the look of it.