Update: Bell, Virgin and TELUS hop on the extra gig train


  • Allan

    Wow, who could have seen this coming? Competition in Canada, I’ve got swampland in Arizona to sell ya. We just play follow the monkey.

  • Fartknocker

    How about a bonus “1 year knocked off your contract” promotion.

    … A man can dream…

    • motionmode

      you signed that s**t yourself bro

    • Sandy Cheeks

      In U.S. and Britain, to take two countries as an example, you get exactly the same phone, for a lower price on a TWO year contract. We are being ripped off. Pay attention!

  • Bob

    OMG thats a fantastic deal………NOT!!!!

  • stephie

    Telus is doing it too btw.

  • Pete

    Yet another perfect example of collusion. It’s impossible not to see it. It’s right freaking there!

    Poor Canadians – fooled and maipulated.

    Look into the upstarts, if you live in urban areas. Make a difference.

  • WC

    So I heard the CRTC is supposed to work for the consumers but the carrier plans get worse every week. We’re paying more for less with every new plan the carriers conspire to bring out. How can they not see something is fishy when all the carriers come out with the same new plans at the same damn price.

    • Luke18

      Big3 sit on CRTC board, and are buddy-buddy with them. Expect minimal to zero change in the near future.

  • DoctorCell

    Voicemail and call display is included with bell and virgin promo plan tho

  • David

    Thanks for the tip! For Bell, how do I get the extra gig? Do I have to call them and ask them for it? If so, does anyone have a link to a Bell webpage that talks about this promo?

  • gnote

    Wow! /sarcasm

  • Aaron

    I just called Virgin Customer Care, and was told it’s “just a rumour”. Sigh. Unfortunately, their website hasn’t been updated to reflect the change, so I don’t have any “proof” to give them. I’ll call again later.


      go to a store kiosk for the deal, i got mine today.

  • roger

    stop buying your stupid highend phones on contract and you will see the prices drop. How much you think it cost to a cell company to give away highend cell phones to 9millions customers?

    your a bunch of poor people that has no money and wonder why you dont have any money. thats what happen when you live on credit.

    they is company that have better plan if you buy the phone. but hey, its way better to buy it on contract and then wonder why you have no liberty to choose what you really want lol

    keep complaining about prices lol

  • Travis

    The ignorance on mobilesyrup comments is unbelievable. In response to WC, rate plans have actually decreased in price over the last few years, demand on features such as data, minutes, text has increased. In response to Sandy Cheeks, of course its cheaper in most European countries, they have a much larger population in a smaller area. Canada requires much more towers and therefore more upkeep, also we have one of the leading networks in the world with LTE. $60-$80 a month for something you use every day is great value and pretty damn cheap. Babies..

    • 2c

      my little buddy, that’s why we are bringing more operators but as usual they were given less options to compete, this negative reaction is due to the face that now a days an average user is fed up by paying above 50 bucks a month for just 100 minutes.

      i really laughed hard when i saw after coming to canada that this is a 1st world country and still like a big village where people pay 50 bucks for 100 minutes man that’s hilarious as of today’s communication industry standard.

    • T4CT

      @2c if you’re paying $50/mo for 100 minutes you’re an i***t because there are no on-market plans for $50 that only give you 100 daytime minutes.

  • Shaggyskunk

    It’s probably better to voice your opinions on twitter – trust me, the carriers will notice – at least rogers did!
    MS is a great site, only thing is, you’re preaching to the converted – Most of the people who visit MS, already know that the Canadians are getting s#&*#ed by what is is essentially a monopoly in Canada – The telecoms don’t like bad press – but it’s contained on sites like this one – On twitter etc, they can’t edit or remove your comments – So, instead of complaining here (doesn’t hurt) Use the social media… You’re paying a hefty penny for it anyway 😉

  • roger

    exactly travis, and people keep forgetting in most country people ahve to PURCHASE the phone, in canada with put the phone on credit, that cost alot of money to a company. people keep forgetting that

  • MER1978

    Can’t they just get rid of the up and down game and do something like 5/6 GB always?

  • Zeake

    never gets old.

  • grahamf

    How do you get this? I tried calling Bell and the representative knew nothing about this.

  • John

    Ok guys I called Bell and told the guy I read about this bonus… He looked for it and added it… Thanks tipster and Mobilesyrup!

  • intheknow

    It’s available to new and existing customer who get the Fab65 plan. You have to have the version of the plan that was launched recently and it looks like the promo is only until the 14th for now

  • Mike

    Virgin Mobile does not offer this! This is FAKE news for Virgin Mobile… Spoke with a customer service supervisor at Virgin. Maybe for Bell but not true for Virginia Mobile.


      Im with Virgin, got this today at a Virgin kiosk. Awesome service as always. But if you want it, the kiosk offers it. be sure to deal with the corporate store, not a dealer.

  • Trevor

    I just called bell and got it. You have to be stern and tell them you want the gig promo on your plan. If they don’t know what your talking about tell them to look it up. Thanks mobilesyrup. Why does everyone b***h for here. Shut up and deal with it or go to wind or something f’in whine bags.

  • Mike

    Hi Trevor…. Tried what you said with Virgin Mobile… No luck… Any of had any luck with Virgin Mobile?

  • TKG26

    60$ 500min 10favs 5gigs caller Id unlimited texting…. Telus users call telus and demand the saskatewan plans….. I did.

  • Grahamf

    Just got it. You should have no problem getting it because by now all of the service reps should know about it.

  • gio

    Canada get’s ripped off in every market whether it is Internet plans, TV plans, Cell phone plans etc… it’s ridiculous the amount we pay for services and how little we get compared to other countries. low bandwidth and High prices

  • Mike

    Did any of you had any luck with Virgin Mobile?

  • skullan

    I’m out of the cellphone game when the contract is over. They are competing alright, it’s a competition to raise prices for less value.

    I’m not paying over $50 a month and in my opinion, that should include at least 2 gigs of data.

  • Mike

    Which Virgin plan are you guys on? Still no luck here

  • gomez99

    so can i switch to this plan, i was on the fab10 promo 55 that i got one year ago, and if i did it wouldnt extend my contract would it

  • Betty

    $30plan + 2gb data $25 = $55

    cheaper and more data

  • Sonya

    I have confirmed with Virgin Mobile that they don’t actually have this plan going on, with one extra free gig of data. Sorry MobileSyrop, you’re leak wasn’t a good one..

  • gomez99

    tried switching to this plan, however they said it doesnt include free long distance outside my 10 like i got previously in my fab10 55 , i thought this plan included all free long distance in canada