Rogers locations starting to receive iPhone 5 shipments


  • pokemon


    • vn33

      So what ??

    • Blackberry Sales Guy

      Sorry phandroids your phones suck. Sorry!

    • …..

      no worries, thanks to your useless comment, other people can now comment on any topic since it doesnt need to be relevant to yours.

    • iPear

      Hoping that all the people planning to buy these iphone4ish, atleast consider galaxy s3 or htc one x or nokia lumua 900. or any other people. they are so blinded by apple its a pity.

    • Wilborn


  • iphoneuser

    It’s sad when I have to count the number of rows of icons to differentiate it from the iPhone 4/4S. I had to make sure that that was the iPhone 5 in the picture.

    • …..

      truee.. i just assumed this is iphone5.

    • Paf88

      Doesn’t take a genius :eyeroll:

  • Biscuits.

    Ho-hum. Where is the Galaxy Nexus 2?

  • Mark Twain

    Sheep to slaughter…

    • Paf88

      Yeah, posted from your creepy basement, teenager :eyeroll:

  • Apple Sales Guy

    I call this picture
    magic in a box… in a box


  • Pablo Moses

    I need the purple iFive!

  • Steven Schwartz

    As much as I berate Apple & iphones in particular. This will be a great phone for many people. They do not sell as many as they do because they suck. But Apple needs to remember RIM was also the top dog in mobile for a long time and now they are begging for change on the corner like some electronic hobo. I personally like the freedom and choice with android, but many do not, they like being guiding the whole way through an experience. Just like some people love cruises and guided tours and others travel and follow their interests and what life brings them. There is a comfort for many regarding the iphone, everyone is exactly the same, everywhere over and over again. Just like a big mac is the same everywhere. There are people who travel to Italy spend a fortune only to eat in American restaurants.

  • iEtthy

    Cant wait to get my hands on the Best iPhone YET! 🙂
    Goodbye Galaxy s2!

    • LAvida

      LOL why do u get so many thumbs down for telling people what you like…geez. It’s just a phone people. I will use it I will pay for it it is MY decision not YOURS. SO bugger off! go be a troll under the bridge please.

  • KK

    Good phone but locked to Rogers… No thanks. I will buy it from Apple unlocked myself.

  • MyNameIsWepeel

    Just got a call from Rogers… All pre-orders have to wait until 3pm to pick up.

    In-store purchases (NOT pre-order) start at 8am, but those who pre-ordered will have to wait until 3pm to pick up theirs.

    The rep I spoke to said that this was to “control traffic”. I think I’ll be showing up at 8am to pick it up anyway. Isn’t the whole point of a pre-order so we don’t have to wait?

    • RogersRep7

      Having a preorder doesn’t provide you the right to cut through other waiting customers and demand your iPhone 5 at that instant. They’re telling people 3:00 p.m. so that you’re less likely to stand in line once the morning rush is over and we’re out of stock.

    • jack

      preorder is so you guarantee yourself a phone. doesnt say anything about getting it “first”.

  • Jay

    I can see why some people would love an iPhone, it’s easy to use and works well. There is something I just don’t like about Apple’s phones. I love their tablet, but for some reason I don’t like their phone. Maybe it’s because I can’t make it personal, like having different tones for different notifications.

  • Vengefulspirit99

    Nty I’ll stick with the s3

  • Rob

    I received a call from the Rogers Plus store saying my iPhone 5 was available for pick up and didn’t stipulate a time when I could or couldn’t grab it. As it turns out it will be around 5pm but man…Friday cannot come here fast enough. Thursday is such an inconvenience! Its in the way! Move!

    • jack

      clearly should have ordered it to a dealer store, they wont give u some bulls*** time like oh u can only pick up at 3pm or 5pm.

      if u want to line up and pick up ur phone u should be able to do that.

  • BaconTelevision

    So, the next news worthy posts on mobile syrup will be “Telus receives iPhone 5 stock”
    followed by: Virgin, Bell, Fido, etc…

    This post is redundant as ever major carrier is getting this phone by Thursday…
    Maybe report news on carriers that didn’t receive stock due to and unforeseen circumstance. Now that would be more exciting..

  • OGOD

    This stocks are for walkin customers, online pre-order iphone always in a saparate independent box for each customer, which has customer’s name and cell phone# on the box. Once the Dealer receive it in store will call you to pick it up.

    I suggest not to order it at dealer’s store, order it online. Some dealers only do with new activation at the begaining, but even you are renew your contract, they still put down ur name on their list as pre-order customer but you never get call from them.

    Anyways, I will never use an iphone again. Love my S3!!

  • Jeremy

    Pretty funny how some people say so much smack about the new Iphone. Here is an idea, if you don’t want to buy it then don’t buy it. No one cares about your bias opinion(s), that is of course you actually have an opinion and not just some person wanting to feel good from getting a lot of likes for their comment. Also, I got to admit I was pretty shocked about the small changes of the new Iphone, but at least it doesn’t have a super big screen. I’d rather have my thumb move from one side to the other rather than having to use another hand to do something simple. Of course the specs of the new Iphone aren’t as good as say the galaxy s3, but hey, since when did people look for specs? Is it not about the quality of the product anymore? Like if you were buying a tv. Would you rather buy the Sanyo tv that has a huge amount of specs or buy the Sony tv that has less specs but has an overall better picture? So why doesn’t everyone just not give a damn about specs? Any one of us could make a phone today and make it so that it has so many specs, but that doesn’t mean the specs are good. Businesses crave for uneducated, non-thinkers who just buy something because it looks good on paperJust think about it people. This is only my opinion and of course anyone can argue against me so go for it and tell me what you think.

    • BB

      you kind of proved what i have been saying all along. Its not the phone most people talk crap about its the users. You just said its not about specs, of course it is, and the os. But if you have more specs that would mean more functionality in most cases. As well, you say they are targeting uneducated people to buy the devices and when people say iphone is crap you will still buy one. We aren’t saying it because we want to talk crap, but its true. For the money your spend apple isn’t really worth it. If it were all these other guys would still have one and not the samsung.

  • Glenn

    There should be an age requirement to post, I’m tired of reading all the kids commenting on phones they’ve never touched let alone afford to buy.

    • sp

      please elaborate a little more…

      cause you know now a days a lot of freaking kids have better phones than adults…

      so i dont really get your post here…