Video: Samsung’s new ad says the iPhone 5 is for your mom and dad


  • Justin Credible


    • Blackberry Sales Guy

      Only fat nerds buy android phones.

    • DjAlyson4


    • PkaTka

      The only problem is that there’s quite a few moms and dads out there.

  • Snafu

    Excellent Samsung. – I applaud your efforts and my next purchase will be a s3

  • Kid.Canada

    More like for kids under 13 lol

  • pr0cs

    the parents thing was COLD-BLOODED

  • GT

    This is starting to look like a political campaign, where one canidate bashes the other. Why can’t companies just promote their products with out bashing the others and let the consumer decide.

    • M Man

      It is Apple that bashes Android by declaring “thermonuclear war” and claiming that it is “stolen product”.

    • JR

      Probably for the same reason that no one on this site can comment on an article without the threads leading to an eventual iPhone vs Android tickle fight by the end. Come on though, that was a pretty good commercial…

    • Chief

      Do you have a mental illness or are you just stupid? Apple declared “thermonucler war” on android(which is childish) and so theyre will be truth like this coming from samsung

    • GrapeApe

      Yeah like those neutral Mac vs PC ads, right ??

      Apple can’t complain, they’ve been doing this since their time vs IBM.

      And really it’s the truth, not that the same can’t be said about Fandroid or Cracberry addicts.

  • Bolexle

    The peoples faces when the elderly couple came to claim their spot… Priceless.


    OMG, Samsung is being such a bully! (This is a reference to the “It doesn’t take a Genius” comeback ads iSheep done).

  • shockaaa

    mock the product all you want samsung …dont mock the consumer, you might loose them.

    • Hilman

      I doubt anyone is going to loose anything, maybe you meant lose whilst typing on your little iP4 screen and couldn’t tell?

    • Nathen

      ” I doubt anyone is going to loose anything, maybe you meant lose whilst typing on your little iP4 screen and couldn’t tell?”

      L M A O
      He should of used SIRI…lol maybe it would have correct him and asked him if he wanted a picture of a STALLION ?


    • Iphone5psychiatrist

      So its ok When Apple makes fun of PC users in their commercials, Sue innovation, Litigate to deprive competition. Yeah Apple is so cool. Moron.

  • Derek Speed

    If the next big thing is already here, then why do they have to announce it over and over and over and over… 🙂

    • Lewis

      What – like Apple announceing again and again how innovative their new devices is

    • techie 01

      Because People are stupid morons and need to be told something is better because they can’t figure it out for themselves

  • Mike Hock

    So who else is getting the iPhone 5? #20, 998!! thank god im not like 21,000 at the fairview line!! camped out starting today put my tent up.. also is this the new blackberry 10 OS? and this phone does not compare to my Galaxy s12 yes S 12 pre released version

  • LJK

    lol I friggin love this ahah

  • Big Ang

    Although I’m not a fan of Samsung or Android, I think this commercial is AWESOME! It should be paired up with the iPhone 5 clip from Jimmy Kimmel Live!!!

  • Tomatoes

    That was seriously a really well done commercial. It was short enough to be aired but managed to fit a lot of jabs in. Plus it was pretty funny.

  • Thai

    The iPhones are the new flip phones. Every little girl wants one.

    • OgtheDim

      More like every little girl’s Aunt Zoe.

  • Derek Speed

    Should be more like the next big piece of cheap plastic is already here 🙂

    • sp

      lol…you mad bro?

      its ok bro… its ok… we understand

  • artfuldodger416

    Say what you will but Samsung wishes it could sell 2 million in 24 hrs or that it’s products could virtually sell themselves (no pun intended).

    …if you’re going to make a “sheep” comment, buying a different brand does not make you beyond consumerism.

    • Hilman

      Why would they want to wish to sell 2 million when they had 9 million pre-orders and sold over 20 million in 100 days?

    • sp

      it makes you a sheep when you blindly and wilfully throw 800-1000 for a phone that is behind every other phone out there? claiming that its the “best”

      it makes you a sheep when you blindly obey a company when it says…hey this is the best, but now you have to also buy a nano sim and dock connectors to make this work with your old cables and chargers!! cool? cool..

      it makes you a sheep when you blindly line up for hours/days outside a store to pick up a mediocre piece of tech that isnt all that great.

      thats what makes you a sheep. i too was once like you…once…

    • BB

      the reason they call you sheep isn’t based on the product you buy, its based on the user buying them with no reason for doing so. If you look at comments most android users will break down specs, while iphone users fight back with “it’s not specs its because of the os”! thats a pretty basic answer.

    • Curtis

      Main difference would be that Samsung would actually be able to deliver those 2 Million Handsets on time, not a month later.

  • Really?

    It’s sad that a company feels so threatened that they have to resort to negative advertising. Let’s be honest the mobile market is huge, some people like the status symbol of having an iPhone and some people like having a device that is more flexible and more “techy”.

    • Thai

      Or a company is so threatened that it has to sue everyone else?

    • Nathen

      I know , what was APPLE thinking with all those MAC vs Windows Attack Ads. Gee I don’t know.

      You Apple freaks are so shallow.

    • Davey Becks

      After Antennagate, Apple’s website contained videos of how other’s competitor’s phones could also have reception problems.

      If that’s not negative advertising, I don’t what is.

    • iphoneuser

      @Thai: BINGO!

    • BB

      lets not forget apple just sued them for copying and dissed them at the iphone 5 event before they started the presentation. All apples negativity is mainly fake, but samsung releases a commercial with the truth and ifans can’t take it. P.S. my mom is actually going to get one! She doesn’t know why either but she likes what she sees and hears!

    • som


      Remember this? “Hello, I’m a Mac, Hello, I’m a PC”
      Apple does it, they are geniuses, sensational marketing, blah, blah. Samsung does it. It’s bashing.

  • androgynousdroid

    Great commercial. It’s funny how Apple became ‘cool’ in a dort of understated way by being the underdog for years. But Samsung has been able to be more open and honest about it and just say “hey, we’re cool. We’re even cooler than Apple” and have managed to become the new hipster brand. That is awesome. Who knew you could buy “cool”.

  • Adam West

    Prediction: 5 years from now, IPhone sheep will look back, shake their heads, and wonder how dumb they must have been to buy into all that Apple hype.

    Prediction #2: 5 years from now… IPhone who?

    • androgynousdroid

      Steve Ballmer, is that you? Sounds like one of his infamous iPhone or iPad predictions.

    • techie 01

      that is why Blackberry stock is so low 🙂

  • Derek Speed

    Samsung rave about the useless features that they have, look at the chart they put out comparing the iP5 and S3, tilt to zoom was listed as a feature, give me a break. I dare Samsung to do a comparison base on performance. Even early results shows that the iP5 top in Javascript bench-marking and I won’t be surprise if it will top in other categories. Samsung can have 2GB of Ram, etc., etc., etc…but it’s only numbers if you can’t do anything with it.

    • Ryan

      If downloading a torrent, whilst also downloading from the app store and a 100mb file in firefox whilst watching netflix at the same time is not doing anything with it then I guess its useless.

    • Derek Speed

      @Ryan – Get off the Apple bandwagon….you mean the Play Store

    • BB

      sorry you know passbook is so great…i will remember that when your iphone has an issue and you can’t pay for coffee anymore.

  • Carlo S

    I have a question for everyone here bashing Samsung for the negative ad campaign. Did you have the same opinion of Apple over their negative Mac vs PC ad campaign?

    • kb2755

      Beauty comparison, I was thinking the exact same thing.

    • Hilman

      Checkmate Carlo S, great comment!!!!

      Fanboy: “But, but, but that is different.”


    • sp


      that is all!!!

  • Cortez Jay

    if you don’t like the product don’t promote it, just because you don’t like doesn’t mean the next person won’t. Your promoting apple by bashing it.

    • Zomby

      Actually, there’s no mention of Apple anywhere in the clip. Of course we all know that’s what they’re referring to but unlike the Mac vs PC commercial, they’re concentrating on what they do better than “the other guy” instead of bashing on it.

  • Simon

    That is Brilliant!! I’m not consumed by either brand but you have to say, it puts it all in perspective..

  • iphoneuser

    Alot of whining cry babies here.

    Seems like the whiners don’t understand the nature of business and the nature of competition.

  • Android4Ever

    This is so cool, way to go Samsung. I hope Apple would realize and learn what they are lacking in their phone by seeing this ad. Wake up Apple its almost 2013, show some advancement.

  • iphoneuser

    The commercial is brilliant.

  • OgtheDim

    So when Apple does the whole PC/Mac thing for years on end that’s ok but Samsung doing a quick thing vs. the iphone is sad?

  • samps

    The commercial is definitely hilarious. I will fully admit, for various reasons, I use an iPhone. I’ve used iPhones, numerous BlackBerrys and even had a Galaxy Nexus for some time. Each person has different needs and therefore, different phones will suit them better. My two main reasons for iPhone:

    1: It’s simple – I don’t do a lot of stuff with phones. I’m too busy.
    2. It’s a bit smaller so fits well in various locations for me – pocket and also in a compartment in my car.

    I have a work issued BB 9900 and it serves its purpose.

    All of the people claiming this or that is better…it is seriously getting old. Just as brutal as all the lawsuits between the companies. Seriously, just choose what you want to use and stop caring what others want to use.

  • AM Radio


  • OgtheDim

    Oh, and ya’ll know this is following on from an SGII add 10 months ago, right?

  • Jordan Hill

    hahahaha amazing

  • MB

    Best smartphone ad ever! it made me laugh all the way through.
    And Carlo S has the best point!


    Enjoy this site a lot, first time poster and iPhone4 user. I do like my iPhone from a hardware standpoint. However, whereas I would never have considered moving to some other OS / Device, I will now consider it as I think the iPhone5 is nice, but no longer a slam dunk for my $. I didn’t say I will dump my iPhone4, but with recent changes to Maps and the like, I love how Google works on my Iphone now. Many of the features I like in the 4 model are based on Google as I travel for work as a mystery shopper across the country. With the OS changes basically giving Google da boot, in my needs category, I think I will have less of an experience with OS6. So even though I can upgrade now, I’m taking a wait and see approach and I don’t think I would have said this a few years back. Competition is getting tougher, and while I agree that the iPhone5 is easy on the eyes, I also want a great experience when using it. This is going to get interesting as I always think Google does things very very well. Google and Iphone were a slam dunk, now with the parting of ways, a lot of uncertainty lies ahead and Apple will have to earn my $ going forward. And btw, I would never wait in line for any phone, my time is just too valuable for that. If I had to wait for a phone from anyone, I’d send them an invoice for my time as that’s how I bill now.

  • S2556

    awesome commercial! much better than their previous ones imho.
    I was laughing the whole time. LOVE the parent bit haha

  • sp

    damn…that made my afternoon. thanks guys.

    yeah we’ve had that for awhile now… lol… classic

  • Taylor

    The samsung galaxy S3 is a fantastic peice of machinery, its software is amazing and its hardware is top notch. I love the device for its screen and its speed and with its camera to boot its hard not to like.

    The problem samsung faces is it makes a name for itself by putting down its opponents instead of marketing itself as a premiere device. It points out a lot of its amazing features by being the kid in the playground saying “I have this and you dont”

    I think the big flaw right now is the inability to sync properly with itunes. You give me a samsung device that will allow me to put all the albums and movies ive purchased with itunes onto it without sacrificing quality like the blackberry sync did.

    Ive used every device under the moon and I love the S3 but to be honest I use my phone for calling/texting/facebook/twitter/music and my iphone is good with that right now.

    Just an opinion, both are good devices but it depends on the user to decide what they need in a phone.

    • sp

      wait a sec? why would you want to synch it with iTunes? iTunes is horrible to be able to sync things with.

      everytime i connect my SGS3 to my Macbook Pro and iTunes is open…it always keeps asking me if i want to sync and such with old data i had with my previous 4S.

      i love the ability to be able to drag and drop files and move them to where I want to move them. the freedom of the plug and play is so much better than being restricted to iTunes.

  • Mark

    What about my mom and dad carrying the S2. Should i yank those off and buy them iPhones? Brilliant marketing samsung!

  • SC

    Can anyone explain to me how iphone is more simple to use? I am tired of hearing this when I’ve seen a video showing that on android some tasks take fewer steps to accomplish the same goal.

    It is more simple I guess when there is 1 physical button but other than that?

  • LOL

    Samsung with the shot right to the balls!

  • Nick

    I’ll be lining up to get the iPhone5 while showing my galaxy II to people this friday 😀

    • sp

      lol i think i might do just the same thing….gonna load up a few ROMs to show the Lemmings the ease of being able to customize and change OS versions on the fly.

      and then record their reactions…

      “yeah yeah, but the headphone jack is on the bottom!!! BOOYAH”

      smh lol

  • Apple Sales Guy

    Very disrespectful.
    Samsung being a bully, and using desperation playground bully tactics.

    Tease all you want Samsung, but in the end, we took a billion dollars from ya! and we are gonna sell more iphone 5’s than galaxy s3’s!!!

    neener neener


  • chris k

    This is so true. I gave my parents my old android phone and they didn’t know what to do. They already had an i pad so i told them to buy the iphone and they have no regrets. They said i should get an iphone but i will gladly stick with my nexus

  • jack

    They should have shown someone with a GS3 taking a panoramic video of the lineup to demonstrate yet another feature that is already here.

  • Manny

    Height of Desperation by Samsung… It wont make any difference in Iphone sales, keep trying !

  • Vengefulspirit99

    I’m not hating on others, but some people are seriously retarded here…

    someone claiming that Itunes is better than drag and drop?

    until the whole thing gets appealed, Samsung isn’t even giving apple a penny.

    2 million pre orders in 24 hrs? how about 9 million pre orders? 20 million phones in 100 days?

  • haxor99

    Lol kinda cheesy, but I guess you have to fight cheese with cheese

  • Motoroler

    So, once you’ve grown up and the allure of flashing lights and ringing bells has largely lost its effect on you, you move from Android to iPhone? Sounds about right…

    • OgtheDim

      You didn’t notice the “I’m pysched!” guy?

      He was as old as the parents.

      But alone……….on his own………..a nerd in need of a home.

  • IBL

    It’s amazing how many insecure people seem to find comfort in that ad.

    • OgtheDim

      Calling people we disagree with insecure is often called passive-aggressive behaviour.

      Personally I prefer to laught at anything funny.

      The iphone5 will be a good phone for many people

      But the lengths Apple fans have gone the last week to call it second to none is quite ludicrous. I even had one guy on the G&M tell me that because Apple makes great tablets, this phone is superior to any other phone.

  • Joe

    Samsung also makes good comedies

  • ukrainian fob

    My girlfriend is the biggest apple nerd ever, and even she is refusing to buy a new Iphone. Got S3 2 days ago (switch from blackberry) and I can’t be more happier, I do miss my BBM though, god

  • Alsafady

    BAHAHA this is all hilarious…

    Septmember 21st: *door opens,

    Hello iSheep, be ready, the shepherd is here with your toys 😉

  • OGOD

    My gf using iphone just because she likes the camera, that’s it(If samsung’s camera can take brighter pics than iphone, she will change it to andriod too and samsung is too big for her hands). My anties also just using iphone just because everyone is using it(isheep). Me, my bro and my cousin, we all changed from iphone to Galaxy Note and S3,and We all love it. My opinion is iphone is for smart phone begainer.

  • sp

    website is dying? doesnt seem like it… seems to be going strong.

    if you want a pro Apple website there are many of those out there.

    this website is about people who have an open mind and are free to choose from something other than an iPhone. believe it or not a lot of us (well me for sure) were probably old iPhone users at one point. who claimed that iPhone was Gods gift to people for phones…

    then we woke up.

  • Van

    Apple still has the lowest malfunction frequency.

  • Rafael

    I have GS3 and getting the 64GB White iPhone 5. I still LMFAO!

  • Moe

    Just pick the phone you want and shut up.

  • Mr. Reliable

    Seriously, that commercial was awesome!
    Still got an iPhone 5 though 🙂

  • steve

    apple sells maybe 100 millions iphones a year… android activates 1 million a day… nuff said

  • al

    Samsung – trolling like a BOSS.

  • Francis


  • candy287


  • Njoi

    Lol now the only thing missing would be someone with a Nokia Lumia 920 showing up and just shaking his/her head at all the misguided people who think they have the best phone out there

    • beyond

      YES Nokia LUMIA 920 all the way!!!! This phone has way better specs than iPhone 5. Including a larger higher resolution screen than their so called ‘Retina’ display.

  • beyond

    Why is everything about this iPhone so great? When existing phones have had these features already, plus have more features. Why people are raving about this is beyond me. I think people have lost their marbles. Apple is so behind now it boggles my mind that they are as successful as they are.

  • shockaaa

    honestly…how often do you s3 users beam stuff back and forth? …and how does it feel to use your sixth finger(stylus)while you are drving?

  • ActivesiN

    lol that was priceless, glad im not an isheep or a hipster doofus

  • Dilkatron

    Super clever. If they could just battle like this, instead of on patents.

  • Slype

    Great ad, it showed how stupid it is to wait in line for 3 days for a phone that was outdated a year ago (yet released as the greatest thing ever) and it shows all the functionality a month old phone has over the iPhone.

    I guess they want to show iPhone users what they will be getting in 2 years from now.

  • Norm

    That was a good commercial, I will definitely give Samsung a lot of credit for that. And the parents bit was cold

  • imnot telling

    Why would you want to watch a video when sending an email? Does it telepathically link to my brain and then note what i want to say and who i want to send it too in the background when i’m watching a precious video???

    WOW – Amazing technology.

    BTW, that was sarcasm…

  • sp

    “The iPhone 5 is the iPhone we’ve wanted since 2010, adding long-overdue upgrades like a larger screen and faster 4G LTE in a razor-sharp new design.”

    So, Apple is 2 years behind and this is a good thing?

  • Ali

    All ya people out there comparing apple to Samsung u should get a grip it’s not either one these companies r going to share there profits with u it’s all about being on top and u people being laughed at and they know that

  • Lynn

    Samsung is the bully? REALLY???? Wake up! Everytime Apple feels a liitle threatened by Samsung’s success, THEY are the ones who start hitting back! They are the biggest bully and want it to stay like that! They will never be happy to share the market with anyone!