HTC 8X Windows Phone smiles for the camera before tomorrow’s announcement


  • AR

    The photo has been taken from Samsung Galaxy S3 it seems. This phone looks like Lumia to me.

  • skazzy

    This actually looks like a decent phone honestly. HTC needs to reduce their prices to stay competitive. I can’t remember the last time I’ve seen any of my friends with an HTC phone.

    • Hilman

      How can you tell with no specs released, a blurry picture full of glare and covered up with a Phone Arena watermark? The only thing one can deduce from this picture is that it is rectangular lol.

  • Matches Malone

    This phone looks great, as AR said it does look like a Lumia. Anyways can’t wait hopefully ithas AWS bands. Thinking of switching to Wind

  • Smitty

    Is this BB10?

  • AR

    @Smitty- Yes, this is BB10.

  • Jimbo

    @Smitty, the funny thing is, the more this gets asked (stupid or not) the more people realize just how long it is taking RIM to deliver BB10. Keep posting as it only proves BB is on the way out, unfortunately.

    Here hopeing HTC hits this out of the park, as competition is great for everyone(including apples lawyers).

  • TonyG

    Very few people will buy a windows phone not made by nokia. Nice try HTC stick with actually make better andriod phones currently than Samsung.Samsung is still soaking up the benifit of last year acheivement

    • Hilman

      I agree, I used to be a huge fan of HTC, my first three Android phones were the Hero, Desire and Desire HD and may be back but so far I am loving my Samsung Galaxy Nexus (especially on JB).

      I know they don’t want to put all their eggs in one basket (Android) but I honestly don’t see them making any money on developing phones for Windows. I think they will lose money as the money spent in getting the phone to market won’t come anywhere near the revenue coming in from sales.

      If I had to guess, I bet they sell at least 4 or 5 of these phones lol.

    • Tomatoes

      LOL. Here is a hint for the HTC fans that still do not get it. Samsung phones outsell HTC phones because they are better and do not suck like HTC phones. Not because of marketing or some magic ingredient. They are plain old better and more reliable. That’s it.

      As for HTC sticking with Android. Um, you don’t go for the OS where you are like 16 million units behing the GS3. You go for the market that is still up for grabs, yes, that is the Nokia and windows market.LOL

  • Osama

    all the phone companies need to stick with Android… like all the PCs did with Windows. Microsoft, RIM, Nokia, these guys are on their way out very soon for their insistance of using their own BS OS systems. Microsoft should have done better considering they were the top software co of the world…

  • Beautiful

    Gorgeous phone.


    These companies stick with Android because there is no fee to license the OS!!

  • Sam

    I think Nokia will turn into RIM if they don’t get their Lumia 920/820 phones out. HTC might as well get the WP8 marketshare now, cause lets face it, most people get phones on a 3 year plan. Not sure that Nokia will be able to survive another 3 years without any majour sales. I am waiting for the Nokia 920 phone, but if it does not come out by early October, then I will go with Samsung or HTC Android phones.

  • Mikey

    I can’t wait for this phone!